17 Best Dining Table Benches
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17 Chic Dining Table Benches to Make the Perfect Dining Room

Why Have a Bench for the Dining Room?

There are a multitude of reasons as to why dining table benches are a better option over chairs. Benches do not crowd your eye when looking around the dining room due to their low lying form. This means rooms look larger and guests have more space, rather than being confined to a small portion of a seat. When we close our eyes and picture a dining room table, our minds imagine roughly 6 uniform dining chairs. If that is the standard, then why switch to a dining room bench? Here is a list of benches that will surely sway your heart.

17  Chic Dining Table Benches

1. Comfort and Class

Kraven Dining Padded Bench

Luxurious walnut oak wood makes up the base of this comfortable bench. The padding on top will make it extra comfy and cozy for everyone who sits. Never feel the need to re-adjust yourself constantly throughout the night while enjoying dinner and conversations. With this bench, you can sink into your seat and stay there comfortably. This bench is great for a traditional or farmhouse design style. 

2. Checks All the Boxes 

Sienna Checkered Bench

Wondering how to incorporate pattern and color into your dining space? Sometimes, pops here and there go farther than every furniture piece being colored. Pops of color allow the space to still show its personality, but with a reserved twist. On top of color and pattern, quality is a large predictor of its stay in your home. That is why this piece will be a great fit in your space because it hits all three points. This wonderfully fun dining bench comes in a small, checkered pattern that boasts 3 different colors. 

3. Home Stretch 

Caspian Vintage Acorn U Base Dining Bench

Not all dining table benches are long enough to be the perfect size. It’s important that your dining table and bench coincide in length! Who wants a tiny bench with a massive table? Therefore, if you have a 10+ person dining table, this could be your perfect dining room fit. Besides the length, this all wooden bench has a beautiful acorn color. The legs are not typical – rectangular block legs create the sturdy foundation!

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4. Roped In

Checkered Rope Indoor Outdoor Bench

A gorgeous, casual bench – this will be a topic of conversation when friends and family file into your dining room and see this one-of-a-kind dining table bench. The multiple colored bench is adorned with rope that is woven tightly back and forth to create a pattern on the bench face. What is wonderful about this dining table bench is that it can be a staple at your dining table as well as your outdoor dining table. The versatility is a fantastic reason why this bench can be worth its money.    

5. Style Forward

Arden Natural Upholstered Dining Bench

Upholstered benches are great for long and memorable nights at the dinner table. Laughing with friends and sharing stories with family is the reason why this bench will be a great addition to your home – you’ll be able to make more of these wonderful memories! The upholstered top creates a comfortable seat that allows you to enjoy yourself even more. Its wooden legs and cream top can fit into any home because of its subdued hues. This bench looks like it is straight out of Architectural Digest. 

6. Plank Top Bench 

Desert Fields Bench, Antique Black

This antique black dining bench screams farmhouse chic and boho design style. The conventionality and utilitarianism is an aspect that shines through in the plank top, while the

trestle legs give the dining bench style and personality. This is going to be a bench you never want to leave your dining room move after move!

7. Lux Dining

Christopher Knight Home Tassia Tufted Velvet Ottoman, Blush amazon

This refined bench gives a very upscale and expensive look. The beautiful dining bench top beautifully curves and glides down, into the legs. The full bench is covered in a gorgeous pink material that all in all, makes this bench perfect for a dining room that calls for a glamorous dining table bench to match the rest of the room. If pink does not fit the aesthetic, this wonderful bench comes in colors like black and blue

8. Take Your Seat

Keyra Seneca Bench

Many dining table benches do not have designated spots on the bench. This dining bench has this feature and it makes it very easy to find your place at the table and to not encroach on other’s space who are sitting next to you. This upholstered, 3-spot bench is a wonderful addition. The oak wood base and legs add a beautiful richness to the overall look of the piece.  

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9. Brown Undertones

Signature Design by Ashley Sommerford Rustic Wood Dining Room Long Bench amazon

This rustic wood fits seamlessly into a home and the wooden brown-toned beauty beams with elegance through its high quality materials and simple design. This dining bench speaks for itself. This wooden dining bench is a fantastic addition to your dining table because the gorgeous bench pulls in brown tones from around your dining area. It can fit like a puzzle piece in your home because of this. 

10. Welcome to the Table

Better Homes & Gardens Bryant Solid Wood Dining Bench, Rustic Brown

Sit at the dining table knowing your guests will sit up high. Dining table benches should have long, high legs that support and allow the person comfortably when eating and conversing during the meals. Sitting high up means forearms can rest on the table and you comfortably bring food to your mouth. Beyond height, this dining bench is made of maple oak wood that has beautiful naturally occurring knots and seams that give each bench its own personality. 

11. Wooden Dream

Sansur Rustic Pecan Live Edge Wood Dining Bench

Rustic pecan wood makes up this gorgeous bench. Its bench top extends a bit farther than the bottom legs, making more space for guests to sit. The wood is extremely sanded, giving it a soft appeal that you may not relate with wood too often. Customize your perfect length! With a 64” and an 84” option, you can purchase this dining table bench with confidence knowing it can fit nicely with the length of your dining room table. 

12. Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse Storage Bench Amazon

A stunning farmhouse design. This rustic white bench makes its mark with its simple yet elegant farmhouse design. Details like these allow this bench to stand out from other dining table benches because this dining room bench has its own unique touches. Standing out in a subtle way is hard to do – and this bench does it with ease! 

13. A Step Above

Pemberly Row Traditional Wood Dining Bench in Antique Black

If you loved the last option, but wanted a more refined upscale version that matches a modern-traditional look instead of farmhouse style, this is the absolute best option for you and your home. With a similar gorgeous black coating over high quality wood and lower bench leg accents, this bench has machine made cuts so the execution and contemporary style shine through the sharp edges, clean cuts and a black finish that has a sheen to it. 

14. Imported Beauty

Haverhill Bench

Design style can sometimes be a challenge to match. You have the idea in your mind but the pieces you’re finding don’t always exemplify your vision. With this mid-century modern bench, you won’t have to continue your long journey of looking at any more dining table benches. The beauty of its craftsmanship is extremely undeniable. The thick cushions that adorn the top of the bench exude comfort, while the birch wood bottom stands sturdy with hints of brass for the very bottom of the legs. 

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15. Small and Charming 

Safavieh Marcella Bench in Brown Gold

Dining tables vary in size. If you are an owner of a small dining table, you are still able to have a bench as well! Accommodating any size is important for this list. Here is a gorgeous leather-topped dining bench that is great for 1 to 2 people max. Sometimes in a small space, chairs can take up too much room and be ‘clunky.’ With a bench like this, it can easily slide under your dining table, showing more square footage and opening the room up more because there are no chair backs being seen. This will be a wonderful and comfortable option if your dining area is small and quaint. 

16. Lux Seating 

HomePop Faux Leather Button Tufted Decorative Bench with Metal Base Amazon

A tufted, faux leather dining bench is the epitome of elegance and quality – especially when coupled with a base that stands tall with its iron wrought black box legs. Height, length and bench-top material can be completely customized with this bench, as there are multiple options for your choosing. The ease at which you can incorporate this dining bench into your home is amazing with all the design choices available! This one-of-a-kind dining bench is a piece that will make you proud to say that it’s yours. 

17. Guest Approved

Mukai Bench gray

A bench with a back? Sign us up! This light gray dining bench comes with an upholstered seat and back, making it the ultimate seat at the table. The space you get from the long bench, mixed with the back support will allow your guests to stay well-past dinner, still engaging with cheerful conversation due to the fact that they feel at home as well. 

The Wrap-Up

As this list shows, dining table benches come in all sizes, materials and heights. It is very important to make sure your dining table and dining bench reflect each other in that manner, so it can look put together – and more importantly more comfortable for your family and guests to sit upon. 

Remember to measure you dining table’s width and height before ordering a bench! Once you do that, choosing the perfect bench for you is a piece of cake because this list has already been compiled for you. Now, you just need to focus on your guest list and what you’re making for dinner!