15 Best Hostess Gift Ideas That'll Keep You On The Guest List This Holiday Season
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15 Best Hostess Gift Ideas That’ll Keep You On The Guest List This Holiday Season

Why Hostess Gifts Mean More Than You Know

Opening the doors to your home in order to host friends and family is what keeps traditions alive. These get-togethers may be more important than you may know. The holidays need to be filled with love, and you are helping with this goal just by entertaining with a warm welcome. Spread more love and blessings during this Thanksgiving by going above and beyond with parting gifts for every guest. We never know what people are dealing with in their personal lives; make each person beam with happiness walking out of your home’s door by these Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas.

1. Dream Box

Compiling this hostess gift will be a fun process while ensuring each person that opens this present will be filled with Thanksgiving cheer. What exactly makes up this dream hostess gift box? It can be up to you what you ultimately decide, but a seasonal candle, handmade soaps, a gift card with a brown fall palette, dried citrus for the orange color, as well as an pinecone for gorgeous fall inspiration is what’s recommended with this gorgeous gift! 

2. All in Good Fun

This fun wine tag is a great way to bring humor to parting guests as they return to their home. Place this on your bottles of wine before each guest leaves and watch them light up in happiness when they see the present – then begin laughing when they read the message on the tag. It is all in good fun, because family relationships are important, yet we should never too serious. Give the gift of laughter from one of our favorite Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas. 

3. Truly Needed 

You can never go wrong with a hostess gift that guests actually want. This Thanksgiving decor is not only a lovely way to enhance your guests’ kitchens, the new coasters, jams and napkins are small things that all people welcome more of in their home. This parting gift is a certified winner while being a refreshingly wonderful gift box that will be useful in every guest’s home.

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4. Cheers to The Holidays

For those who drink or those who don’t, a moscow mule drink set are wonderful party favor for all those who attend. Whether the set is accompanied by vodka or a non-alcoholic replacement, the beautiful hammered copper cups bring in the festivities. This step-by-step guide for what to put in each hostess present closely details what and where to place in your gift bag. Now, each guest can fawn over their new cup set that matches perfectly with the fall theme.

5. The Gift of More Parties 

It’s always great to give friends and family things that they don’t already have. This is a wonderful gift set to give just for that reason. A wooden charcuterie board with cake cutting utensils wrapped in twine is one of the most fantastic Thanksgiving hostess ideas because it gives guests something they want, but may not have, while sticking with a hosting theme. This gift allows guests to have more tools when hosting their own party! Give the gift of more soirees with this wonderful hostess gift idea! 

6. A Sweet Gift 

A compact carry home; this hostess gift is a wonderful treat for every guest. Sweet tooth lovers will rejoice when they’re given this wondrous Mason jar as their departing gift. The setup is easy – layer the cocoa powder, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and watch guests’ eyes light up as you hand them this gift. The on-the-go Mason jar is easy to store and doesn’t have a short shelf life, making it a splendid gift and tasty recall of your party! 

7. The Gift That Keeps Giving

This is for the more extravagant hostess. During the holiday season, work tends to give us more days off and therefore, we get more mornings to ourselves. Because of these uncommon multitude of no work days, give the gift of beautiful mornings with this hostess gift. Each guest should receive a large basket filled with items to curate the most amazing breakfast. Pancake mix, syrups…make it extra special if any packaging has orange or leaves on it. This present shows that Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas can be easy and helpful! 

8. Host of Honor

Sometimes, the best parting gift is taking home leftovers from the fantastic food you cooked. Because your cooking skills have been honed over the years, your guests will want to bring this rest home for leftovers and late night snacks. Here’s the amazing twist that will launch you to icon status. Wrap your parting gifts in parchment paper with orange tissue paper overlaying and gather it at the top with twine to create the look of a pumpkin. This creative hostess gift will make every guest grateful to have you and your good cooking in your life. Now your leftovers will look like a piece of decor! Add a leaf for extra attention to detail.

9. Warm Their Hearts

Let’s be honest, there are not many people who don’t love a good cup of coffee from time to time. Satisfy cravings with this great gift basket for each guest in attendance! Sipping on a wonderful cup of hot coffee on a cold morning may be the pinnacle to a person’s morning. The sweetness from the creamer and the beginnings of waking up for the day will be a reminder of you and your hospitality. Gift ground coffee, special creamer, a fun mug and fresh milk in a goodie bag to make this a Thanksgiving experience your friends and family will never forget. 

10. Fall Fragrance 

A sweet way to improve any guest’s bathroom: potpourri! Ensuring the bathroom always smells wonderful can be an easy task, because potpourri covers scents to make the space smell great. Any person would love some extra potpourri for their own bathroom, or guest powder room to freshen up the space. Gift you friends and family potpourri that has orange hints to go with the orange theme of the holiday to help other’s homes smell amazing. Placing the potpourri in bags and tying it with fall colored lace is another small addition that will set this hostess gift bar high. 

11. Bright Foliage

Simple can be best. When guests come to a party, most do not expect a parting gift, so when each person receives this festive candle you helped create; their jaws will drop in excitement. Find freshly fallen leaves in your neighborhood, or purchase faux leaves, it doesn’t matter for this hostess gift! All that will matter is the intention of giving during this season. Fasten the leaf to the side of an all white or orange candle and you will have a memento most won’t want to burn because of the memories! But instead will keep hold of to display for others to see and love. 

12. Clean and Sparkly

Smell is a powerful tool. It transports and adds to any celebration. Sending every guest home with seasonal smelling dish soap and a helpful kitchen utensil is a great way to go. Though it may sound too simple, the truth will be many people do not purchase seasonal smelling dish soaps or certain kitchen tools. For example, Thanksgiving themed oven mitts could be a wonderful addition to this kitchen-inspired sincere gift set. Choose what you think is best for this present! 

13. Stand Out From the Rest

Use this printable from the example, or make your own with a piece of construction paper and colored pens! The fun and creative idea of gifting a jar of snacks, with each snack representing something special is a way to spread mindfulness this Thanksgiving season. Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas don’t always involve a gift so interactive, which is why this parting present will never be forgotten by friends and family alike. 

14. Fresh Baked Gifts

Whether you go to a local bakery, or bake your family’s traditional recipe, fresh holiday breads are a wonderful treat to be sent home with. Tying a cutout tag that tells your family how much you care about them with their name attached and also creates an elevated touch to a freshly baked present. As a guest, having the ability to heat up a scrumptious goodie later that night is a delightful gift.

15. A Small Thank You

This gift idea is wonderful because we feel it can be 100% up to you to customize this! Do you have any special candy, grow any fresh herbs, or have loose leaf tea? Whatever goes that will fit into these pouches! The small party favors will go over well with any crowd of people you host. This minimal work and minimal risk is what makes this foolproof gift idea one of the most popular on this list of Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas. 

Final Gift Wrap Up

Parting present possibilities will be narrowed down by this list of Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas. With so many options, this list will break down the best ideas and allow you to choose which ones reflect you and your guests’ best! Share the Thanksgiving cheer by any one of these 15 ideas and you can watch as your content guests leave your party with full delight as they walk to their cars, closely holding the hostess gift you kindly gifted each and every one of them. Elevate your hostess skills with gifting a hostess present on Thanksgiving. You will soon see how much each guest truly appreciated the loving gesture.