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15 Best Nightstands With Storage To Make The Perfect Bedroom

15 Elegant Nightstands With Storage

Nightstands with storage add style and function to your space. Drawers and shelves keep your essentials neatly tucked away to keep your room feeling open, tidy and organized.

If you’re upgrading your space, here are 15 storage nightstands that you’ll love.

15 Best Nightstands with Storage

1. ADORNEVE Nightstand with Charging Station

Black Nightstand 3 Drawers for bedroom

With three drawers, an open shelf and a built-in charging station, the ADORNEVE nightstand is the perfect nightstand for any modern bedroom.

The charging station has two built-in plugs and a USB port, so you can charge your devices while you sleep. The built-in on/off button adds an extra layer of security if you have kids or pets.

The three drawers give you plenty of space to store your bedside essentials, and the open shelf is great for books.

You can grab the ADORNEVE nightstand on Amazon. It comes in both black and white colors to match any bedroom.

2. Washed Wood Nightstand

Washed Wood Nightstand WITH STORAGE

Anthropologie’s Washed Wood nightstand is gorgeous, with its rich indigo color (you can get it in natural wood, too) and vintage style. Made from tropical hardwood and engineered hardwood, this nightstand has a distressed finish and brass hardware.

Three drawers, each 4” deep, give you plenty of space to store your essentials. As a bonus, this nightstand arrives fully assembled, so you can just move it into your space and enjoy it.

3. Caroline Rattan Nightstand

Caroline Rattan Nightstand with storage

If you’re looking for boho nightstands with storage, the Caroline from Urban Outfitters is a great option. The Caroline has an earthy charm thanks to its Rattan and mahogany wood construction. In addition, the strands of rattan are arranged in a gorgeous geometric pattern to add some character to this piece.

For storage, it has one deep drawer and an open bottom shelf. The drawer is 8.25” deep, so there’s plenty of space to store your bedside essentials. The bottom open shelf is almost as deep as the drawer, giving you space for books or little décor items.

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4. Tribesigns Nightstand with 2 Drawers

Tribesigns Nightstand Bedside Table with 2 Drawers

The Tribesigns nightstand from Overstock is a bit taller than the average bedside table, but if you need a little more storage space, it’s perfect.

Its secretary desk-like design includes several small shelves to tuck away your items. Two deep drawers (7.67” each) provide you with plenty of room for storing bigger items.

Plus, the gray and white colors match virtually any space.

5. MSmask Nightstand with Charging Station

Nightstand with Charging Station AND STORAGE

The MSmask nightstand from Walmart has plenty of storage and a built-in charging station in a convenient spot.

The top of the nightstand has a built-in hutch with shelves for a lamp and your bedside basics. The forward-facing charging station is lifted up off of the shelves for easy, safe and convenient charging.

On top of all of this storage, you also have three drawers to keep your essentials out of sight.

6. Hand-carved Albaron Nightstand

Handcarved Albaron Nightstand and storage

The Albaron nightstand from Anthropologie will add character to your bedroom while taking care of your storage needs. This stunning piece is hand-carved from tropical wood and features antique brass legs. It’s a beautiful blend of vintage and new-world design.

The two drawers are attached to metal glides for smooth opening and closing. These drawers are a little on the shallow end (5.75” deep), but they’re still large enough to hold your essentials.

7. EUROCO Foldable Nightstand

Foldable Bedroom Nightstand with 2 Drawers

The EUROCO foldable nightstand from Walmart has a modern design, with a built-in USB charger and rolling wheels for easy moving whenever you need it.

This rectangular nightstand features two folding ends to give you more surface space whenever you need it. There’s a bottom gliding drawer for storage as well as an open shelf. The convenient USB plug makes it easy to charge your devices or plug in bedside lamps.

8. Sorbus Dresser

Dresser with Drawers - Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom

The Sorbus dresser from Amazon is one of the best nightstands with storage if you don’t mind its unconventional design. This storage tower features a wooden top and fabric drawers to store all of your essentials.

In total, this nightstand has seven drawers – three large, deep drawers (8” deep) and four smaller ones (6” deep). And because the drawers are fabric, they can be folded up and put away when you’re not using them.

The Sorbus dresser is lightweight, easy to assemble and comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

9. FULLWATT Bedside Table

Beside Table with 2 Drawers Nightstand with Lift Top and Computer Table

The FULLWATT bedside table from Walmart has hidden storage and a lift-top that can be used as a small computer desk when you’re in bed.

The lift-top reveals a hidden storage compartment where you can store small items out of sight. The two drawers are about 8” deep, making them ideal for storing bigger items.

Store your alarm clock, phone and glass of water on top, and tuck away your other essentials to keep your space clean and tidy. Four lockable casters also make it easy to move this nightstand around whenever you need to.

10. Verena Nightstand

Gray Carved Mahogany Verena Nightstand with Drawers

If your bedroom has more of a rustic French country style, the Verena nightstand from World Market is a great fit for your space. We love the distressed whitewashed look, and multi-drawer storage will keep all of your items out of sight.

Made from solid mahogany wood, this is a piece of furniture that will give you decades of use with the right care. There are three drawers for storage and a pullout tray that you can use for folding clothes.

11. Etherson Rustic Nightstand Cabinet

Etherson Nightstand with storage

If you don’t want a nightstand with drawers, this unit from Rustic Nightstand at Wayfair is perfect. It trades the usual three-drawer design for a single cabinet. Use it to store your books, personal care items, or whatever else you want.

The cabinet door has a gorgeous geometric pattern made of carved wood. Inside of the cabinet, you’ll find a completely open space to store whatever you need. You can easily add organizers with drawers or shelves to maximize the vertical space inside.

If you’re going for a minimalistic or modern look in your bedroom, this nightstand will blend in perfectly.

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12. Sobro Smart Nightstand Table


Looking for a nightstand that’s a little more high-tech? The Sobro Smart nightstand from Amazon fits the bill, and once it’s in your room, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life.

Along with storage, this nightstand has so many awesome features, like:

  • A built-in cooling drawer. Yes, it’s basically a mini fridge where you can store bottles of water or other drinks.
  • Wireless charging keeps your devices charged.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers.
  • USB-C and 120V outlets
  • LED lights

There’s an extra cabinet and an open shelf for storage.

If you want a nightstand that’s unique, smart and futuristic, the Sabro is a great option. It may not offer as much storage space as others on our list, but it has built-in features that can replace some of the clutter you would otherwise keep on your nightstand.

13. Courtdale 3-Drawer Nightstand

Courtdale - Drawer Solid Wood Nightstand in Oak

If you want to invest in high-quality nightstands with storage, the Courtdale from Wayfair is a great option. This nightstand is made from solid oak with a distressed finish for an antique look.

Oak furniture can last for decades or more if you care for it properly. It’s well worth the investment if you have the budget. Plus, this nightstand offers ample storage space, making it a piece of furniture that can grow with you over the years.

The Courtdale has two soft-close drawers and beautiful, simple pull metal handles. And because of its solid construction, each drawer can hold up to 22 lbs. worth of items.

Beautiful carved detailing makes this piece a work of art and one that will last for years to come with the right care.

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14. URKNO End Table

End Table with Drawer, Mobile Nightstand with Adjustable Shelf and Wheels

If you need lots of storage space, you’ll love the URKNO table from Amazon. This nightstand features two deep drawers, an open storage shelf, two side shelves and a top surface to hold all of your bedside items.

The table sits on four wheels, so it’s easy to move around if needed.

The URKNO table is easy to assemble, extremely affordable and comes in two neutral colors (white and rustic brown).

15. Ayden 3-Drawer Nightstand

Ayden Drawer Nightstand in Antique White Chestnut

Are you looking for antique nightstands with storage? You’ll love the Ayden 3-drawer table from Wayfair. This nightstand features a distressed white finish and a solid wood top that blends in with virtually any bedroom style.

But don’t let this table’s antique look fool you – it’s entirely modern. Along the back edge of this nightstand, you’ll find a convenient charging station with two plugs and two USB ports.

The three built-in drawers offer plenty of storage space and move smoothly on the metal glides.

The unit itself is made from solid pine and hickory wood, so it’s a piece that will last for years to come.

Final Thoughts 

These 15 nightstands offer plenty of storage space and will add some personality to your bedroom. No matter your budget or style preference, you’re sure to find a nightstand you love on our list.