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15 Insanely Cute Graduation SVG Designs We Can’t Resist

It’s graduation season! If you have someone special in your life who’s graduating this year, why not craft them something special with your Cricut or Silhouette? To inspire your creative mind, we’ve rounded up 15 insanely cute graduation SVG designs.

If you haven’t purchased a Cricut machine yet, make sure to peruse our guide on determining the best Cricut machine for every project.

15 Insanely Cute Graduation SVG Designs We Can’t Resist

1. Will Trade Students for Chocolate

Not all graduation SVG designs have to be focused on the students. Sure, they’re the stars of the show, but what about the teachers who worked behind the scenes to help them reach this point?

A custom bag, t-shirt or mug will be much appreciated. You could fill the bag with supplies or tuck a gift card into the mug. There’s no question that the teacher will appreciate the gesture and the appreciation.

If you want to thank the teachers in your student’s life, this cute but playful SVG design is perfect.


You can find this fun design in our shop!

2. On to the Next Chapter

Graduation marks the end of one chapter and the start of another. Why not celebrate this transition with a custom grad cap, planner or water bottle with the quote “On to the Next Chapter?”

This type of design is perfect for any graduate, whether they’re moving on to high school, college or somewhere else.

Perfect Stylish Cuts has a free SVG that you can use for this kind of project. Or you could make your own typography design using your machine’s design space. Handwritten fonts work best and will give the design a natural feel.

3. Act Like a Lady Think Like a Boss

Forget the usual graduation SVG designs. Let’s inspire the graduate to be the best they can be! Here’s an awesome SVG design for lady grads who are moving on to big things.


You can grab this design in our shop!

It’s a quote that you can add to anything you like and give as a gift to celebrate the exciting road ahead.

If you want to make a t-shirt, like the one above, you only need a few supplies:

And, of course, you need your Cricut!

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4. Senior Tribe

If you have a teen who’s graduating high school, this SVG design is perfect for them. Senior year feels different from other years in school. You know you’re moving on to something big. It’s the final hurrah, right? And it feels like everyone in your class is going through this together – just like a tribe.

You can add your “senior tribe” design to a t-shirt, water bottle, planner, bag or whatever you want.

If you want to make a planner with this kind of SVG design, you’ll only need a few supplies:

5. Believe in Yourself

No matter where the graduate is headed, they’ll need to believe in themselves to reach their goals. As a friend, family member or mentor, you can remind them of the importance of staying the course and chasing their dreams.

Add the saying “believe in yourself” to your graduation gift, whether it’s a tote bag, mug or whatever you fancy. They’ll appreciate the encouraging words when the going gets tough.

You don’t have to look far to get this SVG design – we have it in our shop! 

6. Off to Change the World

The graduates of today shape the world of tomorrow. Whether your grad is moving on to college or finishing their degree, there’s no doubt their next moves will change the world.

That’s why we love this SVG design, which celebrates the grad’s future achievements.

You can add this “off to change the world” design to the grad’s cap, but it would also be the perfect design for a custom planner, mug or even a sticker.

You can grab this free SVG file from Kate Creates.

7. One Degree Hotter

Looking for witty graduation SVG designs? This one is perfect – One Degree Hotter. We love this saying for t-shirts or even banners if you’re throwing a party.

This design is ideal for students graduating college, whether they’re an undergrad or graduate student.

If you have an iron or heat press and some heat transfer vinyl, you can easily add this design to just about any fabric.

You could add it to a water bottle or planner, too. Why not make multiple gifts to give? The grad will appreciate their new custom swag.

8. The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle

College grads know that a lot of time and effort goes into earning a degree. But at the end of the day, “the tassel was worth the hassle,” right?

This SVG design is perfect for students who are graduating college and headed to the next big chapter in their lives.

You can add this design to the grad cap, a shirt or even a mug. 

9. Proud Mom of the Graduate

Are you a proud mom who wants to shout out to the world that your baby is graduating? If so, this is the perfect design for you. There’s a cute graduation cap at the top of the design sitting right between the “P” and “d” of the word “Proud.”

The entire phrase says: “Proud Mom of the Graduate.”

While you’re free to add this design to any project that you like, it’s simply perfect for a t-shirt design that you’ll wear:

  • On graduation night
  • At a graduation party

You’ll need heat transfer vinyl, weeding tool and cutting mat for this project.

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10. She Believed She Could, So She Did

Cute and cuttable designs are perfect for graduation. You’ll find that these designs say the following quote on them: “she believed she could, so she did.” If the graduate in your life is someone who has been through a lot of adversity in life and has had an uphill battle the entire time, this is the perfect SVG.

You’ll find that the design has the following:

  • Two unique graduation caps
  • Two unique diploma scrolls

You can use these designs to add fun stickers to a person’s graduation card or even put them on napkins if they’re having a party. Sending invitations? You can also add these designs as stickers, which are so easy to make if you have sticker paper on hand.

11. Grad Cap and Diploma Graphics

Graduation caps and diplomas are synonymous with graduating classes worldwide. You can use these graphics to make fun invitations to a grad party, or you can even make confetti with them.

You’ll want to start with some:

You can also have fun by adding glitter or other fun stickers to the card.

12. I Am So Done

Graduation SVG designs like this one fit a quirky, humorous person perfectly. The cut file says, “I am so Done,” and has an adorable cap right on top of the “D” with nice accents, such as the underlined “o” and the emphasis on the “e.”

What should you add this design to?

A t-shirt is the best option because it’s not something that the person will wear daily. After all, they’re only graduating one – for this degree.

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13. Motivated Educated Graduated

Motivated, educated and graduated are such powerful words, and they all relate to the experience that the graduate has had in their lives. Imagine starting your day with this awesome design.

You can add this design to napkins (like these fancy cloth ones), or if the person is transitioning into a desk job, you can even make them their own mouse pad with the design.

Of course, you can follow a similar concept as above and add this design to a t-shirt or mug if you like.

14. ConGRADulations

ConGRADulations is a beautiful SVG to have for the recent grad in your life, and it’s a great option for anything from shirts to napkins or even a coffee cup. If the grad loves coffee, making them a cute mug with this design is a good option.


The fancy black and gold lettering stands out is beautiful, there are fun stars and a graduation cap, too.

Adding this design to a coffee cup will take a little work (dishwashers can ruin it), but it’s possible with a coffee mug, cutting mat, heat transfer vinyl and some alcohol.

15. I Did It!

Finally! The person did it. School or university is such an integral part of a person’s life, and while it seems like the day will never come, it’s over before you know it. This super cute design features “I did IT!” in text, but it also has a cap with tassels on it featuring the year the person graduated.

This fun design is perfect to put on t-shirts with just a few supplies: iron-on transfers and, of course, a t-shirt.

If you want to make a shirt, I highly recommend these ruler guides for heat presses because they’re so helpful.