Eye Catching Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas to WOW your guests
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15 Eye Catching Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas To WOW Your Guests

Ideas That Enhance Your Thanksgiving Table

This year, let’s step our Thanksgiving decor up with these easy-to-follow table designs! It can seem an uphill task when thinking about all you’ll need to do when preparing the guest list, meal and drink list, but with these Thanksgiving table decor ideas, you can be confident that your table will be the most festive tablescape any of your guests have seen this season! Here is a compiled list that suits any personality or design style.

15 Eye-Catching Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

1. Drawing the Eye In

A stunning, yet simple wall to bring fall to your dining table is by adding a repeating pattern of tall pampas grass and candles. The various heights draw the eye in while the natural aspect from the grass is calming and festive and the candles smell of elegance. This dream tablescape is extremely easy to set up, so you’re just in luck! Additionally, the pampas grass and candles will be great to hold onto for other occasions and seasons as well – so it’s extra bang for your buck! 

2. Upscale Pumpkin Patch 

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween, and this Thanksgiving table decor shows us exactly why! The rich colored velvet from the pumpkins (get them from Amazon here) adds an upscale touch that spreads the cheer for fall time. Placing and stacking the pumpkins on top of each other gives a wonderfully carefree, yet special feel to the tablescape. You might want to go the extra mile and add some touches of glue so the pumpkins stay perfectly in the spot you’d like them to be in!

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3. True Balance 

Greenery and orange beverage glasses really go hand in hand. A wonderful decor idea for any homeowner who loves a bright and uplifting feel for their Thanksgiving festivities! Use real or faux eucalyptus leaves like these from Amazon to create this beautiful green tone that lays in the center of your table. This eucalyptus green allows the orange drinking glasses to shine and balance out the entire tablescape. These two unsuspecting culprits are a wonderful duo and are sure to inspire others in their own Thanksgiving table decor ideas.

4. A Dramatic Feel 

Want to go above and beyond? Bring your tablescape to the sky and add floating candles to your Thanksgiving decor. Floating candles are a wonderful conversation starter; they leave more room for food platters and overall look quite magnificent! It’s not an occurrence we see often, so being the host to take on this challenge is going to have a huge payout! Tie it or attach some glue to the top of the faux candle flame and wait for the string to dry to it. You can get the faux candle flame from Amazon here. Next, add leaves to your table and possibly to the floating candles as well to create a dramatic Thanksgiving feel. 

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5. ‘Tis this Season 


It’s true – winter is around the corner and sometimes we can’t help but skip over fall decor and go straight into pine scents and peppermint candies. If this sounds like you, we have the most wonderful compromise in bringing the two together! Being festive for fall means orange color palettes. This decor idea incorporates the gorgeous hue, while bringing in dark coniferous tree leaves such as pine and topping the greenery with golden ornaments. Not many Thanksgiving table decor ideas fulfill the dream of combining the two seasons, that’s why we searched high and low to bring this beautiful marriage of the two. The dark leaves, golden ornaments and orange plates and napkins will bring a merry feel for all your Thanksgiving festivities. 

6. Customize and Personalize 

A fantastic decor idea if you have a Farmhouse interior design style! This table decor idea is ideal because there’s really no way to mess it up. The beauty in this comes from the fact that it is not perfect and there is no need to be! Sprinkling pumpkins, similar colored flowers and candles can add to the decor, but these are all optional for you! Customize your dinner space and choose whatever you’d like to place on your table – because unlike many Thanksgiving table decor ideas, you are completely about to personalize the design decor! Add an this orange table runner from Amazon to tie everything together and watch your friends and family gasp at it’s beauty that was fully created by you! 

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7. Bring on the Courses

A tuned down color palette can be a gorgeous way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Winding garland and wrapping it around gourmet food plates is a stunning way to prep the table. Next, arrange pumpkins with subdued colors of pale orange and white to create a calm dining table that is still very festive and sets the feel for the season. Adding a menu that has orange hints can also be a great nod to the table decor. Try food options like a starter salad with mandarin oranges, squash soup, or a gorgeous side of caramelized carrots for the main course. These small ideas will tie in the entire theme of the orange subdued table and bring everything perfectly together. 

8. Let it Snow

In some places, Thanksgiving falls during the cold period, making it look as though it is wintertime outside while fall is still being celebrated. Mimic your outdoor ambiance by bringing in special Thanksgiving table decor ideas you may not normally think of. Besides setting you apart from the rest of your friends, this beginner friendly design will be an astonishing twist that people will be sure to love. Frosted leaves with faux snow like this from Amazon and gold pumpkins create a wondrous team. This tablescape creates a special dinner environment and is perfect for the homeowner who loves wintertime and wants to meld the two. 

9. Setting the Tone

An occasion that comes once a year; Thanksgiving is about bringing together those that you love to spend time together and share food. This beautiful night needs some extra flair. For this Thanksgiving, let’s try fluted candle holders like these from Amazon that light up the table and the night for long conversations and extra servings of food. Muted orange tones and various sizing create a special ambiance that cues a memorable occasion. Sometimes, it’s not about going all out in decoration that shows the guests Thanksgiving is in full swing. It’s lighting the orange colored candles, dimming the overhead lights that signals a fancy and festive night. Thanksgiving table decor ideas can oftentimes be over-the-top, this one is just enough. 

10. A Boho Thanksgiving

This is filled with boho style Thanksgiving table decor ideas that will not disappoint. Nothing is complete without a plaid fabric table runner that adds a sense of warmth. In this photo, the runner is paired with pampas grass and candles lining the table. Here is a beautiful table runner from Amazon that can fit in. In fact, if you want to make this tablescape even more impressive, it is a great time to show off your backyard and have an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner! Bringing orange outdoor fairy lights and heating lamps will be sure to reign in the holiday cheer. 

11. A True Winner 

Elevate your table with name cards. It’s not so often that we see guest names already placed, and it adds a beautiful touch when it is done in a themed way such as this. Guests take up a lot of time deciding where the best place for them to sit will be, take away all the extra time and worry away by adding these pumpkin name cards. Not only that, these are bound to blow your friends and family away because it shows how much effort has been put into the dinner. You will move to an expert level host once you add these to your Thanksgiving dinner party. 

12. Eccentric Beauty

Perfect for the eclectic type, this Thanksgiving table spread emanates eccentric beauty. Jewel toned, rich colors are going to be the main star of this tablescape. This moody Thanksgiving decor is going to set your party apart from any other this year. The opulent usage of velvet pumpkins mixed with a patterned runner and black candlesticks will be the reason no guest forgets the night. This color jamboree will make you the host of the season and will leave your guests wondering what table decor you’ll have next dinner party. 

13. Bring Out the Turkey

Dim the lights, light your dinner candles and bring out the turkey! This is for the traditional home that wants their Thanksgiving dinner done right. Here’s how to achieve it: oversized candle holders like these from Amazon will be a great start. Once you’ve got about 4-7 of them, add a medium sized candle and nestle it in. Now comes the fun part! Begin dropping in nuts to fully surround the candle. Nuts like walnuts and acorns are usually associated with fall time. This is why it adds such a lovely touch to the candle holder. No more boring decor rocks – plus the color from the nuts bring a warmth and richness that will play off of the stuffing and turkey hues. 

14. Completely Chic

This tablescape is iconic to say the least. The chic look is sometimes difficult to achieve with Thanksgiving dining tables, but this one completely knocked it out of the park. A cake display holder takes on a new job with this decor idea. Placing large, flattened pumpkin leaves and a white pumpkin on top is the most opulent way to show off one of Thanksgiving’s best mascots (extra points for a curly stem on the pumpkin.) The dinner might have to start a minute later so guests can take photos of the table before digging in – that is how stunning this tablescape is! 

15. Farmhouse Extra Chic

Farmhouse Extra Chic Thanksgiving table setting decor

Nothing seems to come close to a Thanksgiving decor idea such as this one. The linen tablecloth and napkins truly bring in a farmhouse feel. Where the extra glamorous part comes in is with the color palette. The same hues and tones of slate, bone, cream and white make this Thanksgiving table seem straight out of Vogue. Though the concept is breathtaking, make sure to invite only those who don’t have a known past of spilling! 

That’s a Wrap 

The overlapping themes of orange, pumpkins, candles and greenery are the cheat code list to creating this year’s dream Thanksgiving dinner table. Adding your own touch to all of these tablescapes is welcomed, because adding you is what will set your Thanksgiving dinner apart that much more. This list is filled to the brim with Thanksgiving table decor ideas that are fit for anybody’s creative level and interior design style. The inclusivity shows that hosting a Thanksgiving party can be a fun and easy experience when you keep this countdown list close!