How To Contour Your Nose – Best Tips and Products

How To Contour Your Nose – Best Tips and Products

How to Contour Your Nose to Make It Look Smaller

We all want that cute button nose, but few of us have it naturally. Luckily, with the right tricks and products, you can contour your nose to look thinner, smaller, straighter – whatever you want. We’re going to show you how to contour your nose the right way and some of the best products to achieve these looks.

How to Contour Your Nose

Contouring your nose is actually a lot simpler than it sounds, but if you use the wrong products or techniques, you can easily wind up with a nose that looks:

  • Fake
  • Muddy or messy
  • Too skinny

To contour your nose properly, the goal is to:

  • Apply a darker shade along the sides of the nose and under the tip of the nose
  • Apply a lighter concealer along the center bridge and tip of the nose

It’s hard to put contouring into words, but the video thumbnail below is a good illustration of how it works.

How to Contour & Highlight Your Nose in Less Than 5 minutes!

Essentially, you’re creating an illusion of a smaller and thinner nose using shadows to slim down the bridge of the nose and highlights to draw attention to the center bridge of the nose.

Nose Contouring Mistakes to Avoid

Contouring is something that takes practice, and you’re sure to make a few mistakes when you first get started. But to save you some time, here are some tips to help you avoid common mistakes.

  • When you’re shaping the bridge of your nose, don’t make your lines too close together or too far apart. If they’re too far apart, you may make your nose look wide and bigger. If they’re too close together, your contour will look fake. The goal is to create a natural shape and to follow the bone of your nose.
  • Get your colors right. Shades that are too dark or too light (or both!) will make your contour obvious and unnatural.
  • Choose a contour shade that’s slightly darker than your foundation (one to two shades darker than your skin max) and has the correct undertone. Next, choose a highlight that’s just a shade lighter than your foundation with the right undertone. Not sure which undertone you should choose? Here’s a great guide!
  • Use the right tools for the job. Contouring the nose is a delicate process because you’re working with such a small area. It’s important to use the right brushes and blenders for the job.
  • Don’t mix cream and powder products. Pair like with like. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a cakey look.
  • Blend, blend, blend. You don’t want to see any harsh lines. Use a beauty blender to soften your lines and create a more natural look.

Getting your shades right and making sure your lines are appropriately spaced is key.

EASY Nose Contour Tutorials

When it comes to nose contouring and makeup in general, it’s easier to see tips and tricks in action than it is to write about them. These tutorials will show you how to contour your nose the right way to get the look you want.

FAKE A NOSE JOB W/ MAKEUP *nose contour routine*

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get that cute button nose we all love. Aidetto Cancino walks you through each step of her nose contour routine and some of the products she uses to achieve this look.

Note how subtle she is with her contour shade. It doesn’t take much to create that sculpted look with your nose, and you don’t want to overdo it. This is a great way to get a natural look using just a handful of products and tools.

The ‘Nose Job’ Nose Contour | How to Contour a Big + Crooked Nose

If you’re trying to make your nose look a little smaller or if it’s a little crooked and you want to straighten it out, this tutorial is for you. Stephanie Lange takes you through her nose contour routine step by step. She goes into great detail about how and why she applies each product.


In this tutorial, makeup artist Nina Ubhi shows you how to contour your nose like a pro. Bonus – she shares all of the products she uses. In addition, Nina offers some great tips on how to choose your contour colors and really explains where to apply each shade.


Everyone has a different nose shape, and the way you contour your nose will really depend on that shape. In this tutorial, Wayne Goss shares how to properly contour seven different nose types to help you achieve the look you want for your unique shape. If you’re struggling to get your contour right, you may just be using the wrong technique for your nose type. These tips and tricks can help you get it right.


In this tutorial, Soph Martine shows you how to achieve a natural nose contour in just a few minutes and using just a few products. This is an excellent tutorial if you want to create a subtle contour to add a little more shape and structure to your face.

Best Products to Contour Your Nose

Now you know how to contour your nose properly, but do you have the right products? The brushes and makeup you use will make or break your look. We’re going to share some of the best products for nose contouring.


The brushes you use can make a big difference in how you apply your darker and lighter shades. The right brushes will give you those thin lines for a natural contour and blend your products for a soft look.

Here are some great brushes for contouring.

MODA 4-piece Brush Set

MODA Full Size Face Perfecting Makeup brush set

These brushes from MODA are so soft, and the smallest one is just the right size for contouring the nose. The ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold, and the design of the brush makes it so easy to blend for a flawless look.

Lamora 5-Piece Contour Brush Set

ro Face Contour Brush Set - Synthetic Contouring Sculpting and Highlighting Kit

Lamora’s 5-piece brush set has everything you need to contour your nose and the rest of your face. The two small round brushes are ideal for precision contouring and highlighting. Best of all, this brush set is so affordable.

Kabuki Nose Contour Brush

Kabuki Nose Contour Brush

This Kabuki nose contour brush has a precision flat angle that makes it so easy to shape and sculpt your nose. It’s just the right size for contouring your nose, and it comes at a great price.


Some people prefer using creams for contouring and highlighting. Here are some of the best cream products for contouring your nose.

Aesthetica Cosmetics Contour and Highlight Kit

Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit
Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit
Aesthetica Cosmetics Cream Contour and Highlighting Makeup Kit

This kit from Aesthetica is vegan, cruelty-free and has six great shades to choose from. Whether you have dark, medium or light skin, this palette will work for you. Plus, each kit comes with a helpful guide and contour mapping to help you apply this product like a pro.

LORAC Pro Conceal/Contour Palette

LORAC Pro Conceal-Contour Palette

LORAC’s conceal/contour palette has a dozen colors in a cream finish and even comes with a brush. If you’re just getting started with concealing and contouring, then this palette is a great option because you have so many colors to experiment with.

Vodisa Contour Cream Kit

Vodisa 10 Colour Makeup Contour Palette-Cream Concealer Kit

Vodisa’s contour cream kit features ten colors for contouring your nose and the rest of your face. This kit is ultra-affordable and has colors to match virtually every skin tone.


If you prefer to use powders for contouring, you have lots of options. Here are some of the top contouring powders out there.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder

Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder is a top-tier powder. It’s pricey, but the color is so natural. It’s available in three shades: medium, deep and light. You’ll need to pair this with a highlighter of your choice. Just make sure that you’re using a powder for highlighting the bridge and tip of your nose if you’re using this product.

Lamora Luxy Contour Palette

Contour Palette Powder Contour Kit

Lamora’s contour palette has three contour shades (light, medium and deep) and a matte highlight. If you’re still experimenting with different shades, this palette is an excellent option because it gives you so many options. Plus, it’s hypo-allergenic, vegan and cruelty-free.

NYX 3-Steps to Sculpt


If you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t get much more affordable than NYX’s 3-Steps to Sculpt palette. This palette is available in four colors: fair, light, medium and deep. It costs just a few dollars, and the results are natural.

Setting Spray

If you want your look to last, then you’ll need a good setting spray. Don’t skip this step – as tempting as it may be. Here are some great setting sprays to try.

NYX Professional Setting Spray


NYX’s Professional setting spray comes in a matte, dewy, radiant or plump finish. Results last up to 16 hours, so it will definitely get you through the day or evening. Plus, NYX’s product is very affordable, so you won’t break the bank trying to preserve your look.

Bella Jade Organic Setting Spray

Makeup Setting Spray with Organic Green Tea

If you’re looking for a more natural option, Bella Jade’s organic setting spray is a great choice. It’s highly rated by users and formulated with green tea, MSM and DMAE. This spray will leave your skin glowing and radiant.

Milani Make It Last

Milani Make It Last 3-in-1 Setting Spray and Primer

Milani’s Make It Last spray is actually a 3-in-1 product: prime, correct and set. It corrects imperfections while locking in your makeup look for up to 16 hours. If you don’t feel like wearing makeup, you can still use this spray for a fresh, dewy glow.

Final Thoughts

Contouring your nose is an art and a science. Use these tips and products to sculpt, shape and highlight your nose to create the look you want right at home.