15 Easy Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

15 Easy Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

What Is a Smokey Eye Look?

A smokey eye is all about the moody look! Dark, sensual, messy, and mysterious are all words that come to mind when describing this stunning and one-of-a-kind makeup style. This look focuses on the eye shadow – which gives the look depth and fullness. 

There are many smokey eye makeup tutorials but you need to know the best ones in order to get the results you want. The dark hues of gray, black and sometimes silver make this look a notable statement. The eye shadow colors are pulled together by a black, winged eyeliner and lashes to finish the look.

15 Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials 

1. Where to Start

Sometimes, starting a smokey eye can be a daunting task. The thought of using a black shadow can be scary because messing up a dark color on your eyelids can draw lots of attention to where you went wrong. Thankfully, there are smokey eye makeup tutorials like this one. She carefully takes the time to go through the process and makes you feel comfortable and ready to begin a smokey eye look. Once you watch this, you’ll realize this look isn’t hard after all. 

2. Blending 101

The best advice one can give for achieving the smokey eye is being able to take the multiple eye shadow colors and blend them together so the transition into each other is smooth and subtle. Harsh, unblended lines will immediately ruin the smokey eye. This beginner video breaks down the art of blending and is the best place to start before watching any of the smokey eye makeup tutorials. 

3. Black Eye Shadow the Right Way 

This easy to understand tutorial covers all the ins and outs of applying black shadow in a way that looks like a pro did it. She begins with a black, cream eye shadow base and then begins to pack black eye shadow powder on top. This is her biggest tip throughout the video because the cream and the powder combined really stay put and are blendable. This is a look you definitely do not want being smudge on your face as the night goes on – because it’s black! No one wants fallout, but if you find eye shadow powder scattered on your face, she gives the tip of brushing it away with makeup cleansing wipes to completely erase like it was never there! 

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4. A More Natural Approach 

To start, smudging eyeliner with a small, flat makeup brush to gently blend the liner with your lid. This simple and unique approach to a smokey eye keeps the dark and sensual look without covering the entire lid in shadow. This everyday look can be worn from the grocery store to happy hour – just make sure to add final touches such as mascara or falsies

5. The Daytime Smokey Eye 

This process is different from the rest because it starts with the skin base. This is because the daytime looks incorporate eye shadow colors that are lighter and brighter than the usual smokey eye makeup tutorials, so prepping and putting makeup on the skin first is perfectly fine – no fallout here! Pro tip: Skip to 8 minutes to dive into this amazing and knowledgeable video! 

6. Professional Approach 

The extent of what you will learn from this tutorial is going to take your smokey eye makeup to the next level. You will learn how all the famous makeup artists speak with this new vocabulary for all your favorite makeup looks. The expert-level lessons are just a good learning addition, don’t let the tutorial fool you; this is a beginner friendly video just like all the other smokey eye makeup tutorials on this list. 

7. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are when excess skin covers the eyelid and therefore you have to do your eye makeup a bit differently than others. Hooded eyes are a distinguishing factor that should be embraced! This makeup tutorial does exactly that – all while teaching how to go about creating a smokey eye that is going to look best with your eyes. 

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8. Warm Toned Fox Eye Look

This lustrous look pinches and pulls your eyes back to make your look extra seductive and sleek. A fox eye is meant to make your eyes look smaller and snatched; all for an extra “wow” factor. The warm tones of this look offer a different approach to the smokey eye. This is actually welcomed in this makeup style because the typical black smokey eye might be too harsh when doing it as a fox eye look. The perfect balance of the two, mixed with this creator’s easy to follow steps make this one of the most copied looks. This makeup style is girls night out or cocktail hour approved! 

9. Brown Smokey Eye

A brown smokey eye vs. a typical black smokey eye creates a toned down approach to the classic look. Incorporating brown softens the style and allows it to be a more versatile look. Day or night, this makeup style is going to be your best weapon for always looking and feeling your best. Try a brown shadow palette that has many different shades to create depth to the look! 

10. Golden Smokey Eye

A stunning usage of golden eye shadows will create a sultry style and will make your eyelids pop in whatever you decide to wear on this occasion. If a golden smokey eye isn’t enough to make you excited about re-creating a makeup look, we’re not sure what will. This gorgeous makeup style is going to be a new staple in your makeup repertoire. 

11. Dos and Don’ts

Complete understanding of what to do in all of these tutorials is great, but knowing what not to do can sometimes be even more important. Perfecting a look that goes with your eye shape and face is one of the most important factors with a smokey eye. Don’t mess it up! This creator takes us through the ins and outs of what to do and not to do in this beginner friendly tutorial. Happy practicing! 

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12. “You’re already done?”

No rushing necessary! This look is all about the eye shadow and lashes. Finish this eye look in a breeze as it only takes 5 minutes to create. It’s the best option on those nights when you are running late but still need to be the showstopper you’re meant to be. Your friends will be surprised when you tell them your makeup is already finished and for once – you’re the one waiting on everybody else to get ready. 

13. Glitter Smokey Eye

An invite to an upscale invite out may mean it’s the perfect time to try this look. A glitter smokey eye plays up the dramatics and brings all the attention to your lovely eyes. This statement look is not so hard to achieve, and the payout from compliments will definitely be worth it! This is a great way to take a tried and true makeup look and turn it into a fabulous style that fits your creative flair! 

14. Short and Sweet 

You may not always be on time and will need to rush your makeup for your night out – but it happens to the best of us. If this is a predicament you tend to find yourself in, out of all the smokey eye makeup tutorials, this one was meant for you. She tells you only what you need to do for this makeup look, (some shadow, liner and a trusty makeup brush set) so you can take the rest of the time saved getting ready for the night ahead! 

15. 5 Steps to Glamour

The lower lash line is just as important as the upper lid and this video demonstrates the process of creating a look with the entire eye in mind. The simple steps of blending the shadow on the upper lid, but also bringing it down to the lower last line to strengthen the smokey eye look and bring it all together in only five easy steps is what makes this video stand out from most smokey eye makeup tutorials.

Choosing your Look

Deciding which smokey eye looks you are most excited to wear out can be the starting point of your new style. Smokey eye makeup tutorials are always evolving as you can tell by this list. Since no two smokey eye looks are the same, feel free to experiment and create an eye look that perfectly fits you and how you wish to express yourself to the world. 

The smokey eye has been a favorite for the last few decades. The classic look isn’t so classic due to the fact that not many women want to attempt putting black eyeshadow on their face. The bottom line is a look such as this is nothing to be afraid of, in fact, it can brighten up the eyes and bring all the attention to your gorgeous face – who wouldn’t want that? The beginner friendly tutorials are meant to show just how easy and quick this makeup style can be, even a great go-to when you’re in a rush!