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20 Insanely Stylish Thanksgiving Paper Plates

Cute Paper Plates for Thanksgiving Dinner Setting 

Thanksgiving paper plates make clean-up a breeze. Whether you’re hosting a crowd or just a few loved ones, your sink is going to be chuck-full of dishes. Paper plates will make your life easier – and you can find plenty of stylish options that will have guests talking.

20 Insanely Stylish Thanksgiving Paper Plates

1. Gather Together

Way to Celebrate Traditional Thanksgiving Paper Plates

Thanksgiving is all about gathering together. These paper plates help celebrate this idea, with watercolor pumpkins and the words “gather together” in script. These 10” x 10” square plates come in packs of 10, making it perfect for larger gatherings. Along with being sturdy and stylish, these plates are also affordable.

Get the Gather Together paper plates at Walmart.

2. Thankful Paper Plate Set

Thanksgiving Paper Plates Set, Thanksgiving Disposable Dinnerware Set for 10 Guests includes AMAZON

Make cleanup even easier with these paper plate sets. This pack includes all of your Thanksgiving tableware for each guest, including:

  • 9” dinner plates
  • 7” dessert plates
  • 10 sets of wooden cutlery (forks, knives and spoons)

Each set includes enough disposable tableware for ten guests.

Get the Thankful paper plate set on Amazon.

3. Give Thanks Place Settings

Serves 24 Thanksgiving Give Thanks Theme Party Supplies for Kids Adults

If you’re serving a crowd, these Thanksgiving paper plates are sure to impress. They feature a beautiful circular fall leaf design with the words “give thanks” at the center.

You get an entire place setting with this set, which will make cleanup quick and easy. The set includes enough place settings for 24 people.

With this set, you get:

  • 5” paper plates
  • Paper cups
  • Napkins
  • Cutlery (knives, forks and spoons)

The cutlery comes in a gorgeous gold color to match the “give thanks” theme.

Get the Give Thanks paper plates set at Overstock.

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4. Gobble Gobble Plates

Gobble Gobble Design Round Paper Plates

These Gobble-themed plates are adorable, and they come in a slightly bigger size than standard paper plates at 10.5”. We love the turkey graphic, with its pilgrim hat and the words “gobble gobble” on its belly. Acorns and colorful fall leaves make these plates a fun addition to your table.

These plates come in packs of 18, so you’ll have plenty to serve your guests.

Get the Gobble Gobble plates on Amazon.

5. Autumn Disposable Tableware

Autumn Paper Plates and Napkins, Cups, Cutlery for Thanksgiving

Looking for a complete set of disposable tableware? These autumn-themed plate sets will give your guests everything they need for dinner, including:

  • Paper plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Cutlery (knives, forks and spoons)

Each set includes enough items for 24 people (144 pieces in total). We love the autumn-themed design of this set, which has pumpkins, leaves and acorns.

Get the Autumn paper plate set on Amazon.

6. Give Thanks Maple Leaf Plates

DIYASY 96 Pack Thanksgiving Paper Plates and Napkins

Add a touch of elegance to your table with this “Give Thanks” plate set. If you’re serving a big crowd, then this is the paper plate set for you. You get enough items to serve 50 people. Along with regular dinner plates, you also get dessert plates and napkins.

The dinner and dessert plates feature beautiful maple leaf themed designs. The high-quality paper napkins have gold foil leaves to make an impression and add beauty to your table.

Get this Give Thanks plate set on Amazon.

7. Blue Pumpkins

Thanksgiving Paper Plates & Napkins Set Disposable Tableware Dinnerware Party Supplies Decoration Fall Harvest Autumn Pumpkins

These fall-themed paper plates are so colorful. They feature white, blue and orange pumpkins, with red berry accents for a modern look. They also come with matching napkins that have a cute orange and white checkered bottom.

Each pack includes 18 dinner plates and 14 napkins.

Get this pumpkin paper plate set at Walmart.

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8. Be Thankful and Grateful Plates

Thankful Paper Dinner Plates, Party Supplies, Thanksgiving

These 9” paper plates have a gorgeous fall-themed design with leaves, berries, wheat and the words “be thankful and grateful.” It’s a nice message to set the mood for Thanksgiving, and these plates will look beautiful on your table.

These paper plates come in packs of eight, making it easy to buy enough for a crowd.

Get the Thankful and Grateful plates at Walmart.

9. Happy Fall Dinnerware Set

Thanksgiving Disposable Dinnerware Set AMAZON BUNDLE 100

If you’re looking for something different from the usual turkey, leaves and pumpkin theme, these Thanksgiving paper plates are perfect. They feature pretty sunflowers and black and white plaid leaves.

With this dinnerware set, you get the following:

  • 30 large oval plates
  • 40 dessert/salad plates
  • 60 large napkins

These plates are both sturdy and beautiful, making them the perfect choice for your guests.

Get this Happy Fall dinnerware set on Amazon.

10. Pioneer Woman Gingham Harvest Paper Plates

The Pioneer Woman Gingham Pumpkin Disposable Dinner Plates

These Thanksgiving paper plates from Pioneer Woman are gorgeous. These scallop shaped plates have a plum gingham border with fall-colored flowers, leaves and pumpkins. These 11.5” plates have a vintage flair and will add color to your Thanksgiving table.

Each pack comes with eight plates.

Get these Pioneer Woman paper plates at Walmart.

11. Kate Aspen Rustic Boho Fall Plates

Kate Aspen Rustic Boho Thanksgiving plates

These premium paper plates from Kate Aspen have a 350 GSM weight and come in packs of 16. The boho-style design is subtle yet beautiful, with beige and gold accents and green foliage. These plates are a bit deeper and are just the right size for dinner – 9″. You can also purchase matching napkins and dessert plates to complete the place setting.

Get these Kate Aspen paper plates on Amazon.

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12. Sophistiplate Elegant Paper Plates

Sophistiplate Table Setting Set, Elegant Disposable Paper Plates- Premium Heavyweight Paper Place Setting

These elegant paper plates from Sophistiplate will take your Thanksgiving table to the next level. The floral design is gorgeous, and the scalloped edges give these plates a unique flair. With this set, you get the following:

  • 8 Dinner plates
  • 8 Dessert/salad plates
  • 20 Cocktail napkins
  • 20 Guest napkins

Each set comes with enough items to serve eight guests. While we love the floral design (Blush Banquet), you can choose from more than a dozen different styles – including one with a turkey.

Get the Sophistiplate elegant paper plates on Amazon.

13. Areina Sweet Fall Paper Plates

Areina Sweet Fall Basic Paper Disposable Dinner Plate

These fall paper plates from Areina Sweet are stunning, with a watercolor leaf design and hues of gold and blue. The square shape adds a modern twist to the usual paper plate. You can buy the whole set of paper plates in this collection to complete your Thanksgiving table.

Each pack comes with eight plates.

Get the Areina Sweet Fall paper plates at Wayfair.

14. Porcelain Style Paper Plates


If you want something more traditional, these porcelain style paper plates are perfect. Each set comes in three styles, each with gold and white elaborate designs. The scallop shape of these plates makes them even more elegant, and they will complement any Thanksgiving table.

Each set comes with 12, 8” plates.

Get these porcelain style paper plates at Amazon.

15. Kate Aspen Botanical Garden Plates

Kate Aspen Sage Green Party Decorations, Eucalyptus Floral AMAZON THANKSGIVING

These Kate Aspen botanical-themed garden plates are high-quality (350 GSM weight) and have such a pretty design. While they may not have a traditional fall theme, the green floral watercolor design, green and gold border and scalloped shape will complement your Thanksgiving table.

These 9” plates come in sets of 16, and you can also buy smaller 7” plates for dessert or appetizers.

Get the Kate Aspen botanical garden plates on Amazon.

16. NatuBeau 200-Piece Plate Set

NatuBeau 200 PCS Thanksgiving Plates and Napkins Fall Paper Plates with Leaves and Pumpkins Disposable Party Supplies

These Thanksgiving paper plates have a stylish design with pumpkins, fall leaves and a wood background. This 200-piece set includes:

  • 50 dinner plates
  • 50 dessert plates
  • 100 napkins

That’s more than enough to serve 50 people. And if you’re not serving a crowd that big, you can always save the leftover plates for next year.

Get the NatuBeau 200-piece Thanksgiving paper plate set on Amazon.

17.  Balsa Circle Navy Hexagon Plates

BalsaCircle 25 Navy Blue Hexagon Disposable Salad Paper Plates Gold Trim Wedding Party

Balsa Circle’s navy hexagon plates look like gems, and they’re the perfect addition to any holiday table. The hexagon shape is unique, and the gold border really pops against the navy-blue background.

These 9” plates are perfect for dinner, dessert or appetizers, and they come in sets of 25.

Get the Balsa Circle hexagon paper plates at Walmart.

18. Kate Aspen Blue Willow Paper Plates

Kate Aspen Blue Willow Decorative Premium Paper Plate AMAZON THANKSGIVING NEW YEAR

These paper plates from Kate Aspen have a beautiful blue motif that pairs well with any table décor. Best of all, you can complete the set with matching dessert plates, glass votives, paper napkins and other paper items.

Each set comes with 16 plates.

Get the Kate Aspen Blue Willow paper plates on Amazon.

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19. Naturally Chic Palm Leaf Plates

Naturally Chic Palm Leaf Plates AMAZON THANKSGIVING

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option for your Thanksgiving table, these plates from Naturally Chic are a great option. They truly are naturally chic, and they are 100% biodegradable. Microwave-safe, BPA-free and organic, these plates will complement any table décor.

And they come in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs, from 3” to 10” square plates.

Get the Naturally Chic plates at Amazon.

20. Balsa Circle 13” Gold Paper Plates

BalsaCircle 10 Gold Round Disposable Paper Charger Plates Dotted Trim

Balsa Circle’s 13” gold paper plates are stunning and look more like fine dinnerware than paper plates. The gold color is perfect for a fall table setting, and the 13” diameter provides plenty of space for food.

Each set comes with 25 plates, and you can buy matching dessert plates to complete the look.

Get the Balsa Circle gold paper plates at Walmart.

Final Thoughts 

These 20 stylish Thanksgiving paper plates are sure to impress your guests and save you time when cleaning up.