Best YouTube Haircut Tutorials

10 Best YouTube Haircut Tutorials That Make DIY Haircuts Look Super Easy

Best YouTube Haircut Tutorials

Wanting to cut your hair at home? Whether your favorite stylist is booked or you want to put your money elsewhere – this is the perfect place to find exactly what you need from start to finish! Not all haircut tutorials are the same, that’s why this list highlights the main topics you’ll need to perfectly refresh your hair.

Cutting your own hair at home is a very beneficial skill to have. Let’s face it, all hair loses the “it” factor at some time or another – and a haircut will usually be the missing piece that will bring it all back together again. Now let’s get you looking like yourself again! 

10 YouTube Haircut Tutorials to Make DIY Haircuts

1. Trim 

Giving yourself a trim at home to revamp your look is a great hair hack. No more scheduling for the salon and losing time being there – a simple trim to take off the dead ends can keep you going until you need to go in for a color. 

The easy process requires only a couple of tools, a comb, and scissors. Following this video closely will grant you healthy and beautiful hair that you’ve always had – you just need to cut away the dead stuff first. 

In under 10 minutes, this is a fantastic and easy DIY for you. The easy-to-follow steps make this video stand out from most haircut tutorials because it gives you the confidence and calmness you’ll want when trimming your hair at home!

2. Basic blunt cut

This is the building block to almost any hairstyle. Learning how to get a sleek look all starts with the ends. A “blunt” cut refers to the bottom ends of the hair that are cut in a straight line. Think laser cut – where no pieces of hair are longer at the bottom ends; they all fall into line with one another. A great trick to a blunt cut is having a few hair ties to help you better guide your point of reference when cutting your ends. 

Point cutting, holding your scissors up, is another way to get a precise cut. It also removes split ends and creates an effect that isn’t too harsh, so you can better achieve the perfect blunt-cut look! Continuing to point cut and blend is the best way to get the best results you possibly can. Of course, the sharper the scissors the better when you are creating a basic blunt cut as well. 

3. Cutting layers 

Want to get a bounce effect that leaves your hair looking voluminous with lots of life? Then let’s try adding layers! Incorporating layers is a great way to add more life and body to your look. 

Adding layers to your hair means grabbing the top layer of hair all around your head and essentially cutting them shorter than your longest, underneath length to introduce dimension. 

Sometimes, hair that is all one length can look a bit flat. Once you cut layers, your hair now has different lengths that allow better movement when you turn your head and create a luscious, full body look. 

Think ‘diagonal’ when cutting! Guiding the ends with your fingers or comb helps achieve a look that can be worn fresh out of the shower, freshly blow-dried, or styled however you like.

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4. Face framing with long layers 

Framing your face is a term often used in the hair world. Sub sectioning your front hair to have short pieces in front to gradually give face-framing layers gives body to your overall hair look. It’s also wonderful to style because the front pieces fall out when you pull your hair back, which gives the appearance of you looking extra elegant and put together – even in the messiest of up-dos. 

A hairdressing comb is essential in this look. This is a comb that has wide teeth and fine teeth on either side to ensure your hair comes out looking how you want it to. Using tools like these give salon quality while being in the comfort of your own home. This hairstyle is popular amongst most celebrities – and for a good reason! Almost every face shape fits this hairstyle. 

5. Butterfly haircut method 

If you’re looking for a step-by-step and highly relatable video, watching this video will lessen hesitations and calm your nerves. This video feels like your bestie is cutting her hair at the same time and you both are on video call!

The butterfly method means dividing your hair into two sections, an upper and lower, and tying the sections up with hair ties. The simple part is what you need to do: cut both ponytails. Yes, that is all! 

It creates face-framing layers, and one set of long layers in the back. This method means dead ends will be eliminated quickly. With all those benefits, you would think the butterfly method would be more intensive, but that is about all there is to it! Now this has to be one of the easiest haircut tutorials! Now all you need to do is style and take on the rest of your day. 

6. The big chop 

Have you thought this through? Whether you have been planning this chop for months or have a spontaneous urge – it’ll look great…but only if you know how to do it right. This YouTube video demonstrates all the steps on how to create a dramatic cut easily at your own home. 

Easily done in your bathroom – begin with clean hair, comb through and start this journey to a new look. This creator slowly talks us through the process in a very understandable way. This is a big decision with a big payoff! Heads will turn when you walk into a room with a completely new style…be ready for compliments!

7. Curtain bangs 

Curtain bangs are bangs that part in the center to reveal your beautiful face. Hiding behind bangs is pretty impossible with this haircut, as it draws the eye to your facial features, making you the stunning focal point.  

Haircut tutorials don’t always show you closely how to perfectly cut your bangs at the proper angle. She makes sure to break it down slowly, allowing all viewers to easily understand this incredible DIY home haircut. These bangs are best styled with a blowout using a roller brush.

To create a full body curtain bang that never looks flat against your face. 

Pro tip: These bangs dry fast! So remember to work quickly on your new look. 

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8. Short bangs 

These are the infamous bangs we all know and love – with a small twist. These bangs are not fully blunt on the ends, creating a wispy “fringe” styling. You can easily make these blunt if you would like but whichever road you take, your forehead will be covered and happy with DIY bangs to heighten your fashion forward style.

Cutting bangs yourself can be tricky – we’ve all seen those videos of bangs being cut much shorter than the intended length. With this video, haircut tutorials for bangs will seem much easier and doable so you will completely avoid any mistakes!

9. Pixie haircut 

This haircut is wonderful for the short haired girls who want to showcase their face and bone structure. This hairstyle features about an inch length of hair that can be styled in waves, slicked back or brushed neatly to the side. Add some decorated clips to play up the look if desired!

A pixie haircut is a fun look that can elevate your look and be extremely fashion forward. This is all about sectioning the hair and figuring out what length looks best for your features. 

This creator cuts her long hair into a pixie – which lets the viewer see what really goes into making the pixie haircut. She gives a little history about the hairstyle, and how many women wore it short like this in the regency era in Britain in the early 1800s. This deeper meaning is great because it goes to show that women have been in love with this style for centuries! 

Pro tip: Cut less length at first than beginning extremely short! This makes it easier to know what looks best on your face. You can always cut more off later.

10. Make your curls standout 

Your hair should be cut with your texture in mind – and if you have beautiful curls, we need to make them the star of the show! Oftentimes, hair tutorials make layering at home for women with straight hair, but this will be the method you’ll want to pursue if you have curly locks. 

Using a spray bottle to dampen the curls when cutting off the split ends makes cutting easier and helps keep this DIY haircut simple and quick. Once the dead ends are gone – you’ll notice your curls bouncing how they should be. 

This tutorial shows sectioning off hair and cutting to create beautiful layers. Her soft voice and nice background music will make this tutorial extremely easy to watch and create on your own hair! Once you take a look in the mirror after this hair tutorial – this video will be forever saved in your videos for your next at-home trim. 

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap, gorgeous! Lately, we’ve noticed YouTube has become saturated with DIY haircut tutorials, that’s why we wanted to assemble the best tutorials into this list to better equip those who need the chop – but without the professional pricing. Now get to work! It’s time to refresh your look and make you again. 

With this list, you can have all the information and tools you’ll need to create the look you’ll look you’ve been wanting in your own bathroom. We’re happy to say you’ll be amazed at how easy it will be to cut and style your own hair like a pro.

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