7 Reasons Why Your Hands Look Old and How to Fix Them

7 Reasons Why Your Hands Look Old and How to Fix Them

Best Skin Care Tips for Your Hands

Don’t let your hands be the reason your age is being given away. We can combat the signs of aging hands, so you won’t have this problem again. There are some methods that can be employed to enhance vitality and flexibility in the hands and prevent them from showing signs of aging. These options have the potential to effectively reverse the aging process if your hands look older than desired. It’s possible to develop youthful hands, but it’s best to begin now!

Sometimes, we discover our habits, lifestyle or genes begin to play a large part in how we look day to day and what insecurities we begin to develop. If aging hands are a concern for you, it is okay and you are not alone. It is a concern for many people out there. Frankly, it is common because minor ways to help this issue are overlooked or unknown to most. To help you feel beautiful and confident again, we have compiled a list of ways to help you look great again. Here are the top seven reasons your hands may look older and proven ways to help!

7 Reasons Why Your Hands Look Old

  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Bulging veins
  • Scales on your skin
  • Nail stains
  • Brittle nails
  • Old-fashioned manicures

How to Keep Your Hands Looking Young

1. Drink More Water

Let’s start with the basic building block to youthful skin for all your body’s skin. If your body isn’t properly hydrated with water, it’s safe to assume this could be a leading factor as to why your hands aren’t as young as they could be. It can be easy to integrate more water intake into our everyday life.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Drink water before coffee in the morning
  • No snacking until a glass of water
  • Find a water bottle you love to take with you wherever you go
  • Eat more foods with higher water contents such as cucumbers and mushrooms

With a few changes to the daily routine, the results will be clear as day. You’ll see that your hands look old only in past photos – because today, they look phenomenal and youthful from the extra intake of water. An easy way to know if you need more water is to pinch the top skin of your hand. If it quickly goes back into place, you are hydrated. If the skin atop the hand stays pinched, you are in need of more water!

2. Remove The Dead Skin

This is a simple, yet overlooked tip. Dead skin can pile up easily on top of the skin without us knowing it is even there. Even with washing our hands, dead skin cells stay on the surface until it has been exfoliated away.

What will exfoliating do? There are multiple benefits that give extreme results. Once the sugar scrub has washed the dead skin away, a new layer of skin underneath will be shown at the surface. This newer layer of skin is healthier, brighter with lesser wrinkles because it is no longer dried out at the surface – think giving your hands a ‘deep clean’. Exfoliating the skin also opens the pores of the hands to allow serums to penetrate the skin barrier deeply and enhance the product’s benefits. Now, your hands will glow post shower and radiate for the rest of the day.

3. Apply Serums

Did you know your face isn’t the only skin that needs serums? Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, tretinoin and more all aid the hands in beautiful, supple skin. What works on your face will also work on your hands, so give them some love after exfoliating! Drinking water replenishes and exfoliating opens the pores – the next best option is to rub in serums to take your hands to the next level.

Every morning and night, as you apply your serums to your face, pump a little extra out and massage it into the tops of the hands (remember not to tug on the skin as you rub the serum in). It will allow you to seamlessly add this step into your routine and over the course of 4-6 weeks, you will begin to notice the gradual change of the skin in this area. This may seem like a long time to wait, but the results will be well worth it.

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4. Heal The Skin Barrier

Adding moisturizer or lotion to the top of the hands, especially after the serums, will help lock in the product and begin to heal the skin barrier. When the skin barrier of the hand is stripped from a multitude of factors such as washing hands with harsh soaps and harsh water – or being exposed to the elements such as wind and rain, the top surface of the skin begins to look dry, cracked and aged. A solution to this problem is covering the hands in lotion to bring back life to the look of your hands.

A helpful tip when choosing a moisturizer or lotion is to be weary of the ingredients! Remember, we are not going for the best smelling lotion, we are going for the one that will replenish our skin with the best minerals and vitamins for younger looking hands. Ingredients to stay away from are added fragrances, fillers and dyes such as Red, Yellow or Blue with a number attached. This indicates there are harmful additives and your hands should not soak up these unhelpful ingredients. Try a lotion with simple ingredients – the cleaner the better.


5. Cover and Shade

Have you put SPF on your hands lately? It might sound a bit strange, but applying sunscreen on your hands is very beneficial for saving and reverse aging the skin. No, this doesn’t mean you now have to go to extreme lengths like carrying an umbrella with you, but you might want to begin seeing how often your hands are exposed to UV rays. In fact, you might not notice how often your hands are directly in the sun, but try to look next time your hands are on the wheel as you are driving, for example. It will become very visible just how often your hands meet the direct rays of the sun.

Overexposure to the sun has consequences and makes your hands look old. Aging and wrinkling is a very big one near the top of the list. To ensure your hands stay looking young, it’s best to keep your hands shaded and covered in SPF sunscreen above 30 to ensure your hands stay in the best condition possible.

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6. Protective Wear

Whether you are in the sun or caught in a rainstorm, protecting the skin by wearing gloves is a fantastic option to maintain youth and vitality in your hands. Sun exposure, cold, harsh winds and extreme temperatures really do a number on our skin and make our hands look old. These conditions zap the moisture, which in turn creates a breeding ground for deeper wrinkles and aging symptoms.

Instead, opt for a pair of gloves you can keep in your home or in your car that will always shield you from these harsh conditions. This may sound like a simple fix, but the drastic changes will definitely be noticed during the summer and winter periods. Pack an extra pair wherever you go – just in case!

7. Hand Exercises

Just as working out makes you appear younger, so does exercising your hands. Muscles, tendons and joints are within your hands, just as they are throughout the rest of your body. So why not work out your hands just the same?

Hand exercises and massages are a fantastic way to plump your hands and get the blood pumping to exude a radiance that keeps you looking young. When muscles retract from pulling and pushing, the area becomes revitalized. Give your hands an excuse to become the star of the show in this category. There are many options if your hands look old, because there are many exercises to fix this problem. Tightening the skin works best when you stick to a plan – try these various hand workouts from Amazon that can easily be done while doing your everyday activities such as watching tv or reading your favorite magazine.

8. Take Care of Your Nails

Proper nail care is important to maintain strong, healthy, and well-groomed nails, which can enhance the appearance of hands and make them look more youthful and radiant. To take care of nail stains, it’s essential to avoid prolonged exposure to dark pigmented substances such as coffee, tea, and tobacco. It’s also important to use a base coat (like Essie’s #1 Amazon Best Seller) before applying colored nail polish to prevent staining. To treat brittle nails, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced diet that includes adequate protein, vitamins, and minerals. Moisturizing the nails and cuticles regularly with an oil-based moisturizer can also help prevent brittle nails. Here is a great hydrating oil for repaired cuticles overnight you can get from Amazon. It’s also important to avoid excessive exposure to water, harsh chemicals, and frequent manicures, as these can weaken and damage the nails.

Help Your Hands Reverse Age

The good news is: you’re not stuck with this skin forever. These are the most impressive ways to fix your hands from looking old – because they are tried and true. Some are simple and come naturally, and others might take a moment to become a new addition to your daily routine, but all of these options are going to show the results you need and deserve. None are time-consuming – so you can continue living your life.

If your hands look old then be prepared to say goodbye to the saggy and wrinkled skin that has become dull over the years. We are meant to go into this world confident and ready to take on the day – not hiding our hands and thinking of our insecurities such as our hands. These seven options are life-changing because they truly work and are meant to help you feel your best. Take this moment to breathe a sigh of relief – you just found your favorite article.

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