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  • Can-You-Drink-Matcha-While-Pregnant
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    Can You Drink Matcha While Pregnant

    Matcha While Pregnant Matcha is everywhere you go these days. From donuts to lattes and even chocolate, everyone is going crazy for this green tea powder. With all of its health benefits and excellent flavor, it’s no surprise that matcha is having a moment. But is matcha safe for everyone? Can you drink matcha while pregnant? Let’s explore the world of matcha tea, its benefits and whether it’s okay to consume it while pregnant. What Is Matcha? Matcha is high-grade green tea in powder form. Rather than steeping, like with traditional tea, matcha powder is whisked in hot water to create a frothy, delicious drink. Matcha has been the heart…

  • Why Pregnant Moms Should be Eating More Fiber
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    Why Pregnant Moms Should be Eating More Fiber

    Following a healthy and balanced diet is always important, however, during pregnancy, good nutrition is even more important to support the health of mom and baby. One of the most important parts of a nutritious diet is fiber – especially for pregnancy. Continue reading this article to understand what fiber is, why it’s important for pregnant moms, and how to ensure adequate fiber in your diet. What Is Fiber? Fiber is a non-digestible nutrient found in many foods. Although we cannot digest fiber, it is quite important for our health. There are two main types of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and helps feed…

  • ginger-tea-while-pregnant
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    Is Ginger Tea Safe During Pregnancy

    Ginger Tea While Pregnant Ginger tea is known for helping with inflammation, digestion issues and even for helping fight back the common cold. But is ginger tea safe during pregnancy? That’s the question we’ll be exploring today. Since so many moms-to-be will try to find ways to calm their upset stomach and indigestion, it’s not uncommon to drink different kinds of tea. However, ginger seems to be the most popular option because of its digestion-related benefits. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of ginger tea before diving further into a few of the common questions people ask. Ginger Tea Health Benefits Ginger is easy to make into a…

  • Can You Get Gel Nails While Pregnant
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    Can You Get Gel Nails While Pregnant

    Gel Nails While Pregnant and Breastfeeding As a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, you may need some self-care and time to yourself. What better way to feel put together than a manicure or pedicure. If you have been a fan of gel nails in the past or like the idea of a long-lasting manicure, you may have wondered can you get gel nails while pregnant. Below, we will talk about what gel nails are, their safety while pregnant, and some of the best UV lamps and gel polish kits available on the market today. What Are Gel Nails? Gel nails are a manicure with polishes that form a hardened shellac like…

  • Handsome Boy Names for Your Little Prince
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    Handsome Boy Names for Your Little Prince

    Most Beautiful Boy Names with Meaning Choosing a name for your little boy is so exciting! There are so many beautiful boy names which makes this really difficult to choose the best name for your baby. Whether you’re looking for handsome boy names or baby boy names that mean handsome, you have come to the right place! As a mother of two boys, I have gathered all the names that are related to our topic today to help you find the most beautiful name for your handsome boy! I created two lists of names, the first one contains boy names that mean handsome and the second list contains more handsome…

  • Is-Acai-Safe-During-Pregnancy
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    Is Acai Safe During Pregnancy

    Acai While Pregnant and Breastfeeding If you are a health-conscious woman, you are likely to have tried acai in the past or at least heard of the reported benefits of this superfood. It has been said to help with everything from weight loss to inflammation to giving you clearer skin. Who wouldn’t want to take a supplement that can provide you with all those wonderful effects? But supplements and superfoods can seem a bit trickier once you are pregnant or breastfeeding because now you have a little one to worry about. As a pregnant woman or a woman considering becoming pregnant, you may have considered is acai safe during pregnancy.…

  • Can-You-Drink-Ensure-While-Pregnant

    Can You Drink Ensure While Pregnant

    Ensure While Pregnant Nutritional drinks, especially the ready-to-drink variety, offer a quick, healthy alternative to getting in the nutrients, vitamins, and calories that we all need to stay active, energized, and healthy. If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant and are a fan of these drinks or interested in using them during your pregnancy, you may have wondered, can you drink Ensure while pregnant? Luckily, the answer in most cases is that you can. Below, we will discuss what Ensure is, how it benefits your body, and whether it is safe to consume during pregnancy. We will also go over its ability to help gain weight or lose…

  • Can-You-Take-Goli-While-Pregnant

    Can You Take Goli While Pregnant

    Goli Gummies While Pregnant Goli gummies have been insanely popular over the last several years. Their ability to pack powerhouse supplements with ingredients and benefits for overall health has made them well-loved by celebrities, health fanatics, and consumers worldwide. If you are a fan of the little gummies and are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you may have some questions. One of these may be, can you take Goli while pregnant? Below we will talk about what the gummies are and their health benefits. We will also describe the safety of the three varieties and some potential side effects. Finally, we will finish with a bit of information on…

  • Herbalife While Pregnant

    Herbalife While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

    Is Herbalife Safe When Pregnant? Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. For more info please read the full disclosure. If you are a fan of Herbalife products, you are not alone. Millions of people use their products worldwide to increase their energy, aid in weight loss and improve athletic performance. As a pregnant woman or someone looking to become pregnant, you may be wondering about taking Herbalife while pregnant. Below we will discuss a bit more about the company, its products, and the safety of its use while pregnant. Some products may be safe, while you should avoid others. The details are below on some of these.  What is Herbalife?…

  • Ashwagandha-While-Pregnant

    Can You Take Ashwagandha While Pregnant

    Is Ashwagandha Safe During Pregnancy? If you are interested in holistic healing, health, and wellness, you have probably heard of ashwagandha over the past several years. The traditional herbal supplement has skyrocketed in popularity recently, but it is nothing new. It has been used for thousands of years in traditional Middle Eastern medicine. Although you may have heard of this ancient root before, how much do you really know? If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, you may want to learn more, so you can answer the question, can you take ashwagandha while pregnant. Below we will talk about what ashwagandha is, its benefits, side effects, and if…

  • Waking Up At 3am Every Night During Pregnancy

    Waking Up At 3am Every Night During Pregnancy

    How to Deal with Sleep Problems During Pregnancy If you are pregnant, suffering from insomnia, and waking up at 3 a.m. every night during your pregnancy, know that you are not alone. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 78% of pregnant women will experience insomnia during their pregnancy. Now you know it is common to experience interrupted sleep during pregnancy. Let us talk about sleep patterns for pregnant women. We will also discuss what may be causing your insomnia. We will also go over some ways to help alleviate this insomnia. You will experience more restful sleep during your pregnancy. Waking up at 3 a.m. every night during pregnancy does…

  • Can-You-Drink-Hot-Chocolate-While-Pregnant

    Can You Drink Hot Chocolate While Pregnant

    Hot Chocolate During Pregnancy If you are pregnant and have found yourself craving a cup of something sweet and warm, you may have wondered, “Can you drink hot chocolate while pregnant?” Below we will talk about hot chocolate’s benefits, risks, and even a homemade recipe for pregnant women looking for a healthy, delicious version. There is also some helpful information on other hot beverages you may have wondered about during pregnancy. What is Hot Chocolate Made Of? As the name implies, hot chocolate consists of good quality chocolate whether milk, dark or white. It is combined with other ingredients to make it a hot, liquid drink. The chocolate is shaved…

  • How To DIY Pregnancy Belly Mask
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    How To DIY Pregnancy Belly Mask?

    Pregnancy Belly Mask DIY As your belly begins to grow, the first thing that comes to mind is probably stretch marks. Even the fittest of expectant moms can develop stretch marks when pregnant. They’re common during pregnancy due to skin that expands and stretches, as well as a result of weight gain and loss. This is when a hydrating pregnancy belly mask can come in handy! While your belly grows to accommodate your expanding uterus and baby, there are natural pregnancy belly masks you can do to minimize the appearance or even possibly ward off stretch marks. In this guide, I share how to make your own pregnancy belly mask…

  • Sporty-Boy-Names

    Strong Sporty Boy Names For Your Future Champ

    Strong Athletic boy names for your little champ If you have big plans for little baby and you are looking for strong and sporty boy names that your husband will love, you got to the right place. I have gathered a bunch of cool athletic boy names that you may like! Sporty Boy Names Rory The name Rory is a boy’s name of Irish origin meaning “red king”. Sebastian Sebastian means “venerable” in Greek, and comes from the Latin word “Sebastianos,” which was used to refer to a person from Sebastia. There are many great athletes named Sebastian, such as Sebastian Vettel (Formula 1 driver), and Sebastian Janikowski (football player).  Evander…

  • Water-Names-For-Babies

    Water Names For Babies (Boys & Girls)

    Water related names for girls and boys If you are looking for beautiful water names for your baby, you got to the right place! Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Water is the source of all life, we build cities around it and it’s the most important liquid in our ecosystem – all plants, insects, and animals, including humans, cannot survive without it. There is something very powerful about water names for babies and many parents find water-related names very attractive.  Water names for babies range from the calms of the beach to the wilds of the waves and ocean. Some are more common than others,…

  • I-Didn't-Know-I-Was-Pregnant-Because-I-Had-My-Period

    I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Because I Had My Period

    Can you be pregnant and still get your period?  I didn’t know I was pregnant because I had my period. That line may sound like something out of a horror movie for women. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and maybe you can’t wait to start a family, but not knowing that your pregnant until you go into labor is a terrifying thought. But it does happen. And it happens more often than you think. Many women don’t realize they’re pregnant because they believe they had their period while they were pregnant. Can this really happen? Can you really be pregnant, not realize it and still get your period? Can You…

  • Can-You-Be-Pregnant-and-Still-Have-Your-Period 1

    Can You Be Pregnant and Still Have Your Period

    Can You Be Pregnant and Still Get Your Period? As any expectant parent knows, pregnancy is a time of immense change. Not only will your body go through a number of physical changes, but your mental and emotional state will also be challenged. But one of the biggest changes that most women experience during their periods is not getting their periods. It’s one of the first signs of pregnancy, but is it a surefire sign? Can you be pregnant and still have your period? Let’s find out. Can You Be Pregnant and Still Get Your Period? Technically, no. You can’t have a true period while you’re pregnant because menstruation stops…

  • What to do when you find out you’re pregnant

    What to do when you find out you’re pregnant

    15 Things to do when you find out you’re pregnant Just found out you’re pregnant and not sure what to do next? A positive pregnancy test can be both exciting and daunting. I remember when I became pregnant, I literally learned something new every day! There are so many things you must be asking yourself, so here is a checklist of what to do when you find out you’re pregnant! How soon can you find out you’re pregnant? If you’re not sure you’re pregnant, you can take a few pregnancy tests to make sure before you go to your doctor. You should wait to take a pregnancy test until the…

  • Vintage-Girl-Names

    Timeless Vintage Girl Names

    Old Fashioned Girl Names That Are Making a Comeback Congratulations… You’re about to bring a new life into this world! Whether you just discovered the news or are about to pop, choosing the name for your little girl is one of the most important decisions to make! If there is something about the vintage girl names that makes you feel in love, then you got to the right place! Old-fashioned girl names are perfect for seasoned baby name hunters, as they are usually interesting and fashion-forward and never go out of style. These classic names were good enough for wise and unforgettable women of decades past, and are great for…

  • how-to-prevent-miscarriage

    How to Prevent a Miscarriage From Happening

    Natural Ways to Prevent a Miscarriage It is very natural for women who had a miscarriage in the past or are at risk of having a miscarriage to ask themselves how to prevent a miscarriage from happening? Miscarriages are something no woman would wish on her worst enemy. It is a painful and emotional experience. Therefore, taking any precautions to prevent a miscarriage is the priority of any expectant mother. But before we talk about different ways to prevent a miscarriage, we should ask is it even possible to prevent a miscarriage? Is It Possible to Prevent a Miscarriage? You should know that a miscarriage cannot be prevented in most…

  • breech-baby

    How to Turn a Breech Baby

    How can I turn my breech baby naturally? If your unborn baby is in a breech position, you must be asking yourself, how to turn a breech baby naturally? You should know that babies often twist and turn during pregnancy. Most of them will move into the head-down position, also known as the head-first position, by the time labor begins. Although most mothers get scared of having a breech baby in late pregnancy, it is important to note that they are various ways of turning a breech baby. But before we get to the common ways to turn a breech baby, let’s understand better what is a breech position and…

  • cats-during-pregnancy

    Is It Ok To Have Cats While Pregnant – Risks & Safety Rules

    Having Cats While Pregnant: Cat Litter Precautions For Pregnant Women People love to have pets because they are like a part of their family. However, a common confusion most women have is whether having cats while pregnant is ok or not. Pregnancy brings few challenges for you if you own a cat. But don’t worry. All you’ll have to do is just a little planning instead of getting rid of your cat. Furthermore, babies and cats can co-exist peacefully as long as you want them to, so you can keep your furry friend also after pregnancy. First things come first. There are some common myths about cats and pregnancy and…


    Pregnancy After Miscarriage – You Are Not Alone

    How long after a miscarriage can you get pregnant again? Most women will have a successful pregnancy after miscarriage. In fact, having one or two miscarriages doesn’t mean you’re at higher risk for miscarriage in the future. Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is defined as the loss of pregnancy less than 20 weeks gestation. According to NCBI, it is estimated that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and most happen within the first eight weeks. In other words, miscarriages are more common than most women think.  A late period may actually be a miscarriage, and it can even happen before pregnancy is detected. The risk of miscarriage decreased after…

  • pregnancy-exercises

    Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy Workouts – Exercises to Avoid in Pregnancy Although there are exercises to avoid during pregnancy, that are listed below, moderate exercising during pregnancy can improve your health and give you a safe delivery on your due date. Doing this is essential during pregnancy to prevent common discomforts usually experience by expecting mothers. It is especially beneficial if you are overweight or obese as you will be able to avoid adding more weight and give yourself and the baby better chances of safe delivery.  What makes exercising during pregnancy more exciting is if you were active before pregnancy, it is expected that you will have the determination and endurance to keep…

  • pregnancy-announcement-ideas-with-dogs

    Adorable pregnancy announcement ideas with dogs

    Cutest pregnancy announcement ideas with dogs Expecting a baby? Congratulations!  What can be better than announcing your pregnancy with your dog? These pregnancy announcements are a great way to include baby’s best friend on the fun! Grab your fur baby for a dog pregnancy announcement and create a memorable announcement that will melt everyone’s heart! We have gathered a list of inspiring posts on Instagram we really love. HERE ARE MORE RELATED PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT ARTICLES YOU CAN READ: 13 PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS TO KIDS PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS TO HUSBAND PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS AT WORK PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS TO PARENTS AND FAMILY PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT INSTAGRAM STICKERS  Cutest pregnancy announcement ideas with dogs…

  • Cutest-pregnancy-announcement-ideas

    Cutest pregnancy announcement ideas

    Cutest ways to announce your pregnancy! Expecting a baby? Congratulations! If you’re looking for the cutest pregnancy announcement ideas, here are a few that you may like. We have gathered a list of inspiring pregnancy announcements we really love. So, get some inspiration and make sure you snap a photo to share that will melt everyone’s heart. Trust me, they’ll be saying “awww” a lot once they see your pregnancy announcement! HERE ARE A FEW MORE RELATED PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT ARTICLES YOU CAN READ: 13 PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS TO KIDS PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS TO HUSBAND PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS AT WORK PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS TO PARENTS AND FAMILY PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT INSTAGRAM STICKERS  Cutest…

  • Funny-Pregnancy-Announcement-ideas

    Funny pregnancy announcement ideas that will make you laugh

    Creative ways to announce your pregnancy with humor I love seeing creative and funny pregnancy announcement ideas. When it comes to pregnancy announcements on social media, there are so many great ideas. If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to announce your pregnancy, you should think of something really creative! We have gathered a list of extra funny pregnancy announcement ideas that will inspire you. You’ll get a few laughs and a lot of congratulations as you announce your pregnancy with humor!  Here are a few more related pregnancy announcement articles you can read: 13 PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS TO KIDS PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS TO HUSBAND PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT IDEAS…


    Easter pregnancy announcement ideas

    Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Easter Expecting a baby? Congratulations! What better time to announce your pregnancy than during Easter? If you’re looking for super adorable easter pregnancy announcement ideas, here are a few that you may like. We have gathered a list of inspiring posts on Instagram we really love. So, get some inspiration and make sure you snap a photo to share with those who can’t be there in person. Easter pregnancy announcement ideas we love WE’RE EGGSPECTING              View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Angela Marie Lindsay…

  • shrimp-during-pregnancy

    Shrimp During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

    Is shrimp safe during pregnancy? Most women assume that all seafood is off the table during pregnancy. Concerns about mercury and food poisoning may have you kissing your sushi, salmon and shrimp good-bye. But do you really need to keep shrimp off the menu? Is it safe to eat shrimp during pregnancy? What are the risks, and are there any benefits to eating shrimp during pregnancy? Here is what you need to know. Shrimp and Pregnancy You’ve probably heard that raw fish is too dangerous to eat during pregnancy, and some types of cooked seafood is off limits, too. Does that mean that all seafood should be avoided when you’re…

  • Can-You-Eat-Lobster-While-Pregnant

    Can You Eat Lobster While Pregnant

    Is lobster safe during pregnancy? Many women crave seafood when they’re pregnant. For some women, it’s crab. For others, it’s lobster. You may be under the impression that all seafood is off limits during pregnancy, but that’s not the case. It’s okay to eat some types of seafood. So, can you eat lobster while pregnant? If so, are there benefits to adding lobster to your menu? Lobster During Pregnancy Lobster, like other types of seafood, is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which are important for pregnant women. But you may have heard that some types of seafood are unsafe to eat during pregnancy. Does…

  • Why-Am-I-Losing-Weight-During-Pregnancy

    Why Am I Losing Weight During Pregnancy Without Morning Sickness

    Losing weight during pregnancy Weight gain is usually a good sign during pregnancy. It takes a lot of energy to grow a human, so it’s natural to eat more food and gain weight. But what if you’re losing weight during pregnancy? What if you’re losing and you’re not experiencing morning sickness? Could this be a sign of trouble? If you’re concerned about your little one’s health, see your doctor right away. Meanwhile, let’s explore the reasons why you may be losing weight and what this means for your pregnancy. Weight Loss During Pregnancy As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be trying to lose weight on purpose when you’re…

  • Low-Carb-Diet-When-Pregnant

    Low Carb Diet When Pregnant – Is It Safe?

    Low Carb Diet for Pregnant Women  Low carb diets are a popular way to lose weight. Why? Because they work. But when you’re pregnant, the needs of your baby come before your own. While excess carbs can lead to obesity and other health issues, some carb-rich foods contain important nutrients. So, can you follow a low carb diet when pregnant? Here are a few important things you should know before you start a low carb diet when pregnant. What Are Low Carb Diets? Low carb diets are exactly what they sound like – diets that restrict your intake of carbohydrates. Examples of low carb diets include: Keto, or ketogenic, diet…

  • best-gift-ideas-for-expecting-moms

    24 Best Gifts for Expecting Moms That They’ll Actually Use

    Gift Ideas for Pregnant Friend Being pregnant is an exciting time in a women’s life, but it can also be challenging for some expecting moms who experience unpleasant symptoms and discomforts caused by pregnancy. No matter how many stories you hear about how it is to be pregnant, you understand what a pregnant woman really needs only after you experience pregnancy yourself. This is why sometimes it feels really difficult to find the best gifts for expecting moms that they will actually use and like. As a mother of two, I have gathered the best recommendations that an expecting woman would like to receive as a gift. If you are…

  • PREGNANCY-announcement-ideas-to-kids-COVER

    13 Pregnancy Announcements to Kids

    Fun and Creative Baby Announcement Ideas to Kids One of the bonuses of being pregnant is announcing it to your loved ones, and an added bonus is announcing your pregnancy to your children if you already have other children. Kids run on zero filter, you can never know what their reaction will be when you announce your pregnancy, that is part of the fun. Here is a list of fun games and gift ideas to help you announce your pregnancy to your kids. Baby announcement book An easy way to tell your kids that you are pregnant is by either giving them a book with a story about a new…

  • Pregnancy-announcement-shirts 2

    19 Pregnancy Announcement Shirts for Family

    Do you have some good news to share? congratulations! Pregnancy announcement shirts provide a fun and creative way to share the good news with friends and family. There is nothing quite as exciting as figuring out a novel way to let them know what’s cooking. Of all the pregnancy reveal ideas out there, a pregnancy announcement t-shirt is one of the most practical ways to announce your pregnancy, and it is also a great gift idea for your husband or family. Whether you are looking to make a hilarious, simple, awkward, or classic announcement, here you have a list of shirts for moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and even for cousins.…

  • Pregnancy-announcement-printable-templates-11

    11 Pregnancy Announcement Cards and Printable Templates

    Cute Expecting Announcement Ideas You’re expecting a baby – congrats! What could be more exciting than news that a baby is on the way? So many people will want to know! A sweet and classic way to announce your pregnancy is by using a cute card or a printable template – that is customized to your taste and pregnancy due date details. After customizing your card, send it online or print at home or take the PDF of your project to a local print shop. There are nine months of joyful anticipation before you meet your precious son or daughter, but you can start sharing the happiness right now. Announce…

  • Pregnancy-announcement-ideas-instagram-story-stickers

    11 Instagram Story Stickers for Pregnancy Announcement

    Pregnancy Announcement Story Stickers for Instagram Putting together creative pregnancy announcement ideas has become something of an art form. You only get one chance to announce your pregnancy. So, it’s important to consider how you’re going to share the news. Announcing your pregnancy on Instagram is another creative way to announce your pregnancy. This way you can take a beautiful photo and share it on your Instagram with your friends and followers. Click here to discover inspiring pregnancy announcement posts on Instagram we love. Announce your pregnancy in style with these beautiful and super cute Instagram story stickers. Here is a list of 11 Instagram story stickers to announce your…

  • Pregnancy-announcement-ideas-for-instagram-cover

    Pregnancy Announcement Ideas for Instagram We Love

    Inspiring Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Announcing your pregnancy is pretty exciting, especially when it comes to spilling the beans online. Social media has made pregnancy announcements much more public — which is probably why we now spend more time than ever brainstorming creative ways to tell the world the same thing: We are pregnant! And when you’re strategizing how to go public with your pregnancy news, you’ll undoubtedly want to take to Instagram with a sweet photo and memorable caption. Here are some catchy, classic, and even funny pregnancy announcement post ideas for Instagram we really like which you might find very inspiring. Pregnancy Announcement Idea No.1 SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL  Source:…

  • how-to-get-pregnant

    How to get pregnant fast with irregular periods

    How to get pregnant when your periods are irregular  If you want to get pregnant but your periods are irregular, you’re probably asking yourself how to get pregnant fast with irregular periods. But before we talk about getting pregnant with irregular periods, let’s talk a little bit about what it takes to get pregnant.  It is one amazing feeling when you get married to the person you love. When you start living together, “how to get pregnant?” is the next big question you both have in your mind. This is an important question because everyone loves to make their relationship even stronger by having a baby. Getting pregnant is a…

  • Highly-nutritious-foods-to-eat-when-you're-pregnant

    10 Best Foods to Eat While Pregnant

    What are the best foods to eat when pregnant? It is extremely important to take care of your baby, even before he or she is born. This means that you need to pay special attention to the food that you consume. Eating a nutritious diet during pregnancy is linked to good brain development and healthy birth weight, and can reduce the risk of many birth defects. A balanced diet will also reduce the risks of anemia, as well as other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and morning sickness.  In other words, you need to minimize the consumption of junk food and you should include more healthy foods. When building…

  • how-to-choose-a-baby-name

    How to Choose a Name for Your Baby

    How to pick a name for your baby? When it’s time to choose, you need to choose a name that you will not regret later on. There are so many options that it can get overwhelming to settle on just one. So, here a few tips on how to go about choosing your baby’s name. 1. Always start with the last names first It is usually easier to settle on the last name first because it is pretty straightforward. Choosing the surname first is a step forward in naming your baby. However, don’t be surprised when you find other babies sharing the same last name. There is a limit to…


    How to Organize Your Home Before Bringing Your Newborn

    Ways to Organize Your Home Before Baby Arrives You may be having your first or fourth child but the principle of getting your home prepared for the newborn still remains. Preparing your home before your new baby comes will help you be much more relaxed and make your life easier. You may need to clean your entire house before the baby comes home including dusting, sterilizing, washing and scrubbing. Here are some tips to help you organize your home before you bring your baby home. 1. Have lots of baskets Baskets can be your little organizers throughout your house. They come in handy for the little items you need to…

  • last-minute-things-to-do-before-baby-is-born-coverlast-minute-things-to-do-before-baby-is-born-cover

    Last Minute Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

    Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born This page contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend products I use and honestly trust. For more info read the full disclosure.  When preparing for your baby’s arrival, there are some crucial things that you need to do to make both your life and that of your newborn much easier. You might freak out 3 weeks before the delivery day and then time runs out so fast that you are left feeling confused and unprepared. Here is a checklist that should cover your bases. Prepare a post-partum kit It is good that you are preparing for…


    10 Things Moms Forget To Bring In Their Hospital Bag

    Things You Didn’t Think to Pack for Your Hospital Bag (But Definitely Should!) This page contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend products I use and honestly trust. For more info read the full disclosure.  Are you about to become a mother? Well, if so then another good news for you as you are at the right place to know exactly what you need to carry along when you get hospitalized for childbirth. As you would not be able to pack your bag at the time of delivery, you need to be prepared for it beforehand in order to avoid any problems during your…


    Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Parents and Family

    Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Parents One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is sharing the news with your parents and family besides telling your husband. Your parents might have never told you but they look forward to becoming grandparents and will get really emotional after the news. So to make the moment memorable, you can try any of these creative ideas when trying to announce your pregnancy to friends and family. Buy pregnancy announcement scratch off cards These pregnancy announcement scratch-off cards are pretty cool because you can customize them by yourself! The words “we’ve got something to tell you” are printed on the…


    Pregnancy Announcement Ideas at Work

    How do you announce pregnancy at work? Besides your biological family, your work colleagues can also be termed as family. You spend most of your time and days with them and they probably know you better than some of your relatives. At first, you may be a little hesitant to share your pregnancy news with them because having such a conversation can be scary. However, telling your workmates that you are pregnant does not have to be scary at all. With some ideas, you can navigate the conversation easily even with your boss. 1.The candy jar Place a jar of jellybeans on your desk and then tape a note on…

  • pregnancy-announcement

    Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Husband

    20 cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant Your husband will be the first person to know when you are pregnant. Since you get to tell him only once, you have the opportunity to surprise him with the big news. Some of the creative and fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband include: 1. Buy him a manual For a first time dad, a manual will come in handy. Get the “how to be a dad” manual and nicely wrap it up. Surprise him when he least expects. 2. Wrap up the pregnancy test This one is simple but very memorable. Wrap your pregnancy test together with…

  • labor-tips-for-dads

    7 Things I Wish My Husband Knew Before Coming to the Delivery Room

    Real Labor Tips for Dads This page contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend products I use and honestly trust. For more info read the full disclosure.  When a woman is in labor, she can be pretty irritable. The pain causes her to sweat, moan and even squeeze her husband’s hand and sometimes the squeeze can be too hard. This was me and probably every other woman who is accompanied by her husband to the delivery room. There are certain things that every husband must know before coming to the delivery room! Here is the list of them: There is a side of me…


    How long should you wait between pregnancies

    How Long Should You Wait Before Getting Pregnant Again? If you want to get pregnant again and you wonder how long should you wait between pregnancies, this article is for you. Here is all you need to know about interpregnancy intervals – how long to wait between babies and why.  Health experts advise women to wait at least 18 months between delivery and new pregnancy. This means that your baby should be at least one and a half years old before you become pregnant with another baby. Why is it recommended to wait 18 months between pregnancies? This time gives your body time to fully recover from your last pregnancy…


    Using Epidural Anesthesia During Labor

    Is it safe to take epidural during labor? This page contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend products I use and honestly trust. For more info read the full disclosure.  All women know that with epidural anesthesia they will not feel severe pain during labor. However, it is important not to base your decision solely on this fact. It certainly helps to learn more about this method for pain reduction, how it works and how it feels and what its major pros and cons are. What is Epidural anesthesia Epidural anesthesia is one of the most popular methods of pain relief during childbirth. Women…

  • Candida-during-pregnancy

    Candida During Pregnancy – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

    Can Candida harm my baby during pregnancy? Candida and pregnancy often go together, which is unfortunate for many mothers. Pregnancy is very beautiful and natural, but it often weakens the immune system of the mother, making it easier to fall with other diseases. Many women find that pregnancy leads to fungal infections, often multiple due to pregnancy. If you have ever had Candida with a past pregnancy, the chances are that you will also have something to do with the future. Causes of Candida in pregnancy There are a lot of things that can contribute to Candidiasis. One of those things is the emergence of antibiotic treatment of people and…


    Premature (Preterm) Labor: Signs, Causes, and Treatments

    Can preterm labor be stopped? Early delivery is also called premature birth. The start of labor after 28 weeks but before 37 weeks is called premature birth. In most cases, baby weighs less than five and a half pounds at birth because it is premature labor. The percentage of early labor is about 5 to 10%, which is a rough approximation. Various factors can cause this. Premature birth takes place between 24 and 37 weeks of pregnancy. In two-thirds of the cases it occurs after a spontaneous start of the delivery. Only a minority of women who present themselves with preterm labor, known as endangered premature delivery (TPTL), develop into…

  • High-blood-pressure-during-pregnancy

    High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy – Hypertension

    How does high blood pressure affect your unborn baby? High blood pressure in pregnancy can be extremely dangerous. This is also known as hypertension, so reducing hypertension in pregnancy is crucial to the overall health of the mother and the unborn child. Many women have this and deliver healthy babies without serious problems. Women with this silent killer during pregnancy can have certain complications with the birth than those without it. Many women have high blood pressure during pregnancy. This can happen even if you have never had high blood pressure before you are pregnant. Blood pressure that increases during pregnancy is a sign of pregnancy-induced hypertension. This type of…


    Placental Abruption: Risks, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Who is at risk for placental abruption? Placental abruption is a severe, life-threatening condition. During a healthy pregnancy, the placenta is attached to the uterine wall. In some women, however, about one in 200 pregnancies cause a partial or complete separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. This condition is more common during the last stage of pregnancy, the third trimester. When the placenta separates from the uterine wall, many things can happen. First of all, there is a risk of severe bleeding that could endanger the life of the baby and his mother. Partial detachment can deprive the baby of oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy development. This…

  • placenta-previa

    Placenta Previa: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

    Is placenta previa harmful to the baby? You are most likely reading this article thinking what Placenta Previa is? Well for those of you that have had placenta previa you know that it can be terrifying. Let me share with you in this article about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of placenta previa. Placenta Previa is a condition in pregnancy when your placenta or part of your placenta is covering your cervix. Your placenta attaches to your uterine wall, and this is what your baby uses to grow while inside of you. All your babies blood and nutrients flow through your placenta. The placenta is the organ that feeds the…

  • prenatal-screening-test-3-trimester

    Third-Trimester Prenatal Screening Tests

    Prenatal Screening Tests You Should Take During the Third-Trimester During the last three months of your pregnancy, your baby becomes bigger, he grows with his fingers and fingernails and opens and closes his eyes. You may feel tired and may be out of breath. It is completely normal. You should also feel more movement from your baby. By the 37th week, your baby can be born and considered early. The longer they stay, the healthier they will be at birth. During your pregnancy, you want to know how your baby grows up. Third-trimester Prenatal tests can provide valuable information about your health and that of your growing child. If your…

  • prenatal-screening-test-2-trimester

    Second-Trimester Parental Screening Tests

    Prenatal Screening Tests You Should Take During the Second-Trimester In the second trimester, blood tests are often multiple marker tests to further discern or rule out the presence of birth defects. The blood work is usually performed between the 15th and 20th week of pregnancy and is preferably done between week 16 and 18. The test checks levels of alpha fetoprotein (AFP), an indicator of potential Down Syndrome or neural tube defects such as Spina Bifida in the mother’s blood, and the levels of Estriol, hCG, and inhibin-A in the placenta. These four tests, called a quadruple marker, detect 75 to 90% of Down Syndrome cases and 75% of neural…

  • prenatal-screening-test-1-trimester

    First-Trimester Prenatal Screening Tests

    Prenatal Screening Tests You Should Take During the First-Trimester Screening tests for the first trimester combine fetal ultrasound and maternal blood tests. Common tests include: Fetal neck fold (NT) ultrasound, fetal neck test to determine whether there is thickening or increased fluid. Pregnancy Protein Screening (PAPP-A), one of two blood tests, tests for placenta protein in the first trimester. Abnormal levels may indicate a chromosomal abnormality. The HCG blood test investigates placental hormones for chromosomal problems.   These studies may indicate trisomy 21 or 18, which may indicate Down’s syndrome or other congenital abnormalities. Parents who are aware of abnormalities at this stage are often accompanied to genetic counseling. The…

  • prenatal-screening-tests-during-pregnancy

    What Are Prenatal Screening Tests and Why Should You Take Them?

    Prenatal Screening Tests As defined under medical parlance, prenatal testing is the process applied to test for diseases or conditions in a fetus or embryo before it is born. It is aimed at determining congenital disabilities or abnormalities like the Down syndrome, chromosome abnormalities, genetic diseases, and other conditions. On another note, the prenatal paternity test is for those who need to know the paternal relationship before the child is born. In this process, the screening can likewise determine the gender of the fetus. In most cases, the tests are administered to determine if the fetus will be aborted. Either way, this is very important because parents would know what…

  • fever-during-pregnancy

    Will Fever Affect My Unborn Baby?

    Fever during pregnancy – Can fever cause birth defects? When you get a fever during pregnancy, you’ll have the same normal signs—high temperature, sweating, shivering, headache, muscle aches, dehydration, and fatigue. There’s a theory that an increased core temperature, whether from a fever or a dip in the hot tub, can cause neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. In theory, high temps at a certain point, very early in pregnancy (we’re talking in the first five to six weeks after conception) could cause the tube to form incorrectly. But that’s just a theory; it’s never been proven. Lots of women have fevers throughout their pregnancies, and their babies turn…

  • coffee-during-pregnancy

    Is It Safe to Drink Coffee During Pregnancy

    Coffee and Pregnancy: Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant? Coffee has become part of our everyday lives. It is a beverage that comes in handy when we are having a long and difficult day at work. Coffee lovers who happen to be expectant always have the question on the safety of the coffee for their unborn child. Questions like: “Is coffee safe during pregnancy?” “Are there any alternatives?” are common among expectant women. The safety of coffee during pregnancy Small amounts of coffee during pregnancy are not bad. However, consuming too much coffee can increase the concentration of the two main components of coffee in your system. These components are…


    Is it Safe to Get Dental Work Done During Pregnancy

    Dental Work during Pregnancy: Is it Safe? Expectant women experience a rise in hormone levels during pregnancy. As a result, their gums swell, bleed and trap food. This causes an irritation to the gums. Therefore, preventive dental cleanings and annual exams are necessary during pregnancy. Dental work during pregnancy is highly recommended to avoid oral infections like gum diseases. Some of these infections contribute to preterm birth. When is the right time to do dental work during pregnancy? The second trimester is the perfect time to do any dental work during pregnancy whether it is cavity fillings or crown fillings. These should be done to avoid any infections. The second…


    When Will I Start Feeling My Baby Kick

    Fetal Movement: The Time You Start to Feel the Baby Move It is a moment every expectant mother looks forward to. The most exciting moment of pregnancy. The moment when you start to feel the little flutters of your baby kicking are like no other moments in life. The kicks are a way of reassuring you that your baby is developing. It also draws you closer to the little one inside you. When will you feel your baby kicking? The first movements of your baby, often referred to as “quickening”, happen between weeks 16 and 25 of pregnancy. For the first time pregnancy, you will probably feel the movement in…

  • Is-it-safe-to-drink-wine-or-beer-during-pregnancy

    Is Having a Glass of Wine or Beer Safe During Pregnancy

    Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? Pregnancy is accompanied by many dos and don’ts especially when it relates to food. There are things that an expectant woman should neither drink nor eat. Then there are those which do the body no harm when taken in minimal amounts. During pregnancy, it can be difficult for you to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. The question is always whether the foods and drinks you enjoy are safe for your unborn child. One of the major concerns among expecting moms is the safety of beer and wine. Related: HOW TO EAT HEALTHY DURING PREGNANCY – HEALTHY PREGNANCY DIET FOODS AND BEVERAGES TO…

  • air-traveling-during-pregnancy

    Is it Safe to Fly during Pregnancy?

    Air traveling while pregnant It is sometimes unavoidable to avoid air travel during pregnancy because of one reason or another. Many expectant women are clueless about whether it is safe to fly during pregnancy. While they remain uninformed, they avoid air travel in some instances when they would be perfectly safe to fly during pregnancy. Usually, it is safe for an expectant mother to fly before 36 weeks of the pregnancy. The pregnancy will still be healthy and you will not put your unborn child in unnecessary risk. After 36 weeks, both airlines and healthcare providers restrict your travel. The consent of your healthcare provider before air traveling Every expectant…


    How to Sleep Better While Pregnant

    Tips for Dealing with Pregnancy Insomnia For many expectant women, getting a good night’s sleep seems impossible. The pregnancy’s progression means that your belly gets bigger. The extra weight you’re carrying can contribute to pains and pressure in your back, hips, or legs. There is no doubt that sleeping with extra weight can be really uncomfortable.  Furthermore, your baby’s kicks get stronger and you feel like you need to use the bathroom every twenty minutes. Eventually, a lot of time is spent awake rather than sleeping during the night. The tossing and turning can really be stressful. Fortunately, you are not alone. There are only a few expectant women who…


    Is It Safe to Carry Your Toddler While You are Pregnant

    Should you avoid carrying your toddler while pregnant It is common to find pregnant women who still have a toddler who needs to be cared for as well. So one child cannot be assumed at the expense of another. During the early months of pregnancy, many women have no problem with carrying their toddlers. Sometimes there is no other way. It is okay to carry your toddler when you are pregnant if there is no other way. But there are a few health conditions in which you better avoid lifting your toddler and carrying him/her around. How to carry your toddler during pregnancy During pregnancy, your belly definitely expands. This…


    How Does Stress Affect An Unborn Baby

    Stress and Pregnancy – Can stress cause birth defects during pregnancy? It is not a secret that pregnancy comes with many changes. Your body and your emotions change. The emotions of your family change as well. There is, of course, the joy of pregnancy and hoping to welcome a new member into the family after nine months. However, the changes can take a toll on any woman. It is common for pregnant women to feel stressed. Unfortunately, too much stress has negative consequences on the body. Why stress during pregnancy is harmful It weakens your immune system Stressed people are often sickly because stress can affect the immune system. The…

  • melasma-causes-and-treatments-during-pregnancy

    Melasma during Pregnancy – Causes and Treatment

    Melasma: Skin darkening during pregnancy – also known as the mask of pregnancy Women of reproductive ages are vulnerable to patchy brown skin discolorations often noticed during pregnancy.  Between the ages of 20 to 50, a woman can develop brown, tan or blue-gray spots on the face, cheekbone and jawline. This condition is what is referred to as Melasma. Males hardly suffer from melasma. Doctors say that the condition is primarily related to: External sun exposure External hormones like birth control pills Internal hormonal changes especially seen during pregnancy   The cause of Melasma The exact cause of melasma is still an unknown phenomenon. The dark patches as a result…

  • hot-tubs-during-pregnancy-risks

    Why Is A Hot Bath Bad For Pregnancy

    Hot Baths during Pregnancy: Is it safe to take hot baths/tubs while I’m pregnant? Pregnancy is a joy for a woman yet it has its own challenges. From the cravings, the weight gain and the backaches, it is the hope of a pregnant woman to simply relax and cool down the body. One way would be having a hot bath. Hot baths are a great way of relaxing and rejuvenating the body. Every pregnant woman desires to just soak in a hot tub and get some relief from the aches during pregnancy. It sure sounds like a good way to do so. However, there are risks that are associated with…


    How I delivered my 9 pounds baby boy in less than 3 hours

    My birth story – Coping with the unexpected and giving a natural birth to my son During my first pregnancy, I wasn’t as nervous about birth as I was during my second time. I felt prepared for the birth although I didn’t really know what to expect. I took pregnancy yoga classes, visited the hospital to see the labor rooms, participated with my husband in 3 prenatal classes in which we got information about the stages of labor and prepared ourselves to the birth. Both births were natural, with no epidural. Why did I decide to go natural? Well, my pregnancy yoga instructor, who was a young mom herself, deeply…


    Which Beauty Treatments are safe during pregnancy?

    Safe Beauty Treatments during Pregnancy Many expectant women take advantage of this time to be pampered and their partners choose to indulge them. Whatever you need, you may actually get away with it during pregnancy. Many beauty treatments are safe for you and your baby. These treatments include: 1. Facials When it comes to unclogging your pores, clearing up blemishes or just giving your face a lift, a facial is perfect. Fortunately or unfortunately, your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy so some products you would have used before you were pregnant may cause some irritation and rashes. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that products containing glycolic,…

  • Facial-bleaching-during-pregnancy---is-it-safe

    Is Facial Bleaching Safe during Pregnancy

    Beauty treatments during pregnancy Pregnant women generally begin to have hair growth on the cheeks, chin, and lips especially in the second trimester. The psychological and physical changes happen to a very expectant woman. It may not be hair growth but there will be definitely something different. Hormones are responsible for all these changes and the facial hair. Despite the pregnancy, expectant women like to look good and feel good. One of the challenges they have to face is to get rid of the facial hair through bleaching. Unfortunately, they are uncertain about the safety of facial bleaching during pregnancy. So, is facial bleaching safe? Research has found facial bleaching…


    Is it Safe to Breastfeed During Pregnancy

    The Safety of Breastfeeding during Pregnancy Women who find out that they are pregnant while still breastfeeding always worry about it. This is because breastfeeding can cause mild uterine contractions, but these should not be a concern for a healthy pregnancy. The contractions do not cause preterm labor. The contractions are caused by the hormone oxytocin which is released during breastfeeding. Despite the hormone stimulating contractions, it is produced in small amounts, insufficient to cause preterm labor. Furthermore, the contractions are harmless to your unborn child and rarely increase the chances of a miscarriage. There are also pregnancy hormones which pass into your milk, but they pose no risk to…

  • mental-effects-of-a-miscarriage

    What are The Mental Effects of a miscarriage?

    The psychological impact of a Miscarriage – Pregnancy Loss Studies show that one in every four pregnancies end up in miscarriage. For a long time, the psychological effects of miscarriages were rarely talked about, yet the condition has been linked to post traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, the depression and anxiety a woman who has had a miscarriage can last for years even after they end up giving to a healthy child. Their mental problems still remain unresolved. Related: WHAT PERCENTAGE OF PREGNANCIES ARE MISCARRIED? Some of the mental effects of a miscarriage are: 1. Attachment As a baby grows in a mother’s womb, the mother develops a sense of oneness…


    Which Medications Are Safe During Pregnancy?

    Medicines during Pregnancy: Safe Medications and Alternative Pregnancy does not make you immune to illnesses. As a matter of fact, it is common to find expectant mothers under the weather. The concern is always the safety of over the counter medication. There are some which are safe during pregnancy while others should be completely avoided. Some have effects on your baby which you may not know. Therefore, it is always important to go for pre-natal clinics to consult your doctor on what medications you can take. They will help you analyze the benefits and risks and help you find alternatives. Even as you do so, be transparent with your doctor…

  • facts-about-fertility-and-infertility

    Facts about Fertility and Infertility

    What should you do when having a problem to conceive? Every couple is always excited as they try to get pregnant. The ruminations of who your will baby will look like are always a joy. There is always the question of what kind of parent you will be and how life with a baby will look like. However, as time goes by, you begin to realize that you are not getting pregnant. Month after month, you start to become anxious which is quite a natural feeling. With the anxiety comes emotional and psychological stress. So what point does the nervousness become a justified worry? How long you should try before…


    The Statistics of Miscarriages

    What percentage of pregnancies are miscarried? A number of expectant mothers are usually concerned with the risks of a miscarriage. The statistics of miscarriages are quite alarming. Fortunately, the probability of losing a pregnancy reduces as the pregnancy progresses. Every woman has a different risk in experiencing a miscarriage depending on a range of factors. In some cases, a miscarriage can be detected even before the woman is aware of her pregnancy. Find more about the signs and symptoms of a miscarriage here. A pregnancy loss is a result of incontrollable factors. Statistics show that 80% of all miscarriages occur in the first trimester. This is between 0 to 13…

  • causes-of-vaginal-bleeding-or-spotting-during-pregnancy

    What Are the Causes of Bleeding and Spotting in Pregnancy

    Vaginal Bleeding and Spotting during Pregnancy It is common for expectant mothers to bleed or spot during their pregnancy. This is especially prevalent in the first trimester of the pregnancy. In many cases, light spotting is no cause for alarm. However, there are instances when the underlying cause of the bleeding is quite serious. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the causes of bleeding during pregnancy. Furthermore, a health check by your doctor is always essential. Bleeding in every trimester is caused by different reasons and this is what we will look at the beginning with the first trimester. First Trimester Bleeding 20% of pregnant women have reported…


    Is Dyeing Hair during Pregnancy Safe

    Hair Treatments During Pregnancy There are many questions that have come up with regards to hair treatments during pregnancy. Pregnancy does not mean looking shabby. Expectant women also want to look good. However, most hair treatments have chemicals and thus many pregnant women are skeptical about using them for safety reasons. One of the preferred hair treatments is coloring which includes permanent, semi-permanent and temporary dyes.  Other treatments include curling, bleaching and relaxing. Dyes and pregnancy The research into the safety of dyeing hair during pregnancy is quite limited. But most of the research done indicates that the chemicals found in dyes are very minimal. Furthermore, these chemicals are not…

  • PREECLAMPSIA-risks-and-treatments

    Preeclampsia: Symptoms, Risks, Treatment and Prevention

    Preeclampsia and High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy What is Preeclampsia in pregnancy? Once known as Toxemia, it is caused by a defect in the placenta which causes a pregnant woman’s blood pressure to rise, endangering mother and baby. Affecting about 7% all pregnancies, it is the most common of the serious complications of pregnancy. About one in 50 women are afflicted by severe preeclampsia. In severe cases, preeclampsia can be very dangerous to both mother and baby. The mother could develop seizures and, due to the possibility of a low platelet count caused by the disease, could hemorrhage. In the meantime, the baby would be living in a hostile environment…