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20 Best Organizational Printables to Organize Your Home

Home Organization Printables

An organized home is a happy home. When everything is in its place, it’s much easier to relax and feel at ease when you’re at home. But getting and keeping your house organized is an ongoing process. Organizational printables can help you stay on the right track.

We’re going to share 20 of the best printables to keep your home organized and your sanity in check.

20 Best Organizational Printables for Home

1. Free printable Home Inventory Worksheet


Keeping track of your home’s inventory is a great way to stay organized. With this printable, you can add:

  • Items for each room
  • When and where you purchased the item
  • Model and serial numbers
  • Whether it has a warranty, is a family heirloom or is insured
  • Notes
  • Photos

A detailed inventory like this is also helpful if you ever have to file an insurance claim to replace or repair certain items.

This is one of the top organizational printables we recommend having in your home binder simply because it puts your home’s inventory into perspective and may even make it easier to declutter in the future.

2. Day 15: Freezer and Pantry Inventory

Do you know what’s in your freezer and pantry? If you’re like many people, you probably have items in both places that are expired. Keeping track of your inventory in these key places can help you:

  • Stay organized
  • Consume foods before they expire (reducing waste!)
  • Ensure that you have enough supplies for an emergency

These two organizational printables are simple and easy to fill out. Just list out each item in your freezer and pantry, and how much you have each item.

3. Home Maintenance Checklist – Printable

Keeping a home clean and organized is hard work, but this printable makes it a little easier to tackle those home maintenance projects you may overlook.

These are the tasks that you may have forgotten about, like:

  • Cleaning under appliances
  • Checking for leaks
  • Flipping your mattress
  • Cleaning the porch

Keep this printable on your fridge as a reminder to tackle them at least a few times a year.

4. Home Maintenance

Speaking of home maintenance – are you planning a home improvement project? If so, you can use organizational printables like this one to help you stay on track. On this page, you can track your:

  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Miscellaneous

You can write down your budget for each section and then how much you actually spent in the next column. It’s a great way to track projects and see how far over or under budget you went with each one.

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5. Deep Cleaning Checklist for Your Entire Home

Here’s a more detailed deep cleaning checklist that will help you keep your home clean and organized. It breaks each task down into different areas of the home, making it easy to tackle jobs little by little.

You’ll love this printable because it also has checkboxes, so you can mark off each item as you complete it. Aim to complete all chores within the month, and repeat the cycle.

6. Inventory Organizing Control: The Harmonized House Project

Here’s another home inventory checklist, but this one is specifically for your appliances. If you recently purchased new appliances, we highly recommend using one of these organizational printables. With this template, you can add:

  • The name of the appliance
  • The store where you purchased it
  • The date of purchase
  • Cost
  • Make/model
  • Warranty information

If something goes wrong with one of your appliances, you can refer back to this list for warranty information or information about the make/model for repairs.

7. Free Important Contacts Printables

Your home is connected to many services, and this printable is a great way to keep track of them all. Here, you can add information for utilities and services that you use on a daily basis, including your:

  • Electric provider
  • Gas company
  • Trash provider
  • Water provider
  • Waste management company
  • Sewer provider
  • Cable or TV provider
  • Internet service provider
  • Cell phone company

Whether you have a question about your bill or need service, you can refer to this printable to easily get in touch with the right people.

8. 13 Free Organization Printables That Will Change Your Life

If you have trouble keeping your passwords in check, this is the perfect printable for you. Keep a log of all of your passwords, usernames and websites where you have accounts.

While this printable can be very helpful, especially if you have forgetful family members, it’s important to make sure that you keep it somewhere safe. A family safe or locked cabinet is ideal. If the kids accidentally take this paper to school, it could easily get into the wrong hands.

9. Free Printable Bill Tracker

We all have bills to pay, but it’s easy to lose track of due dates. Use this printable to keep track of your bills, how much they are and whether they’ve been paid.

Each month has its own color, which makes it easy to see if you’ve made a payment at a glance.

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10. 2019 Yearly Calendar Free Printable

Even in a world full of social media notifications and reminders, it’s really easy to miss someone’s birthday.

With this birthday tracker printable, you can easily keep track of everyone’s special day. It includes a block for each month of the year, where you can write down birthdays and names.

11. Free Printable Dates to Remember Log

We all have important dates each month that we need to keep track of. Use this printable to help you stay on track and never forget an appointment, event or special day.

This printable has a block for each month of the year and space to write down important dates for each one. We love the colorful design of this printable, which looks great hanging on any fridge.

12. Organize Your Home

At some point, every home could use a thorough decluttering and purging of old or unused things. This printable checklist can help you get organized and finally let go of items that are only weighing you down. But it also helps you purge items you may have forgotten about, like:

  • Old spices
  • Dried up pens
  • Dried out paint
  • Old receipts

Use this checklist a few times a year to keep your clutter in check.

13. Pinterest Find: Organization Binder Printables

If you or a family member is on medication, having a list of medications is helpful. You can take this printable with you to the doctor or if there’s an emergency, it’s easy to communicate information about medications.

This printable has space for each medication, including:

  • The prescribing doctor
  • Start/stop date
  • Form
  • Dosage and directions
  • Reason for taking the medication
  • Symptoms/reactions

Keep this list somewhere that’s easy to find when you need it most.

14. Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable

Having deep cleaning and maintenance checklists is great, but it’s also important to have a weekly cleaning schedule. With this printable, you can create your own schedule for each day of the week, or add all of your cleaning tasks to one day – it’s up to you.

Each list also has checkboxes next to every line, so you can mark off tasks as you complete them. Additionally, you can create lists of daily and monthly tasks if you like.

If you want to keep your cleaning tasks organized, this printable will help you reach that goal.

15. Free Laundry Schedule Printable

Laundry can be chaotic in a house full of kids, but with this printable, you can create a schedule and keep those laundry baskets from overflowing.

Just plan out how many loads to wash on each day of the week, or schedule in different family members for different days. Hang this printable in the laundry room, so everyone can follow the schedule.

16. Remarkable Grocery List

How often have you come home from the store only to find that you forgot something you were out of? With this organization printable, you never have to worry about forgetting them again.

Just hang this list on your fridge along with a pen, and have family members mark things off when you run out of them. From vegetables to spices and common household items, this list has it all.

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17. Kids Clean Room Checklist

Keeping the kids’ rooms clean can be a major challenge, but this printable can help. It has a checklist of chores for kids to check off when cleaning their rooms. It makes it easy for them to focus on one thing at a time and feel accomplished when they’re done.

18. Light Grey Budget Planner

Budgeting is an important part of having an organized home. With this printable, you can create a monthly budget that will keep your finances in order. Add your income, debt payments, savings and bills. There’s also a section for monthly income, budget, savings and expenses to give you an overview of your finances for the month.

19. Organizing Printables

Having a tidy home is important, but it’s even more crucial to ensure your most important documents are easily accessible. Keeping your documents in a safe and secure location is key. With this printable, you can use the included checklist to ensure that these important documents are somewhere safe. You can also use it to make sure that you have these items.

20. Home and Work To Do Lists 

Here’s a great printable to use if you work from home. It will help you keep both spaces well organized. Create to-do lists for home and for work on the same page. A convenient checklist allows you to mark off each item as you complete it.

If you want to keep your home and your life organized, these 20 printables can help. Use them to keep your house, your finances and your sanity in check.

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