Natural Remedies and Tips to Reduce Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

How to ease morning sickness?

Morning sickness definitely isn’t fun. Along with constipation, pregnancy acne, and heartburn, it can be among the strangest but commonest things which happen when pregnant. What causes morning sickness? When will it stop? And what I should do to feel better? These questions will be answered in this post and share few natural morning sickness remedies to help you resolve this morning sickness and also prevent morning sickness as a whole.

It is very common. Most pregnant women usually experience vomiting along the early period of pregnancy, and even worst, up to 70 percent of women often go through nausea to an extent along the way.

It is called morning sickness because the symptoms are likely to hit sooner in the day (morning hours) and go away as noon approaches, but for most women, morning sickness happens all day and the purpose of morning sickness remedies are required. Morning sickness often takes place around 4–6 weeks and usually fade away during the 12th or 14th weeks.

Nevertheless, some pregnant women have a critical situation called hyperemesis gravidarum, which makes the morning sickness not just severe, but also life-threatening, and it could last all through the entire pregnancy period. Period really knows the causes of morning sickness, though there are few convincing theories out there. Based on the cause, morning sickness remedies are more likely to work. These natural remedies include:


Digestive enzymes usually help in breaking down the food for easy digestion, which helps to prevent queasiness. Pepsin and hydrochloric acid are two digestive aids which pregnant women can take in improving digestion. Hydrochloric acid helps in balancing stomach pH, while pepsin helps in breaking down the proteins. Enzyme-rich diets, such as pineapple, ripe papaya, fermented vegetables, and avocado, can naturally enable the body to prepare for digestion.


Breaking down and completely digesting your diet is very important for getting sufficient nutrition, and it also prevents problems such as undigested food remaining in the GI tract, causing nausea, inflammation, and even gas.

Also, probiotics help in balancing imbalanced gut flora, which will reduce the burden on the liver (which help with queasiness as well), help reduce inflammation in the gut, and also help in reducing adrenal stress from having to battle with abdomen inflammation, burdened liver, systemic inflammation and more. And we are aware that up to 80 percent of the immune system is in the abdomen, so having a good GI tract is the key to overall immunity and health.

Probiotics are good. Find one from a trusted company with a list of strains and billions of colony-forming units (CFUs) if possible you can do close to 40–90 billion colony-forming units, though this is dose is risky and may be too heavy for some.


According to a nutritionist, a spoonful of ginger juice can help in reducing morning sickness during pregnancy. Ginger juice contains stimulating elements which can soothe your belly. You could also have ginger candies or ginger infused tea instead. Ginger is well known for reducing morning sickness during pregnancy. Actually, it has a history of curing stomach upsets. Morning sickness during pregnancy can be very annoying and upsetting, but just a spoon of ginger powder can ease the pain.


Some mint leaves can also help you in getting rid of all morning sicknesses. The peppermint flavor is very cooling and refreshing. Ensure you aren’t vulnerable to heartburn because peppermints may worsen the case. But if you are not, drink a glass of peppermint tea which will be really helpful for you, mostly when pregnant. Visit you’re a nutritionist before trying this herb.


Fresh lemon juice with a little touch of sugar and salt is a good remedy for curing morning sickness. The lemon’s sourness helps in reducing nausea. Also, you can always use lemon water and ginger to feel much better when it comes to morning sickness during pregnancy. Take a little sip of this mixture to get relieved instantly. Don’t take only lemon water as this doesn’t suit many people; hence, it is usually safe mixing one or two ingredients to it.


Rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber, the water in coconuts and its various health benefits always come in handy in tackling morning sickness during pregnancy. Add a teaspoon of lime juice to a glass of coconut water then take a sip by every fifteen minutes as it settles the stomach. Also, you prefer using coconut oil it’s okay too as it helps in relieving heartburn, morning sickness, and constipation during pregnancy.


For some women, taking vitamin B6 for morning sickness greatly improves nausea and taking vitamin B12 improves. Most prenatal vitamins already contain these vitamins, therefore, you should talk to your doctor or your health professional before taking.

Tips to Reduce Morning Sickness

  • You may not require a lot of additional calories each day, but you probably will find out you get often hungry than usual, so healthy snacks are a good idea. Eat little and often and don’t allow yourself to get too hungry, since having an empty stomach can make the sickness worse.
  • Ensure that almost every food you take is nutritionally fit. If you’re too nauseous in the first three months, stick to sea salt with brown rice, avocado dipped in smoothies with gelatin for more protein, fresh fruits, bone broth, and anything else you can eat.
  • Avoid eating fried foods, junk foods, etc. as they can make the sickness worse.
  • Drink cold water between the meals as staying hydrated is important during pregnancy.
  • Try your best to always eat balanced diets with sufficient protein, complex carbs, and fat for a good blood sugar regulation.
  • Always keep snacks by your bedside to quickly nibble on before getting out of bed up every morning. Most pregnant women do better with carbs in avoiding nausea (such as crackers and bananas), while others feel better on fats and protein.
  • Preggie Pops might help. It’s a kind of candy in different flavors such as lemon, ginger, and mint, for morning sickness relief and helps to reduce the sensation of nausea.



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