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17 Best Jute Rugs for Every Space in Your House

Jute rugs are a great addition to any room in your home. They add an earthy, boho feel to the room, and they’re made from natural fibers, which makes them safe for use around pets and the family.

You can find jute rugs in a variety of styles and colors. We’re going to share 17 of our favorite rugs to refresh your space.

17 Best Jute Rugs for Every Space in Your House

1. Best Jute Rug for Living Room – Signature Loom 

Signature Loom Handcrafted Farmhouse Jute Accent Rug

Signature Loom’s jute accent rug is soft, comfortable and handcrafted with Turkish jute. It has a simple braided design and a natural jute color, making it ideal for any room in your home.

Choose from circle and square shapes, and a variety of sizes, from 2×6 all the way up to 10×14. All of these options make this rug perfect for the living room, whether it’s small or large.

This gorgeous rug is made in India and with 100% jute.

2. Best Jute Rug for Dining Room – NuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Rug

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Farmhouse Jute Area Rug

Want a jute rug for your dining room? NuLOOM’s Rigo rug comes in a variety of colors and sizes to match any dining space.

The natural jute option is made from 100% jute in India and has a medium pile. Other color options include: black, green, grey, lavender, navy, off-white, peach, pink, purple and rust.

Regular vacuuming (without the beater bar) can help keep this handmade rug looking its best.

Sizes range from 2’ x 3’ all the way up to 12’ x 18.’ Choose between square, round and oval. Circular rugs are a great option if you have a round dining room table.

3. Best Jute Rug for Bedroom – Jonathan Y Espina

JONATHAN Y NFR101A-28 Espina Hand Woven Herringbone Chunky Jute Indoor Area

This rug from Jonathan Y is perfect for the bedroom. It’s a chunky-style rug with a herringbone pattern that adds something special to the space.

While soft and comfortable, this rug is durable enough to stand up to heavy traffic and pets.

This rug is only available in its natural color and a few select sizes: 2 x 8, 3 x 5, 4 x 6, 5 x 8 and 8 x 10.

4. Best Washable Jute Rug – Unique Loom Border Area Rug

Unique Loom Outdoor Border Collection Area Rug - Multi Border

Most jute rugs aren’t washable, but Unique Loom’s border area rug can be hosed down in emergencies.

The only drawback? It’s not really made of jute. It has the same look and feel as a jute rug but is made from polypropylene. That’s what makes this rug washable.

Unique Loom’s rug is still made in Turkey and is power-loomed rather than handmade. Still, it’s a great addition to any home and can be used outdoors or indoors.

Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to find the best rug for your home.

5. Best Braided Jute Rugs – Rosecliff Heights

Marie Handmade Flatweave Jute

A braided jute rug has a charm all its own, and this one from Rosecliff Heights is a gorgeous addition to any room. It’s simple yet natural and elegant.

This rug is handmade with jute and sisal with a thin pile and flat weave. Choose from more than 15 different sizes to find the perfect fit for your home. Rectangular, runner and square shapes are available, all in a braided pattern.

6. Bay Aisle Home Ariton Jute Rug

Ariton Handmade Hand Braided Jute

Bay Aisle’s Ariton rug is hand-braided, reversible and stain resistant. This round rug is made with jute and sisal and features a beautiful pattern of alternating weaving directions.

You can place this rug in any room of your home to add function, comfort and style. It’s great for dining rooms with round tables or even next to the bed.

The Ariton rug comes in three sizes: 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet.

7. The Beer Valley Accent Rug


If you’re looking for a runner rug, The Beer Valley has the perfect option for you. Their jute runner rug features fringed ends for a carefree farmhouse or coastal style that looks great in any home.

This rug is handmade with 100% natural jute. Add it to your entryway, kitchen or hallway to add texture, color and comfort.

8. Mistana Timms Rug

Timms Handmade Flatweave Jute WAYFAIR

Mistana Timms jute rugs have a beautiful mandala shape and feature a flatweave design. Each rug is handmade with jute and sisal and features a thin pile height.

Choose from three sizes: 3 feet, 5 feet and 8 feet.

To match your home, this rug also comes in a variety of colors, including camel, orange, black and salmon.

9. Casella Flatweave Jute/Sisal Beige Rug

Casella Flatweave Jute WAYFAIR

Bay Isle Home’s Casella rug has such an eye-catching design, with alternating patterns of small and large circles. This rug is made with jute and sisal and features a thin pile height.

Its unique shape and design make it the perfect addition to any room in your home, including the living room or even the entryway. 

Choose from more than six different sizes to find the best fit for your space.

10. SAFAVIEH Natural Fiber Round Collection 3′ Round Natural

SAFAVIEH Natural Fiber Collection Area Rug

Featuring a 3’ round design, this rug is sold in one-foot increment increases up to a staggering 12’ round option. Perfect for any farmhouse, this rug has a pile height of 0.5” and is made of all-natural materials.

Each rug in the seller’s collection is handmade and handwoven, allowing you to have a truly one-of-a-kind rug for your space.

The design of this rug makes it an elegant choice for foyers or an entryway when you want to make a good first impression.

11. SAFAVIEH Cape Cod Collection 6′ x 9′ Beige

SAFAVIEH Cape Cod Collection Area Rug AMAZON

Handmade jute and cotton are used in this boho area rug that features a rectangular design and spans 6’ x 9’. Multiple color and size options are available, and each rug is handwoven. The Safavieh company has been producing unmatched products for 100+ years and is known for their easy maintenance design concepts.

Pile height is 0.5” and a traditional woven pattern is used in the design.

12. Demar Handmade Flatweave Blue/Natural Rug

Demar Handmade Flatweave Blue Natural Rug WAYFAIR

Demar’s handmade, flatweave rug comes in three main color options: blue/natural (my fave), green and multicolor. You can choose from 21 sizes, but the 2’ x 3’ is one of the most popular. The rug is made using geometric rows that look stunning in modern homes.

Pile height is 0.31”.

Add a rug pad and you’ll have a rug that remains firmly in place and adds a pop of color to your space.

13. LR Resources Jute LR12031-NAT40RD Natural Round X 4 ft

LR Resources Jute Natural Round X 4 ft Indoor Area Rug AMAZON

Jute rugs are rarely as intricate as this option from LR Home Store. The rug is 4’ round, but there are 6’ and 7’6” round options available. Featuring 100% jute and hand braided in India, this rug will instantly become the centerpiece of the room with its six circular patterns and multiple, smaller circles to create a jaw-dropping design.

Pile height is 0.5”, allowing for a comfortable feel even on bare feet.

14. JONATHAN Y NRF103A-4 para Hand Woven Chunky Jute

Hand Woven Chunky Jute with Fringe AMAZON

Are you looking for the perfect Bohemian rug? This rug comes in a natural or light blue color that is perfect for larger spaces. The 4’ x 6’ dimensions make this a versatile option for bedrooms, living rooms and even open kitchens.

Pet-friendly and durable, the rug has synthetic fibers that resist stains yet still uses jute for the boho look that you’ll love.

15. Handmade Flatweave Jute/Sisal Black/Beige Rug

Handmade Flatweave Jute WAYFAIR

Well Woven has a professional, stunning rug that features black and beige design patterns that you’ll love for your space. The rug comes in a 3’ radius circular design, but you can choose options for an 8-foot rug, too.

Featuring a handmade, flatweave style, this jute rug looks perfect in:

  • Master bedrooms
  • Foyers or main living rooms
  • Virtually anywhere

You will want to keep this rug out of high trafficked areas to maintain its beauty.

16. GRUHUM Scalloped Jute Area

GRUHUM Jute Area Rugs - Natural Fibre Black Rectangular Leather Handwoven Boho Farmhouse AMAZON

GRUHUM has a cute, scalloped area rug that often sells out because people seem to love it. This boho reversible rug works well in high-traffic areas and has soft braids. Ideal for the farmhouse look, the rug has dimensions of 2’ x 3’, but it also comes in a variety of other size options, including 7.6’ x 9.6’.

A handwoven design ensures excellent craftsmanship and doesn’t unravel easily.

You can also choose from numerous color options to fit your space perfectly.

17. Galey Handmade Jute/Sisal Natural Rug

Galey Handmade Jute Sisal Natural Rug WAYFAIR

The final item on our jute rugs list is by Bay Isle Home™. Offering a perfect 5-foot radius rug and a .16” pile height, this rug will fit perfectly in any office, living room or foyer.

Jute and sisal material are used in the rug’s construction, and it has frayed edges to complete the look.

Are Jute Rugs Soft?

If you’re wondering if a jute rug is soft or scratchy, you’re not alone. These rugs are very deceiving, but you can rest easy knowing that the rug is soft. The rug’s natural fibers are long and soft.

The fibrous tissue of the plant used to make these rugs is also soaked in water to make the finished product even softer.

Can You Wash Jute Rugs?

Not really. If you use a carpet cleaner or something similar, you’ll damage the rug’s fibers and cause more harm than good. If you want to make your rug look like new, you’ll need to put in a bit of manual labor.

You can follow these steps to clean, not wash, your jute rug:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt from the rug
  • Consider pre-stain solutions only for stains that are well set in

Cleaning Jute Rugs with Baking Soda

Jute rugs are beautiful, but since you cannot wash them, you may notice that they can collect dust and start to smell. What can you do? Use baking soda. Baking soda will absorb the odors.

After you’ve sprinkled the baking soda on the rug, you can then use a soft brush to remove it.