15 Best YouTube Tutorials on How to Apply Eyeshadow Properly

How to Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly  

Do you struggle with eyeshadow? You’re not alone. Applying eyeshadow is hard. It really is both an art and a science, and it can take some time to master. But the good news is that with a bit of practice and the right tools, you can learn how to apply eyeshadow properly.

We’re going to share 15 of the best YouTube tutorials to help you up your eyeshadow game.

15 Best YouTube Tutorials on How to Apply Eyeshadow Properly

1. How to Apply Eyeshadow PERFECTLY (beginner-friendly hacks)

AlexandrasGirlyTalk’s beginner-friendly eyeshadow tutorial is thorough, easy to follow, and gives some great tips for blending.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on blending brushes – you just have to know how to use them. Here’s a great brush collection from MSQ Store on Amazon if you’re just getting started or need a new set.

You’ll also need some concealer (here’s what was used in the video L.A. Girl PRO.conceal) along with your eyeshadow palette.

Whether you’re just getting started with eyeshadow or want to change up your look, this tutorial is for you. It’s easy to follow and straight to the point.


Here’s a simple tutorial on how to apply eyeshadow properly. What you’ll love about this tutorial is the explanation of how to use your makeup brushes to apply your eyeshadow. Because at the end of the day, it really is all about your application technique, isn’t it?

There’s also some great info on how to choose your eyeshadow palette and what you should look for, like brow bone colors and transition shades.

Here are some of the brushes and products mentioned in the video:


Eyeshadow Palettes


Here’s a great tutorial from Nina Ubhi on how to apply eyeshadow properly for a more natural look. The end result is beautiful, but the application is so quick and easy to do. Plus, Nina shows you how to get that perfectly blended look and which brushes to use.

Here’s a helpful list of some of the products used in the video:

4. My Go-To Everyday Eyeshadow Look Using Only 1 Brush! | ColourPop Free to Be Quad

Here’s a great tutorial on how to apply eyeshadow properly using just one brush and a simple eyeshadow quad. It’s great to have a massive brush collection, but you don’t really need it. YouTuber Angela Bright shows you how to create this beautiful look using one simple brush (Sigma E25) and a bronze palette.

The tutorial uses the ColourPop Free to Be eyeshadow quad. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find that eyeshadow quad, but ColourPop’s You’re Golden palette is similar.

5. How To Apply Eyeshadow For Beginners Step By Step | Christen Dominique

This tutorial from Christen Dominique shows you how to apply eyeshadow properly and how to blend like a true pro. Christen recommends priming first before applying color and blending. Some helpful tips and tricks are shared along the way, too, which makes this video great for beginners and experienced users alike.

Here are some of the products used in this video:

6. How I Blend Eyeshadow Perfectly

Blending is an art, and it can take some serious practice to master it. But it’s an important part of learning how to apply your eyeshadow. In this tutorial, Alexander Anele goes into great detail on how to blend. This video is probably one of the most detailed you’ll find on blending, and it’s a great resource if you’re just getting started or want to improve your eyeshadow game.

While this look is dramatic, it’s beautiful and really demonstrates what you can pull off if you master your blending technique.

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7. Eyeliner Trick For Hooded, Downturned, Aging Eyes | Quick EASY Eye Lift!

If you have downturned or hooded eyes, applying eyeshadow can be tricky. In this tutorial, YouTuber Stephanie Marie shares a super simple and quick trick on how to make your eyes look more lifted so that you can apply eyeshadow normally.

In many cases, this trick is all you need to make your eyes pop. A little mascara and a base eyeshadow color can get you ready for the day in minutes.


If you want to know how to create a more dramatic look, blend properly and cut your crease, this tutorial is for you. It’s a beautiful look, and it’s easier than you think to pull off.

Here are some of the products used in this video:


One of the most important steps in applying eyeshadow is priming your eyes. It creates a smooth, beautiful foundation for you to apply your eyeshadow, and it can really make your colors pop.

Without primer, your color can look muddy and uneven, depending on how oily your eyelids get.

In this tutorial from An Knook, you’ll learn how to prime your eyes the right way for a flawless eyeshadow application.

Here are some of the products used in the video:


Here’s a great video from makeup artist Robert Welsh on eyeshadow mistakes to avoid. We’ve all tried to copy makeup looks that we’ve seen on social media or on YouTube, and sometimes, they just come out all wrong.

Many times, the problem is in the technique. It takes practice to master proper eyeshadow application. In this video, you’ll learn how to correct these common mistakes to take your look to the next level.

11. Eyeshadow Tutorial For Beginners (Easy & Affordable)

Here’s a great eyeshadow tutorial from Louise Iya that’s easy and uses affordable products. While anyone can follow this tutorial, the techniques used are ideal for beautiful monolid eyes. The results prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a flawless eyeshadow look.

Best of all, this tutorial is really easy to follow and gives some great pointers on how to apply eyeshadow if you’re a newbie.

12. How to Apply and Blend Eyeshadow Like A Pro | Step-By-Step for Beginners

Although this tutorial is a bit older, the tips and techniques are still on-point today. Smitha Deepak makes it easy to follow her tutorial and provides some great advice on how to get the best results.

A little patience and creating a solid foundation (priming your eyes) will help you achieve the best results with this look.

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13. Makeup 101 for Mature Beginners | 3-Step Eyeshadow Tutorial

Here’s a great, easy tutorial for people in the mature crowd. It’s a three-step process that’s so much easier than you think, and YouTuber HotandFlashy addresses some of the issues that mature users may face when applying makeup. The tutorial is really detailed and explains why you should follow these techniques.

Here are some of the products used in the video:

14. Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial | How To Apply Eyeshadow | Smokey Spice & Green

In this tutorial, YouTuber TheMakeupChair shares some great tips and techniques on proper eyeshadow application. Along with application techniques, you’ll learn why you should use the products recommended and how to use them.

Here are some of the products used in this video:

15. Soft Glitter Eye Makeup for Wedding / Party / Special Occasion!

If you’re attending an event or a wedding, this is a great tutorial on how to create a soft glittery look that will really make a statement. Best of all, YouTuber An Knook only uses drugstore products, so it’s an affordable look for anyone.

Here are some of the products used in the video:

Final Thoughts

These tutorials will show you how to apply eyeshadow properly to achieve the look you want – no matter your experience level. While we’ve shared products used in a lot of these videos, you can use whatever you already have in your collection. Experiment and try new shades to see which looks complement your skin tone and eye color.

To complete your look, don’t forget to shape and fill your brows and apply a high-quality mascara. You can add falsies if you want, but don’t be afraid to rock your beautiful natural lashes.