Halloween nail designs

20 Extremely Cute Halloween Nail Designs

Cute and Spooky Halloween Nail Ideas

The holidays are the perfect excuse to have fun with your nail design, and Halloween is no exception. From pumpkins to spooky ghosts, there are so many ways to get your nails ready for fall. We’ve rounded up 20 Halloween nail designs for inspiration.

20 Halloween Nail Designs We Love 

1. Hallows Eve Bats and Spiders

If you are looking for minimalist nail designs for Halloween, this idea can be a great fit. You can easily change the base color to any color as long as it’s bright. Get the Halloween nail stickers from Amazon here.

2. Spooky Hulk Nails

This nail design is genius! Created by @impekablenails, a talented nail artist from Instagram, I just love this design which is perfect for Halloween. 

3. Simple with Tons of Style 

Made with only 3 colors, white, orange, and black, this Halloween nail design is easy to create when using these Halloween stickers that you can get from Amazon. 

4. Halloween Cool Mummy Decorated Nails

These super cute mummy nails are another awesome nail idea for Halloween this year. It can be drawn by using nail pens like these from Amazon. Start with a white base and use the black color to fill the gaps between the tissues. Then use white, yellow, and black colors to draw the eyes. 

5. Halloween Scary Boo!

I love this Halloween nail design because it’s simple and elegant. It can be easily made with “Boo” nail stickers or even written by using a white nail pen on a black base like this one from Amazon.  

6. Halloween Pumpkin and Dots

Here’s a simple but beautiful look for Halloween. The orange base color is perfect for the season and it’s covered with tiny dots. If you’re not a fan of this base color, a contrast of black with white dots will work well for this design.

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7. Stiletto Shaped Skeleton Halloween Nails

So cool and perfect for Halloween, this is another great option for spooky Halloween nails. 

8. Acrylic Halloween Nail Design

This Halloween nail design is anything but boring! With ghosts, glittering stars, and a nude base, this design is full of style. 

9. Trendy Ghost Nails For Halloween

If you liked the ghosts on nude, this nail design is perfect for you! Super stylish and elegant, I love this idea that can look great with any outfit!

10. Halloween Stitched Nail Design

Here’s a fun, creative nail idea for Halloween this fall. A spooky version of the popular French nail design we all love. 

11. Vampire Halloween Nails

Inspired by vampires, this awesome idea is really easy to copy. All you need is to start with a white base and then paint the edges of the nails a little red. 

12. Black Croc Nails

If you are looking for a nail design for a witch costume, this insanely cute black croc nail design can be a great fit. Use this nail Essie Matte to mattify any nail color. To get the croc texture, use a toothpick to add the matte drops over a black nail base. 

13. Purple Halloween Nails

I love Thanksgiving nail ideas with glitter and ghosts. This idea combines matte with ghosts and glittery fall black shades for a fun fall and Halloween-themed look. The purple color ties the whole look together and makes this design another cute version of the ghost nails for Halloween.

14. Halloween Horror Movie Nails

If you are looking for a really creepy nail design for this Halloween, you will probably like this option. A combination of ghosts with blood and a black-and-white color palette make this nail design a perfect horror design for this Halloween. Here is a great video on how to make bloody nails for Halloween.

How do you do bloody nails for Halloween?

15. Chic Pink Halloween Nails   

This is a perfect nail design for all the pink and glittering nail lovers. Get this press-on-nails set from Etsy

16. Orange Haloween Shades 

This nail design is simple, subtle and beautiful. The brown and orange matte shades make the look seasonal without being too obvious. It’s a look that’s perfect for fall and will match any outfit you wear. You can add the small cute ghosts but it will also look perfect without them.

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17. Monster Touch  

A comic version of Halloween monster nails. A perfect combination of purple and green matte colors and monster eye drawings. 

18. Mystic Halloween Nails

Halloween is a great time for getting mystic nails. Try this nail idea for your Halloween nail design this fall. 

19. Neon Witchy Purple Blue Nails

This nail design is so cute. The glowing-in-the-dark effect makes these nails perfect for Halloween.

20. Devil Nail Art

Devil is great for Halloween. Red and sexy, this nail design can be a great fit for many evil costumes for Halloween. 

Final Thoughts

These nail ideas will help you get ready for fall and the holiday. Whether you want something subtle or over-the-top, you’re sure to find a design you love on our list.