25 Sensational Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

25 Sensational Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

Are you looking for medium length haircuts for thick hair? We’ve found 25 sensational haircuts to try. Whether you want to add volume, create dimension or just step outside of your comfort zone, you’re sure to find a haircut you love on this list.

25 Sensational Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

1. Long Layers

One medium length haircut that’s always flattering for thick hair is long layers. Cutting in longer layers will also help thin out your hair a little bit, if that’s something you want to do. Adding highlights will help add dimension to your hair, too.

2. Fringy Bangs

Bangs are very in right now, and this fringy bang cut is perfect for thick hair. This cut also has long layers, and the bangs aren’t bluntly cut. They are somewhere between curtain and layered style bangs. If you have thick hair, cutting bangs in this style will help them blend seamlessly into the face-framing layers of this haircut.

3. Curtain Bangs and Long Layers

Curtain bangs are flattering for virtually every face shape, and they’re a great option for anyone with thick hair. With this cut, they’re a bit longer, extending down to her jawline. You can ask for a shorter length if you like, but this look is very wispy and romantic. Pair these curtain bangs with long layers for a gorgeous medium length haircut.

4. Thick Layered Cut with Bangs

One of the best medium length haircuts for thick hair is a thick layered cut with bangs. This type of haircut will play on all of the strengths of having thicker hair and add more volume for a gorgeous haircut that complements any face shape. Curtain bangs help tie the whole thing together.

5. Layered, Flipped

If you have thick hair and you want to lighten things up without going too short, the layered and flipped cut is a great option. With this haircut, the longest layer starts around the cheekbone and descends down in stacked layers. Cutting layers this way will help reduce some of the weight of your thick hair without forcing you to go too short.

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6. Piecey Layers

Piecey layers are always in style, and they’re perfect for thick hair. People with low to medium density hair have a harder time pulling off this cut without making their hair look too thin. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a thick mane, you can easily pull off this cut, which has beachy vibes.

7. Blunt Cut

Here’s a beautiful blunt cut for medium length hair that’s simple yet flattering. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance style that’s still pretty and easy to maintain at home, this cut is it. You can ask for a few long face-framing layers if you want to soften it up a bit.

8. Long, Fringy Layers

If you’re looking to thin out your thick hair a little, this haircut is perfect for you. These fringy curtain bangs and layers are so romantic and flatter virtually every face shape. Of course, you can go a little longer with the layers if you want, but this cut is a great way to shorten your hair a bit without going all the way.

9. Short Layers

Short layers on medium length hair can be very flattering for oval and heart shaped faces. With this haircut, the shortest face-framing layer sits at the jawline and gradually gets longer. Longer layers in the back help you maintain your length, so you can get an easy-maintenance haircut.

10. Curly Bangs and Layers

If you’re a curly haired girl looking for medium length haircuts for thick hair, here’s a timeless style that will flatter any face shape. Curly bangs and layers will add volume to your hair and create that rounded shape that’s perfectly suited for curls.

11. Curly Side Swept Bangs

For curly and wavy girls who don’t want full bangs, this haircut will give you the volume and shape you love without having to deal with curly bang maintenance. These side swept bangs and shorter layers will give your hair more volume, which can be a problem for curlies with thick, heavy hair. Consider going to a curly hair specialist for this type of haircut.

12. Rezo Cut

The Rezo cut is a timeless style for curly-and wavy-haired girls who want to keep their hair medium length. This is a comb-over variation of the cut that flatters every face shape and helps add volume to thick, heavy hair.

13. Long Bob

The long bob is a simple yet chic haircut for medium length, thick hair. It works best for straight hair. Make sure that your stylist cuts your hair while it’s parted how you usually part it. Otherwise, the length may be off on one side if you change your part.

You can also go for an angled or inverted bob if you like, which is longer in the front and shorter in the back.

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14. Long, Flipped Layers

The long, flipped layers in this cut take us back to the 90s and early 00s. Face-framing layers in the front and long layers in the back complement virtually any face shape. Flipping the ends of the layers really adds dimension, especially if you have thick hair.

The great thing about this haircut is that you can play it up or down to match the occasion. And because the layers are long, you can still pull off updos for more formal events.

15. Choppy Long Layers

This medium length haircut features choppy long layers that add dimension and depth to thick hair. The layers add subtle volume, and the way the layers are cut in will take some weight off to make your thick hair more manageable.

We love the piecey look of this haircut and how easy it is to maintain this look at home. If you have the budget and time, getting a balayage will add even more dimension to your haircut.

16. Wispy Curtain Bangs and Layers

With its wispy bangs and long layers, this is easily one of the most beautiful medium length haircuts for thick hair. Her hair is a bit longer than medium length in this example, but it’s still a gorgeous cut at shorter lengths. The fringy curtain bangs blend right into her face-framing layers to add volume and create a beautiful shape.

17. Wavy, Piecey Layers

Piecey layers look so pretty on thick hair because they add dimension while still keeping the fullness of your hair. This cut has long layers that create a subtle choppy look. The end result is elegant and timeless.

18. Short Wavy Bangs and Layers

Here’s an excellent medium length cut for girls with wavy hair. This style is especially pretty on heart-shaped faces. The short bangs help draw attention to the cheekbones and the short, fringy layers in the front help create that pretty rounded shape.

19. The Mane

The Mane is a great cut for medium length hair because it adds volume and creates an edgy look. It’s heavy on the fringe, and it creates a lot of movement thanks to the face-framing layers. The Mane is essentially a choppy cut with lots of layers around the face to create plenty of movement.

20. Curled Layers

Here’s a beautiful haircut and style that creates dimension and movement. This haircut has long, choppy layers that are curled at the bottom to create more movement and depth to the cut. The look is elegant and flattering for any face shape.

21. Modern Fringe

We love the long curtain bangs and fringy layers in the front of this haircut. It’s a great haircut for thick, wavy hair because the layers add subtle volume and take off some of the weight of thick hair.

22. Long Curtain Bangs and Layers

These long curtain bangs are perfect for medium length thick hair. The longer layers help create more movement and dimension while adding volume and reducing some of the weight of your long hair.

23. Shaggy Layered Bangs

We love fringy medium length haircuts for thick hair, and this cut has both fringy and shaggy layers to create that messy, “I woke up like this,” look that’s so effortless and carefree. The layered bangs blend seamlessly into her cut to create a pretty shape and a haircut that’s easy to maintain.

24. Inverted Layers

Inverted layers add a ton of dimension to medium length thick hair. With this cut, the layers aren’t as dramatic or short, which helps add subtle volume and movement. Start with layers that sit at the jawline and gradually descend to the shoulders.

25. Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut is all the rage right now, and that’s because it adds so much gorgeous volume and movement. Using a combination of inverted and flipped layers will help create this look. For thick hair, the layers will take off some weight while still helping you maintain fullness.