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Welcome to Urban Mamaz! We are thrilled you found our site. But…what even is Urban Mamaz? 

Urban Mamaz is the ultimate destination for creative, confident women who love decorating, celebrating life and finding creative ways to improve personal wellbeing while pursuing their dream careers. (If that sounds like you, then there’s a reason you’re here!) 

You’ll find home decorating ideasinspiration for DIY projectsout-of-the-box gift ideasand satisfying holiday hacks

You love making everything beautiful (including yourself), so browse the beauty, wellness, and fashion categories for some clever tricks (and to keep a pulse on the hottest trends!). 

Whether you have kids now, want kids someday, or your small business keeps you as busy as a mother, you’ll find what you need here at Urban Mamaz. 

We even have an online shop full of home decor printables and SVG files for business owners or crafters. (Take a peek; there’s some seriously good stuff there!). 

Our goal at Urban Mamaz is to help creative women embrace their creativity and find new inspiration. So, stop scrolling Pinterest or Google mindlessly, and find exactly what you need right here. 

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If this is your first time here, then let me show you around. Here’s a super-quick tour of the most popular articles on Urban Mamaz. Brose through the categories, and use the search bar at the top of the page to look for more! 


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Meet Yanna 

Yanna Berman, the founder, and publisher of Urban Mamaz, is an ambitious entrepreneur in her early thirties. She’s a career-driven mother, wife, and woman that knows the secret to a happy life is to maintain creative control of her business. 

“I found my balance in life by starting my own online biz! It allows me to earn more money, work fewer hours, be more with my family and friends, and I absolutely love it! I can express my creativity, learn new things every day, and it’s extremely fulfilling!

She loves finding and celebrating the beauty of every new day. Whether she’s creating a new look from her closet, redecorating a room in her home, or exploring new personal beauty trends, Yanna cherishes creativity in every aspect and inspires other women to express themselves too. 

In fact, creative self-expression is the most important aspect of work-life-balance, and it’s something she hopes you gain from reading tips and tricks on Urban Mamaz. After all, a balanced life brings peace and harmony. 

A successful life is all about balance; too much and too little can destroy anything. Balance creates harmony and is a key to happiness.”  

If you’d like to work with Yanna and Urban Mamaz, please contact her at info.urbanmamaz@gmail.com.

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