Wooden Sunburst Mirrors That Are Full of Style
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15 Wooden Sunburst Mirrors That Are Full of Style

Wooden sunburst mirrors add natural beauty to a room and complement virtually any home style. Whether your space is boho chic, rustic farmhouse or modern, you can find a sunburst mirror that matches your home and personality.

Here are 15 mirrors that are full of style:

15 Wooden Sunburst Mirrors That Are Full of Style

1. Honiway Boho Sunburst Mirror

Honiway Boho Wall Decor Mirror

Honiway’s sunburst mirror has a true boho feel and a gorgeous multi-layer design that will add depth and texture to any space.

Made from natural solid wood, this mirror can be hung or leaned on the wall in your living room, dining room, bedroom or even your home office. It also comes in a variety of colors, including a gorgeous cyan shade, so you can find an option that matches your space.

With a 21” diameter and light weight, this mirror is easy to hang – no assembly required.

You can also grab this mirror in a 12” size and even in a two-pack for convenience.

2. Madhu Rattan Mirror

Rattan Mirror - Sunburst Mirror Frame Woven Mirror AMAZON

Madhu’s rattan sunburst mirror will add a natural vibe to your space. Each mirror is hand woven by an expert artisan, so no two pieces are exactly the same.

Durable and sustainable, this rattan mirror will complement any room in your home. With a 12” diameter, this mirror will even work well in a small room or an entryway. The mirror itself is just 5.5,” which makes this piece even easier to install.

3. Highland Dunes Hiers Sunburst Mirror

Hiers Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror Wayfair

We love unique wooden sunburst mirrors like this one, which looks like it’s made from wooden paddles. The weathered look and unique colors make this mirror perfect for homes with nautical themes or lake houses.

But it would be just as perfect for a farmhouse or rustic-themed home. Hang it above a dresser, in the foyer or even in the dining room. Bonus points if the room has waterfront views!

Looking for a unique use for this mirror? Here’s a cool DIY idea that turns a sunburst mirror into a lighting fixture.

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DIY Light Fixture Made from a Repurposed Sunburst Mirror

4. Birch Lane Turnbridge Mirror

Turnbridge Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror Wayfair

Birch Lane’s Turnbridge mirror looks like a cross between a sunburst and a sunflower. It’s a true work of art, featuring beveled glass and purposeful distressing.

With a diameter of 42” and a thickness of 2,” this is a mirror that will make a statement in your room.

It’s the perfect choice for hanging above the fireplace, in an entryway or any space you’d like to brighten up.

With a heavier weight of 36 lbs., it’s best to have someone help you hang this mirror. An extra pair of hands will ensure that your mirror is installed safely.

5. Bay Isle Home Sinegal Sunburst Mirror

Sinegal Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror WAYFAIR

Bay Isle Home’s Sinegal mirror has a gorgeous woven sunburst design and is made from natural, durable rattan. With a weight of just three pounds and a diameter of 25.5,” this mirror is so easy to hang.

Perfect for entryways and bedrooms, this mirror will brighten up the room and double as a piece of wall art. The natural rattan color pairs well with any décor, especially if you’re going for an earthy look.

If you want to add character and charm to your space, the Sinegal mirror is a great choice.

6. DEMDACO Driftwood Mirror

DEMDACO Circular Driftwood Natural Brown AMAZON

DEMDACO offers wooden sunburst mirrors that are handcrafted with driftwood. Each piece is unique, with different colors, grains and shapes.

We love the rustic look of this mirror and the fact that it’s the perfect size for most rooms – 23″ diameter.

Hang it over a mantel, in your entryway or in your bedroom to add more light to the space. You can even remove the mirror for easy cleaning or replacement if needed.

The driftwood design makes this mirror perfect for coastal, lake or riverfront homes.

7. NEERGREVE Bamboo Starburst Mirror

NEERGREVE Bamboo Wall Mounted Mirror FLOWER AMAZON

Looking for a more eco-friendly, sustainable option for your sunburst mirror? NEERGREVE offers a bamboo mirror that fits the bill.

Along with being a sustainable material, bamboo is naturally strong and durable.

This mirror features a hand-woven frame that’s similar to a rattan sunburst mirror. The flower-like design will match any décor, but it looks especially beautiful in boho and farmhouse homes.

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8. Loon Peak Sunburst Wood Mirror

Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror WAYFAIR

Loon Peak’s wood sunburst mirror takes the natural, rustic look to a new level. The circular mirror is framed by beautiful gray branches. A larger outer circle of interwoven branches helps create a unique look that’s perfect for anyone who wants to add natural elements to their home.

It’s the perfect mirror for cottagecore, witchcore and rustic homes.

This mirror features real birch branches that are interwoven into a wood frame. Gray accents and burnished edges give this mirror character and charm.

Despite its large size (38.25” diameter), this mirror weighs just 12 pounds. It’s light enough for one person to hang it, which makes installation a breeze.

Hang it above a console table, the fireplace or even in the entryway of your home.

9. Fraga Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror

Fraga Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror WAYFAIR

Bay Isle Home’s Fraga sunburst mirror creates the idyllic ambiance in a boho home or farmhouse. The burst of the sunrays is raised, and spacing between them allows for the wall’s natural color to show through.

In the middle sits the 8” round mirror.

The wall mirror has a total diameter of 36” and a 2” depth, thanks to the raised concept. If you want a truly unique wall mirror, you’ll be happy to know that there are slight variations during the production process that make each piece truly unique.

Whether you want to create a rustic, contemporary or boho look in your space, the Fraga is a good choice.

10. Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror

Sunburst Wood Wall Mirror wayfair

We’re not sure if we’ve seen wooden sunburst mirrors with this level of ornate design before. You’ll find beautiful shading between the mirror and the edge of the frame, along with sunflowers, birds and plants painted on it.

Handcrafted and elegant, this entire wall mirror has a diameter of 9” and a 3.7” radius mirror in the middle.

Each mirror is slightly different, thanks to the handcrafted design, and it would look lovely above a mantel. In fact, take a look at the Pin below for a great idea on how to decorate your space with this wall mirror.

Silver Shim Sunburst Mirror

11. Rodden Ornate Cut Out Round Wall Mount Accent Mirror

Rodden Ornate Cut Out Round Wall Mount Accent Mirror WAYFAIR

Winston Porter’s ornate, cut-out wall accent mirror puts a unique twist on the sunburst mirror design. The frame is made from wood and is cut out of ½” MDF. A solid black finish is painted onto every mirror to ensure quality and no imperfections.

Keyhole hangers are the perfect choice for hanging this mirror, which has a footprint of 17.25” x 20” and a mirror with an 8.5” diameter.

Decorative designs and a metallic finish help make this ornate mirror a best-seller and a top choice for any room’s centerpiece.

12. Hebgen Round Metal Wall Mirror

Hebgen Round Metal Wall Mirror WAYFAIR

Elegance and high fashion are two words that come to mind when seeing this wall mirror from Hebgen. The entire design has a radius of 31.5” and features different lengths and colors of wooden leaves to create the sunburst.

Place it in an upscale office or in your residential home – it will look great.

13. Deco 79 Wood Starburst Wall Mirror, 32″ x 2″ x 32″

Deco 79 Wood Starburst Wall Mirror amazon

One of the best Deco 79 wooden sunburst mirrors is this 32-inch-radius model with a 2-inch depth. Featuring a boho theme, this sunburst mirror is made with reed and has a free-spirit design that’s perfect for the living room of a home.

Radial patterns outline the central mirror.

Eye-catching details of this mirror will keep guests interested in your choice of multicultural décor. On the back of the mirror, hidden from sight, is a D-hook that makes mounting the mirror easy as pie.

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14. Deco 79 Wood Starburst Wall Mirror, 30″ x 3″ x 30″, Brown

Deco 79 Wood Starburst Wall Mirror AMAZON 2

Spanning 30” x 30,” Deco’s starburst wall mirror is perfect for empty walls in a nature-inspired home. Add wood shelving and a touch of greenery to the space, and this brown mirror will complete the look with its round silhouette and sunburst pattern.

Thin wooden strips are used to create the “burst” pattern.

Weighing just 4.7 pounds, you’ll have an easy time mounting this mirror on the wall. There’s also hardware on the back of the mirror to make hanging easier.

15. WEIPING – Circle Wall Mirror Woven 40cm Wall-Mounted Bohemian Style

Circle Wall Mirror Woven 40cm Wall-Mounted Bohemian Style with Wood Beads Circle Straw Wall Decor AMAZON

RAHYMA’s sunburst mirror is a stunning, woven-style model that has just the left side of the sunburst shown with beautiful straw. Wooden bead and straw design concepts make this an excellent choice for:

  • Offices
  • Living rooms
  • Entryways
  • Anywhere

If you have a bare wall that you want to spruce up, this mirror’s 40cm (15.7”) radius will help.