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17 Best Folding Dining Chairs That Are Full Of Style

Best Folding Chairs We Love The Most

Folding dining chairs are the perfect compromise when you’re short on space but still want to entertain guests. But you don’t have to settle for the tacky, boring folding chairs of the 70s and 80s. Today’s folding chairs are sleek and stylish.

We’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite folding chairs to give your dining room some style.

17 Best Folding Dining Chairs That Are Full of Style

1. Beulah Rattan Folding Dining Chair

Beulah Rattan Folding Dining Chair

The Beulah Rattan folding chair is perfect for boho dining rooms, with its light and airy style. The back of the chair features real woven rattan cane for a natural look and feel. The upholstered and padded seat features breathable, beige linen for added comfort and style.

A metal folding mechanism makes it easy to fold this chair up and tuck it away when you don’t need it.

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2. Izzy Terai Folding Chair

Izzy Terai Folding Chair

If you are looking for really stylish folding chairs with padded seats, you’ll love this one here. With its vivid upholstery and solid wood frame, the Izzy Terai folding chair is sure to make a statement in your dining room. These chairs feature a rosewood frame and a webbed seat construction.

The padded seat and backrest feature a stunning embroidered design with birds and flowers. Choose from mint and pink colors to brighten up your space.

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3. Porch & Den Espresso Folding Chair

Porch & Den Espresso Folding Chair (Set of 2)

The Porch & Den folding chair is right at home in a traditional-style dining room. Simple yet elegant, these chairs feature sturdy wood frames and a cross-back with a faux-leather cushioned seat.

In between uses, just fold up your chairs and store them away until later. These chairs arrive fully assembled and come in pairs.

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4. MECO Stakmore Queen Anne Chair

MECO Stakmore Queen Anne Folding Chair (Set of 2), Cherry

MECO’s Queen Anne folding dining chairs are elegant and timeless. They feature a hardwood frame, padded upholstered seat and a steel folding mechanism for durability and stability.

These chairs feature the classic vase-shaped back you find with Queen Anne chairs, making them a great addition to any traditional or vintage dining room set.

While this chair has an old-world style, its construction is completely modern. The folding mechanism is smooth and easy to work with, making it a pleasure to fold these chairs up when needed.

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5. Jimena Terai Folding Chair

Jimena Terai Folding Chair

Want to add a little whimsy to your dining room? The Jimena Terai folding chair features a gorgeous, vivid print upholstery with unicorns, birds or peacocks (you choose!).

An Indian rosewood frame makes this chair durable and sturdy. The chair also features levelers and secure hooks to make the seat as comfortable as possible.

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6. Jkwan Vinyl Folding Chairs

Jkwan Vinyl Padded Banquet Folding Chair

These Jkwan Vinyl chairs are stylish, elegant and timeless. A padded backrest and seat make these chairs ultra-comfortable, and the dark frame adds to its sleek style. They’ll blend in well with any dining room style.

Best of all, these dining chairs fold up easily in between uses, and they can even be used outdoors.

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7. MECO Stakmore Parson’s Chair

black leader and wood Pad Folding Chair amazon

These Linon Keira folding dining chairs have a vintage look, with a tufted upholstered backrest and modern shape. You’ll love the padded seat and backrest, which make these chairs extremely comfortable.

When folded, the Linon Keira chair has an ultra-slim profile, making it easy to store just about anywhere in between uses. These chairs come in sets of two, so you can easily fill out your dining room without spending a fortune.

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8. Mission Padded Folding Chairs

Simple Mission Fabric Padded Folding Chair

Simple but still fancy enough for guests. These Mission folding chairs will add style to your dining room, with a durable wood frame and classic mission back. The padded vinyl seats make these chairs plush and comfortable. Plus, there are rear and front supports for extra stability.

When you’re done using your chairs, just fold them up for later use.

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9. Costway Folding Chairs

Costway Set of 2 Metal Folding Chair Furniture Black Dining Chairs Home Restaurant

These Costway folding chairs are simple yet elegant, making them a great addition to any home. These chairs, which are sold in pairs, feature a wood frame and padding on the seat and backrest for added comfort.

PU leather upholstery makes it easy to clean these seats, and the folding mechanism is easy to use.

Best of all, these chairs come at an affordable price, making them ideal for budget-conscious shoppers.

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10. Flash Furniture Hercules Folding Chairs

Flash Furniture Hercules Wood Folding Chair 2-piece Set

The Hercules chairs are for the minimalist at heart. Simple yet elegant, these folding chairs are made from beechwood for extra durability. They also feature a slim, padded seat for a little extra cushioning.

The backrest and seat are just the right shape to make you feel comfortable when you sit. The no-frills design also means that these chairs are easy to maintain.

These chairs come in natural wood, white and a rich fruitwood color, so you can choose the right color to match your style.

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11. Esita Windsor Folding Chairs

Esita Windsor Back Side Chair

With its mission back design and vintage upholstered seat, the Esita Windsor folding chair makes a statement in any room. Its frame is made from solid rubberwood, giving it a rich and warm color along with durability.

The natural wood frame blends in seamlessly with wooden dining tables. If you’re looking to replace old dining room chairs or expand on your current set of chairs, you can’t go wrong with these folding seats.

The built-in folding mechanism also makes it easy to fold this chair up and store it away in a closet or the corner of the room.

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12. MECO Stakmore Ladderback Chairs

Stakmore Shaker Ladderback Upholstered Folding Chair

MECO’s ladderback folding dining chairs come in sets of two and feature a timeless ladderback design and solid hardwood frame. The curved back rails give you extra lumbar support, and the vintage-style upholstered seating adds extra comfort.

Folding is as easy as lifting the seat. The curved design makes it easy to stack these chairs against each other to save even more space when they’re not in use.

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13. Stacia Cross-Back Folding Chair

Stacia Cross Back Folding Side Chair

With its cross-back design and upholstered padded seat, the Stacia chair is a perfect fit for a traditional dining room. Thanks to its rubberwood frame, these are also chairs that will give you many years of use with the right care.

The padded seats are filled with polyurethane filling, making them both stylish and comfortable.

To fold up this chair, just lift up the back of the seat and pull it together. It’s a quick and easy solution when you need more space or have extra guests over.

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14. Winsome Robin Wooden Folding Chairs

Winsome Robin 4-PC Folding Set Teak Chair AMAZON

Sleek, simple and modern, the Winsome Robin wooden folding chairs are a great way to add more functional seating to your home without taking up too much space.

These chairs feature a durable rubberwood frame, and they come in sets of four for convenience. In addition, the rich color of these chairs will make any dining room feel more inviting without taking away from its modern style.

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15. Pullman Folding Dining Chair

Solid Wood Folding Side Chair in Beige (Set of 2)

These Pullman folding dining chairs will add a natural vibe to your dining room The natural cane seat and rattan back are naturally beautiful and add warmth to your space. The frame of the chair is made from American solid wood ash for added durability and beauty.

The Pullman chair is simple yet comfortable, and it’s the perfect addition to any modern home. Choose from black or natural wood to match your space.

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16. LeisureMod Acrylic Folding Chair

LeisureMod Acrylic Folding Chair (2 Pack), Clear

Add an ultra-modern touch to your space with the LeisureMod acrylic folding chair. These chairs feature a waterfall seat edge and curved backrest made from durable acrylic. Its gold base adds some glam while the folding mechanism adds function.

Acrylic and gold are two big trends in modern home design, so grab these chairs while you can. They come in packs of two, making it easy to fill out your dining room or prepare for extra guests.

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17. Sydney Folding Chair

Sydney Folding Chair (Set of 2)

The Sydney folding chair is the perfect addition to any industrial chic home. Featuring a blend of wood and metal, this chair has a simple design and a convenient folding function.

The seat and backrest are both curved for added comfort, and they’re made from solid wood for extra strength and durability.

Each chair only weighs 24 lbs., so they’re easy to handle when folding and unfolding. Plus, when folded, these chairs have an ultra-slim profile that makes it easy to stack and store.

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Final Thoughts 

These are some of the best folding dining chairs out there, and each one is unique in its own way. With classic silhouettes and neutral colors, you can easily incorporate these chairs into any space.