15 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love
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15 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Best DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Are you scrambling to find last-minute gifts? We have you covered. These 15 DIY Christmas gift ideas are easy to make, thoughtful and look more expensive than they are to make.

No matter who’s left on your list this year, you’re sure to find the perfect gift below.

15 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

1. DIY Flannel and Fur Blankets

Give the gift of comfort with this easy DIY flannel and fur blanket. If you have a sewing machine and some very basic sewing skills, you can easily make these blankets and give them as last-minute gifts.

All you need is a few yards of fabric (2 yards of flannel and 2 yards of sherpa) and basic sewing supplies to make your blankets.

2. Homemade Soap

Soap may not be a flashy gift, but it’s a useful one that everyone loves – especially when it’s handmade.

It’s easier than you think to make your own soap, and once you have some supplies, you can make more for your family or for future gifts.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Two pounds of soap base is enough to make at least six bars of soap. They only need to sit overnight, and they’re ready for gifting.

3. Cutting Board Tablet Holder

We love upcycled DIY Christmas gift ideas, and this one is super useful for anyone who uses their tablets for recipes. With just a few simple materials, you can transform a wooden cutting board into a tablet holder.

All you need are a few wood wedges to make a stand for your board, a scrabble letter rack (which is what the tablet will rest on) and some wood glue.

Make sure that you choose a cutting board that’s large enough for a tablet to rest against.

4. DIY Easy Teacup Candle

Last minute DIY Christmas gift ideas – teacup candle, Photo credit: @candelaria

You can never go wrong with a candle gift, but going the DIY route and putting it in a pretty teacup will really make this gift impressive.

Best of all, this gift is so easy to make. All you need is candle wax, wicks, some pretty teacups and a hot glue gun (to secure the wick to the teacup). Check your local thrift and antique stores to find teacups for reasonable prices.

Look for teacups that come with saucers, so you can gift them both to the recipient. They will look so pretty sitting on a side table or mantle.

If you can’t find soy wax in your local craft store, you can melt down a few taper candles.

Here are a few more beautiful candles we love:

Last minute DIY Christmas gift ideas – teacup candle, Photo credit: @candelaria
Last minute DIY Christmas gift ideas – teacup candle, Photo credit: @candelaria
Last minute DIY Christmas gift ideas – teacup candle, Photo credit: @candelaria

These make such beautiful gifts for friends and family. And because they’re handmade, they’re even more special.

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5. DIY Shower Melts

These DIY shower melts smell wonderful, but they can also bring some relief for congestion and colds if you use mint and eucalyptus essential oils. They’re easy to make, and you can make many shower melts at once.

Here’s what you’ll need for this gift:

Follow the steps in the tutorial above to make your own shower melts.

6. Chocolate Mug Cake Mix

Food gifts are always appreciated, and they’re great last-minute gifts, too. This one is even easier to put together because you don’t have to bake or cook anything.

Grab a cute mason jar, and add:

  • Angel Food cake
  • Chocolate food cake

That’s it! Really, it’s that easy. All the recipient has to add is water. Include a tablespoon with your jar to make it even easier to enjoy this mix. Don’t forget to include instructions so that they know how to make their mug cake.

You can even include little packets of sprinkles or other toppings to make their cake even more delicious.

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7. DIY Glitter Travel Mug

If you’re looking for budget DIY Christmas gift ideas, here’s a great one – a DIY glitter travel mug. You need just a few supplies, and you can use dollar store tumblers for this project to make it budget-friendly.

To make the tumbler glittery, you’ll need some adhesive spray and glitter. You can use any color glitter you want, or even look for the kind that glows in the dark.

To finish the gift, you can fill the tumbler with snacks, coffee, tea bags or other little personal care items they’ll appreciate.

8. Tuscan Herbed Sea Salt

Here’s a thoughtful DIY last-minute gift for your favorite cook – Tuscan herbed sea salt. This is a quick and easy gift to make, and you can easily make several jars at once.

Use high-quality fresh herbs and garlic for this recipe and Mediterranean sea salt. Pulsing your mix in a food processor will make it extra-fine and well-mixed. 

Put your sea salt mix in a cute jar with a cork lid and add a label to complete the gift.

9. Body Butter

Here’s a great last-minute DIY gift that’s easy to make and only needs four ingredients. With the right jar and scents, this gift can easily look and smell more luxe than it really is.

To make a batch of body butter, you’ll need:

You can add your own scents with essential oils, too. Just make sure that they’re skin-safe before adding them.

Add your body butter to a cute jar and stick a label on the front to make your last-minute gift look professional.

10. Image Frame Luminaries

Here’s a thoughtful gift for a family member or close friend. They’re easy to make for a last-minute gift, and the recipient will be touched by the effort you put into making this beautiful present.

To make this gift, you’ll need:

11. DIY Christmas Baking Tin

We love gift basket DIY Christmas gift ideas, and this one can be customized for whomever you’re giving it to. Anyone who loves or wants to get started with baking will appreciate this gift.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Add everything to your gift tin, and you’re ready to go. Add labels and decorations along with instructions on how to bake the cookies.

You can also change the contents of this gift basket if you want. For example, you can add bags of popcorn, candy, gift cards and more to make a movie night themed basket. Add some biscotti, K-cups and a coffee mug for a coffee-themed gift basket.

The possibilities are endless, and you can create baskets that are personalized for each person. It’s a thoughtful and easy last-minute gift that they’ll actually love.

12. Hand Warmers

When the weather outside is frightful, hand warmers can make the day a little more delightful. You can make your own batch of hand warmers to give as last-minute DIY presents for friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors. They make great stocking stuffers, too.

All you need is some fabric, some white rice and lavender essential oil.

13. Photo Keepsake Ornament

Here’s a thoughtful gift for family and close friends. These photo ornaments are beautiful, and they take just 10 minutes to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

It’s helpful to have a photo editing program, too, so that you can create round photos that are just the right size.

Use twine to give your ornament a “hook.”

Here’s a helpful tutorial for making these ornaments.

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14. DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Forget buying those expensive scented hand soaps from the store. You can make your own foaming hand soap at home with just a few supplies. It’s a quick and easy project, which makes it perfect for last-minute gifts.

To make your own foaming hand soap, you’ll need:

Lemon and orange essential oils have antibacterial properties, so these are great options for your hand soap. They have a fresh scent, too.

15. Stuffed Slippers Gift

If you need super quick and easy DIY Christmas gift ideas, this one is for you. These stuffed slipper gifts can be put together in minutes using items you buy from the store. It’s a great option for a last-minute gift because you can stop by a local convenience store and grab everything you need.

To start, you’ll need a pair of cozy slippers. Then, you can fill them with:

You can fill your slippers with whatever you like. Just make sure that they’ll fit inside and won’t add too much weight.

Final Thoughts

These 15 DIY gifts are quick and easy to make while still being thoughtful and useful. There’s still time to make the perfect gifts for friends and loved ones on your list, so choose some ideas from the list above and get moving!

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