15 Best Ideas for Indoor Decorating with Plants
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15 Best Ideas for Indoor Decorating with Plants

Insanely Cute Home Décor Ideas with Plants to Add Fresh Energy to Your Home

One of the latest trends in interior design is indoor decorating with plants. Plants add texture, beauty and a little bit of nature to your home. They help clean up your indoor air, too.

If you’re looking to up your plant game, here are 15 insanely cute ways to decorate your home with plants.

15 Insanely Cute Ideas for Indoor Decorating with Plants (That’ll Add Fresh Energy to Your Home)

1. Hanging Indoor Planters

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants or Herbs Amazon

Hanging a few smaller plants in front of a window or on an open wall can help you fill vertical space with natural greenery.

Use a hanging planter rail, like this one from Umbra on Amazon, to make your life easier. Umbra’s product comes with three cute planters that will match any home décor.

2. Build a Magical Plant Corner

26 Stunning Indoor Plant Corner Ideas

Turn a living room corner into a magical plant corner with fairy lights and a mix of hanging and standing plants.

For your hanging plants, you can use natural branches or find artificial versions. Hang them from the ceiling to make your corner feel like you’re sitting under a tree. Stick to light plants for these ones. Pothos plants will climb and trail to make it feel even more like a jungle.

For your floor plants, use plant stands of varying heights to create interest and a layered feel. Finish the look with some fairy lights and hanging wall sconces.

3. IKEA Memo Boards for Climbing Plants

memo grid board ikea decor with planting
Source: IKEA

Here’s an adorable way to decorate your home with plants using a simple IKEA memo board that costs less than $20. Grow climbing plants along the wall to give your home that jungle feel and use either IKEA’s SÖSDALA or KORSMON memo boards as your indoor trellis.

Cascading, trailing plants add texture and beauty while creating a cozy vibe. Here are some great climbing and trailing plants to plant and bring this idea to life:

  • Pothos
  • English Ivy
  • Grape Ivy
  • Creeping fig
  • Arrowhead plant
  • Kangaroo vine
  • Hoya
  • Wax ivy

4. Trellis Wall Planter

DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

Are you looking for DIY ideas for indoor decorating with plants? Here’s a good one – a hanging wall trellis with built-in planter holders. This tutorial walks you through each step of building this trellis, which can hold more than a dozen small plants.

The best part of a DIY project is that you can build it specifically for your home. While this project calls for leather planter holders, you can easily use a different material.

5. Hang a Plant Shelf Above a Doorway

Another great way to do indoor decorating with plants is to hang a plant shelf above a doorway or an archway in your home.

Placing your plants up high creates a more jungle-like feel, makes use of vertical space and may give you plants more access to light.

The right shelf for the job will depend on your unique space. We love the Phoebe wood shelf from Anthropologie, but you can easily hang any wooden shelf. Even crown molding would work to give you a little room for small plants.

6. Group a Variety of Plants Together

Indoor Plants Made for a Black Thumb

One great way to do indoor decorating with plants is to bunch a variety of different types of plants together. Plants with varying shades of green, different leaf shapes and patterns can help create texture and interest in your space. It can also help create a fuller plant look without having to care for one big plant.

Just make sure that you choose plants that will work well together and have similar light requirements. This idea works best with plants that aren’t extra-leafy, like a monstera or palm. Leafy plants may cast a shade over the other plants in the group, making it harder for them to get the light they need.

Choose pots that have similar colors and textures to create a more unified look and to draw attention to your plants – not your pots.

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7. Add Plants to Your Bathroom

19 Bathroom Plants that Absorb Moisture

Adding plants to your bathroom will not only brighten and freshen up your space, but it will also help absorb moisture to prevent mold growth. Even if you don’t have any windows in your bathroom, you can still add plants.

Plants that work well in windowless bathrooms include:

  • Spider plants
  • Snake plants
  • Air plants
  • ZZ plants
  • Peace lily
  • Cast iron plant
  • English ivy

Hang your bathroom plants from the ceiling, place them on a shelf or on top of a bathroom cabinet. There are so many ways to add plants to this space.

8. Choose Plant Varieties That Match the Theme of Your Home

Early Spring Styled Tray with Beautiful Faux Greenery

When it comes to indoor decorating with plants, one of the best tips we can give is to choose plants that match the theme or feel of your home.

For example, if you have a French country or cottage style home, choose plants like:

  • Fiddlefig
  • Lavender trees
  • Olive trees
  • Topiaries

Choosing plants that blend well with the overall style of your home will fit in naturally and help bring the look together.

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9. Hang Small Floating Shelves for Individual Plants

Hang Small Floating Shelves for Individual Plants amazon

One cute way to add plants to your walls is to hang individual floating shelves. Smaller-sized shelves are just the right size for individual plants, so you can add a little greenery here and there throughout your home.

These small floating shelves from Amazon are a great choice. They’re made of natural bamboo and are just the right size for small plants.

10. Go Big with a Potted Tree

If you want one plant to be the focal point of your space, go big and plant a potted tree. An indoor tree can really make a statement, fill awkward corners and make the most of your vertical space.

There are actually many varieties of trees that can thrive indoors, including:

  • New Zealand Laurel
  • Common Fig
  • Fishtail Palm
  • Money Tree
  • Olive Tree
  • Rubber plant
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Schefflera
  • Citrus Trees
  • Corn Tree

Make sure that you have the room for these bigger plants and that they’ll get enough light to thrive.

11. Make a Living Wall

Wall Hanging Glass Terrariums Planter amazon

Convert a bare wall into a living wall in your home by hanging planters. You can find planters in a variety of styles, colors and sizes to really bring your space to life.

Here are a few beautiful ideas for wall planters:

Add as many or as few plants as you want to your wall. You can also find pocket-style wall planters that can hold dozens of plants.

12. Choose Unique and Fun Pots for Your Plants

The plants may be the stars of the show, but the pots you choose can really add to your space. They’re works of art or décor in and of themselves.

Today, you can find pots of all sizes, styles and colors. Some are modern, others have geometric designs and yet others have that aged, French country look. Choose pots that will complement your space and reinforce the look you’re going for.

13. Make Some Adorable Air Plant Holders

Air Plant Holder with Rock and Wire 

Air plants are rockstars for your home because they’re so easy to care for. It doesn’t take much to keep them alive, and because they don’t need soil, there are so many ways to incorporate them into your home décor.

Here’s a fun tutorial for creating your own air plant stands using just a few simple things, like copper wire and river stones. These beauties can be added to shelves, stands or tucked away on a bookshelf.

14. Air Plant Jellyfish

If you love air plants, here’s an adorable way to turn them into works of art. Hanging the planter upside down instantly turns your air plant into a jellyfish. Add a few to your wall to create a nautical-themed space.

These air plant jellyfish are perfect for beach houses or nautical themed homes.

15. Use Plants to Decorate a Stairway

28 Plant Wall Art Ideas for Home Décor

Here’s a great way to transform a boring staircase into one that’s alive. Hang planters along the wall going up the stairs to create a Mediterranean feel in your home. Trailing and climbing plants work best for this idea if you want the space bursting with natural greenery.

For a seamless look, choose planters that are the same color as your walls, or paint your planters to match.

You can add plants to the stairs, too, but this idea may not be suitable for homes with children or pets.

Final Thoughts

Plants are a beautiful way to add natural greenery and texture to your space. They’re great for cleaning up the air and can help lift your mood, too. Use these ideas to decorate your space with plants.