15 Best Ways to Give Money as a Gift
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15 Best Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Looking for creative ways to give money as a gift? Forget the usual money card. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best ways to give people money as gifts this year.

15 Best Ways to Give Money as a Gift

1. For Your Next Adventure

If you have someone in your life who loves to travel or go on adventures, then this is the perfect way to gift them money.

  • Fold up your money bills to look like mountains.
  • Grab a 5×6 frame
  • Create a little printable that says, “for your next adventure,” or you can create your own handwritten design.
  • Tuck the folded money mountains into the bottom of the frame.

Try folding your money into different sized mountains to create a little money mountain range.

2. Butterfly Money Wreath

This is one of the most beautiful ways to give money as a gift that we’ve found. Fold your bills to look like butterflies and attach them to a pretty homemade wreath. The recipient can easily remove the cash and spend it but keep the wreath as a decorative gift.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to fold bills into butterflies.

To recreate this idea, you’ll need:

You can add cute little decorations to your wreath, too, like hearts or whatever you please.

3. Money Balloons

Here’s a fun way to give money to a friend, family member or child. Fill balloons with cash. They’ll have to pop each one to get your gift. Separate the money so that you have enough to fill multiple balloons.

You can present the balloons however you want – in a box, as a bouquet. These 5” balloons from Amazon are perfect for this idea because they’re just the right size and come in a pack of 50.

4. Rainy Day Money

If you’re looking for clever ways to give money as a gift, here’s a great one: hang cash from an umbrella. When they receive your gift, they’ll think they’re just getting an umbrella – until they open it up.

For this idea, you’ll need:

Cut out strings of fishing line to hang from the umbrella. Attach one end of the line to the spines of the umbrella and the other to a binder clip, which will hold your money. Repeat the process until you’ve attached all of your cash.

Once you’ve finished attaching the money, close the umbrella. If some of the bills or banknotes are still sticking out, tuck them back up inside.

Use your hole puncher to punch a hole in your gift tag and attach the ribbon. Then, you can add something clever to the tag, like “something for a rainy day.”

5. Shadow Box Gift

Shadow boxes always make great gifts, and this idea is a fun way to make cash part of the gift. You can customize this idea for any occasion. For example, you can roll up your money bills and tuck them into sand or pebbles (like they did here with this idea), or you can present the money any way you wish.

  • Fold it into hearts and attach them to binder clips.
  • Fold the bills to look like fans or butterflies

The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. You can find some gorgeous shadow boxes on Amazon and all of the other supplies you need to bring your idea to life.

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6. Money Flowers

Here’s a pretty and thoughtful way to give someone money as a gift. Wrap the bills to look like flowers and place them in a bouquet. The person receiving your gift will get to enjoy the flowers and the cash.

Order your arrangement from a local florist for the best results.

Here’s a great tutorial on how to fold your bills to add to your flower arrangement:

How to fold Bills for Money Bouquet by KK House

7. Money Shirt

Looking for unsuspecting ways to give money as a gift? Try making this money shirt. It will take some time, effort and excellent money-folding skills, but it’s a great way to present your cash gift.

Don’t forget to add a few buttons to complete this gift. Place the whole thing in a clothing gift box wrapped in tissue paper.

What’s great about this idea is that the giftee will never know that you’re giving them money. They’ll assume your gift is just another shirt or sweater. It’s a nice way to surprise someone on your gift list.

8. Dinner’s on Me

If you’re gifting money to a friend or couple, this is a cute way to encourage them to treat themselves to dinner. Grab a plastic fork and knife (go with something colorful), roll up your bills and use pretty twist ties to attach them all together.

Don’t forget to add a thoughtful card!

9. Money Maze

There are lots of ways to give money as a gift, but we love the ones that make the giftee work for it. Money mazes are a fun way to do that.

Here’s how they work:

  • Add your cash to the center capsule of the puzzle.
  • Wrap up the gift.
  • Watch as the giftee tries to solve the maze and stash the cash.

You can find some great money mazes on Amazon (this one from ThinkMax is affordable and colorful). Plus, the giftee can reuse the money maze as a piggy bank if they want.

Money mazes are great gift ideas for kids and teens, but adults are sure to love them just as much.

10. Money Trees

Money trees are a fun way to give money gifts during the holidays. You can get as festive and creative as you want when making them.

Grab some foam craft cones (these ones are 13.5” tall), and start adding your money bills. You can fold them however you like. One great way to attach bills is with small pins. Add whatever finishing touches you like – garland, mini tree toppers, etc. You can also attach a gift card to the top of the tree if you’re gifting one.

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11. Folded Pocket Book

Here’s an unsuspecting way to give money as a gift. Create a little mini pocket book with 12” x 12” paper, and tuck money bills into the pockets. Fold it up, and decorate however you want.

The giftee can reuse the pocket book if they want, making your gift even more special.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make a paper pocket book, and here’s some pretty paper you can use to make your book.

How to Make a One Sheet Mini Pocket Book

12. Money in a Frame

Here’s a cool way to give money and a photo frame as a gift. Find a pretty frame (we love this vintage-style frame from Amazon), and instead of placing a photo inside, add your cash gift. Try to place the bills in a way that makes it easy to see them all.

The recipient will enjoy both the money gift and reusing the frame. This is also a fun way to encourage the person to go out and make some memories using the money you gave them.

13. Buried Treasure

Here’s a fun way to give money gifts, especially if the giftee loves the ocean or pirates. Grab a small suitcase and fill it with sand. Add some seashells and other little trinkets. Fill some small glass bottles with rolled up money bills, top with a cork, and bury them in the sand.

Don’t bury your bottles too deep. You want the recipient to know they’re in there. You can also add a big bottle with a rolled-up message inside.

You don’t need a big suitcase for this idea. You can even use a small wooden box or trinket box if you like.

14. Money Blooms

Here’s a money gift for the gardener in your life.

  • Find a galvanized metal watering can (here’s a pretty one).
  • Fill the open side with a bouquet of flowers.
  • Fold up your money bills into hearts and attach them to string.
  • Secure the strings to the watering head.

You’re really giving three gifts here – the watering can, the flowers and the money.

15. Money Ornaments

If you’re giving money as a gift for the holidays, try tucking the cash into a glass ball ornament. You can find glass ornaments at most craft stores.

  • Roll up your money bills.
  • Remove the metal top from the ornament and add your bills.
  • Add some pretty shredded paper or other decorative items.
  • Replace the topper, and make sure it’s secure.

The person receiving your gift can easily remove the cash and then reuse the ornament every year for the holidays.

Final Thoughts

These 15 ideas are unique and fun ways to give money as gifts this year. Choose an idea that matches the person’s personality, and don’t be afraid to put your own unique spin on the idea.