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25+ Free Vintage Botanical Prints – Gorgeous Printables

Looking to refresh your space with nature-inspired art? We have some amazing botanical designs in our boho wall art bundle, but we’ve also rounded up 25+ free botanical prints to add to your collection.

25+ Free Vintage Botanical Prints – Decorate Your Space with Gorgeous Printables

1. 22 Summer Botanical Printables

Want a mix of botanical and other summer-inspired prints? This freebie has it all! Along with watercolor leaves and flowers, you’ll also find some beach and nautical-themed prints. Mix and match them to inject some lazy summer vibes into your space.

2. 21 Lavender Botanical Prints

These lavender botanical prints were originally found in vintage nature journals. Along with a colorful drawing of each plant, it also includes the scientific names for each type. If you’re a fan of scientific botanical drawings, then this printable pack is for you.

3. 50 Botanical Illustrations

Here’s a huge collection of beautiful vintage botanical prints – 50 plants in total. These printables are primarily florals, and they’ll add some much-needed color to your space. They’re perfect for a spring or summer refresh when you want to change up your wall art.

4. Black and White Botanical Art

If you’re a minimalist at heart or have a black-and-white theme in your home, these botanical prints are for you. This freebie includes eight prints that you can frame and hang anywhere in your home. Because they’re black and white, they’ll complement any room.

5. Vintage Botanical Posters

These botanical posters are truly special and have a real vintage feel. The collage-like style of these images adds so much interest, and each plant has a corresponding number with a description. With these prints, you can decorate your home and learn a thing or two about plant identification.

6. Free Flower Images

This freebie has a whopping 672 free botanical prints. If you’re looking for free flower images, this pack will have it all. You’ll find botanical images of lavender, roses, hydrangea, peonies, marigolds, lilacs and more. It’s the ultimate flower print freebie collection.

7. 21 Botanical Prints

These 21 botanical prints are actually scientific drawings of interesting plants you don’t see often. Along with the stem, leaves and flower petals, each print includes detailed drawings of plant parts. Each print is available in different formats for your printing needs.

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8. 100+ Farmhouse Botanical Printables

If you’re a fan of the farmhouse style, then you’ll love these botanical prints. This post includes 100+ free prints, including botany, herbs, orchids, ferns, lavender, florals and more. No matter which plants you’re into, you’re sure to find something you love in this huge collection.

9. Royal Blue and Yellow Botanical Prints

If you have a blue and yellow theme in your home, these botanical prints will blend in perfectly with the rest of your décor. These botany drawings are vibrant and rich in detail, making them a great addition to any home. And each print also includes detailed drawings of different plant parts along with their scientific name.

10. Vintage Botanical Illustrations

These free botanical prints are gorgeous and pair well together, making them perfect for a gallery wall. Some botanical prints are very colorful, but these are primarily muted greens, browns and yellows. If you’re looking for wall art that makes a subtle impact, these prints are perfect for your space.

11. Tropical Botanical Vignettes

Tropical décor is all the rage right now, and these printables can help you get in on this trend without spending a fortune on art. These watercolor prints come in a few sizes and styles, so you can choose the one that best matches your space.

12. Vintage Fruit Botanicals

Here’s a botanical printable collection that’s a little different. It features fruits rather than the usual flowers and ferns. This collection includes peaches, apples, strawberries, pears and more. Each print is colorful and detailed, making them a great addition to any home.

13. Spring Botanical Prints

Looking for vintage botanical prints to celebrate spring? This is the collection for you. It includes all of your favorite spring florals, including hyacinth, tulip, peony, daffodil, iris, crocus, azalea, hydrangea and more. Each print has a true vintage feel, with muted colors and intricate details.

14. Printable Botanical Sets for All Seasons

Do you like to change your wall art with each season? These free printables are right up your alley. It includes four different sets of six prints for each season: spring, summer, fall and winter. Winter has evergreens and pines, while fall has pumpkins and orange flowers. Spring is vibrant with explosions of color, while summer is more muted green. They’ll add a pretty touch to your space all throughout the year.

15. Vintage Rose Prints

These free botanical prints are all about roses. You’ll find a huge variety of roses and colors, from yellow to deep red and white. Use them to decorate walls in your entryway or guest rooms to make them feel cozier.

16. Vintage Farmhouse Spring Botanicals

Creating the vintage farmhouse look is easy with one of these printables in a frame while sitting on your fireplace mantel. There are so many cute options available with stunning vintage flower prints that look amazing in a wooden or distressed picture frame.

17. Yellow Rose Botanical Printables

Yellow is one of the colors that you either love or hate, but this printable with six prints is just too good to pass up. Brighten up your space with gorgeous yellow rose patterns that can cheer up any space.

I like to place these on the wall above a flower bouquet.

18. Evergreen Botanical Images

Evergreen vintage botanical prints are available, with eight total options to download and print. Ideal for anyone who loves gardening or flowers, these prints are best for winter months. But you’ll also find additional sets of 8 printables for fruit, spring, summer and more.

19. 4 Vintage Spring Botanical Prints

Four free vintage Spring prints are available on rambling renovators and on Google Drive in PNG format. You’ll love the large print in the middle with a large version of all the petals of the flowers underneath, making it feel like you’re using a microscope to view each petal and bud on the plant.

20. Botanical Specimen Prints

Want 20+ free botanical prints? These are perfect, but they’re also different than a lot of other prints on our list. In this collection, you’ll find a few quotes that are great for a farmhouse and others, such as “Basil,” which shows a can with basil planted in it.

You’ll also find a variety of lavender, flowers and other adorable printables in this collection.

21. Spring Inspired Botanical Prints

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, thanks to all of the pops of color outside. This spring-inspired botanical print embodies these stunning colors with numerous print options, including some with cute quotes that the site’s owner added for their own personal touch.

22. Black and White Botanicals

Black and white is a timeless combination of colors, and Emily A. Clark offers these amazing prints for free. Simplistic and beautiful, the color combo works well on any wall color, and she’s chosen to use “gold” for her frames. You can follow this trend with your own bold frame choice.

23. Vintage Orchid Flower Paintings

Orchids are beautiful flowers that have a touch of mystery and beauty to them. The prints in this collection come from Charles Antoine Lemaire and are from 1854. Add these printables to a frame and give them as a gift – no one will know.

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24. Botanical Posters

Do you like antique botanical posters? If so, this is one of the best options from Adolphe Millot. You’ll find options for vintage mushrooms, flowers and other botanicals. Some prints, such as the Fleurs one, have over 60 plant identifications in a single print, all with names and corresponding numbers listed at the bottom.

25. Citrus Botanical Art

Citrus botanical art is perfect with today’s boho or even upscale style. These prints add a pop of yellow, red and orange colors to the space.  A single large print hanging on the wall will look great, or you can add four to the wall to create a uniform look.

26. Vintage Vegetable Prints

The Navage Patch has these adorable, vintage vegetable prints that I can’t help but adore. Print them out and place them inside of your greenhouse or put them in a frame (like these ones on Amazon) and make them a part of your home’s décor.

These prints come from an old French seed company from 250 years ago.

27. Vintage Sunflower Prints

Do you like vintage and sunflowers? These prints are perfect for you. You’ll find 12 printables that include many that are actual works of art that were created by artists in the 17th century and still look as stunning today as the day that they were painted. You’ll also find a lot of awesome history behind each print.