Pregnancy Announcement Ideas at Work

How do you announce pregnancy at work?

Besides your biological family, your work colleagues can also be termed as family. You spend most of your time and days with them and they probably know you better than some of your relatives. At first, you may be a little hesitant to share your pregnancy news with them because having such a conversation can be scary. However, telling your workmates that you are pregnant does not have to be scary at all. With some ideas, you can navigate the conversation easily even with your boss. Check out these cute ways to announce your pregnancy at work.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas at Work

1. The candy jar

“From me and my jelly bean” – Pregnancy announcement idea

Place a jar of jellybeans on your desk and then tape a note on it that says “from me and my little jelly bean”. Email your colleagues to come and pick candy from your desk or even put it in the lobby and let them find out that it’s you by themselves! They will be shocked to find your announcement waiting for them.
Here is a great glass jar you can buy from Amazon that would be perfect for this and a jelly bean pack to fill in. 
Also if you want the exact banner to print like in the image above, just save this image below and print it. Then, use double sided tape, clear adhesive dots, glue, super glue, etc. and stick it on your jar! 

From-Me-and-My-Jelly-Bean---Pregnancy-Announcement-Banner 2
“From Me and My Jelly Bean” – Printable pregnancy announcement banner

2. The staff meeting

Share your news in the next staff meeting. There is usually a time when people are asked to make any announcements. You can take that opportunity and come out with the news.

Use our Instagram Pregnancy Announcement Stickers to share the news with co-workers outside the workplace

3. Cupcake announcement

Make homemade cupcakes with red and blue coloring then bring them to work. The treats should come a note with the news of your pregnancy. As your workmates enjoy the sweetness of the treats, they get to enjoy the sweetness of your news as well.

4. Telephone game

Consider playing the old fashion telephone game where you whisper the news to one of your colleagues and then wait for the news to spread. By the end of the day, the whole office will know that you are pregnant.

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5. Fortune cookies

Pregnancy announcement cookies 

People love Fortune cookies. The next time you come to work, carry along a bag of Fortune cookies with “Guess who is pregnant” notes and leave them on the countertop.

Here is a great YouTube tutorial on how to make fortune cookies:

6. Memo

Write a memo to your team informing them that they should expect a new team member. Indicate the date when the new team member will join and observe who will be the first to notice that you are talking about your baby.

7. Wear a “Coming Soon” Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

Coming Soon Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

Announce your pregnancy at work with this adorable t-shirt and see how long it takes for your colleagues to discover the subtle hint of the tiny baby footprint, indicating the imminent arrival of a new addition to your family. This cool t-shirt is available on Amazon in black, grey, navy blue, olive green, and cranberry red. And if you are looking for a shirt in lighter colors, this is a great option.

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8. Vacation conversations

In the course of lunch breaks, colleagues like talking about where they would want to go for vacation. When you are having this conversation with them, you can mention that you are looking for “baby moon” destinations. They should get the drift of the conversation by then.

While it is good to be cheeky and funny when announcing your pregnancy to your workmates, you should not have such an approach with your boss. Before you let your colleagues know, your boss should be the first to know. Choose a pregnancy announcement idea that will work well considering your office environment. Go for something that is appropriate for your office.

9. Sweet pregnancy announcement with cookies

pregnancy announcement cookies
Pregnancy announcement cookies

People love cookies, and this is a sweet way to announce your pregnancy at work. These pregnancy announcement cookies are not only an adorable way to share your exciting news, but also little works of art! You can make them yourself or order from a bakery. There are many adorable cookie themes you can choose from, pick your favorite style and bring a sweet cookie box to share your news.   

Here are two great videos about how to make easy cookie icing and pregnancy announcement cookie decorating ideas.

Easy Cookie Icing

Pregnancy announcement cookie decorating:

Final Thoughts,

Hope you like these cute ideas on how to announce your pregnancy at work. As a bonus, here is a pregnancy announcement card that you can download for free, and print at home. Happy and safe pregnancy!

“A Bun In The Oven” – Free Printable Pregnancy Announcement Card




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