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20 Brilliant Small Apartment Storage Hacks You Shouldn’t Miss

Small Apartment Storage Hacks We Love the Most

Small apartment storage hacks make even a tiny space feel bigger. If you’re looking to maximize your space or simply make it feel “bigger,” this article is for you. We’re going to list hacks for virtually every room so that you have more room in a clutter-free space.

20 Genius Small Apartment Storage Hacks

1. Best Overall: Tension Rods

Best Overall - Tension Rods

Tension rods don’t sound as exciting or fun as some of the hacks on our list, but they’re one of the most versatile. You can create storage space anywhere you want with these rods:

  • Bathrooms
  • Cupboards
  • Closets
  • Etc.

Adjustable rods will fit in any space between 28″ and 48″ wide and allow you to hang or store items easily.

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2. Best for Bedroom: Ladder Bookcase / Organizer

Best for Bedroom-Ladder Bookcase - Organizer

Organizing a bedroom is a lot of fun, and you have a lot of storage options to choose from here. One of the options that we really like is to use a ladder organizer. These organizers are great for storing your weeks’ clothes, shoes and other items on.

You can also hang bags and purses on them.

3. Best for Living Room: Walled Shelving Units

Best for Living Room- Walled Shelving Units

Living rooms are large open spaces. If you look around, do you have a wall where a shelving unit will fit? Walled shelving units offer so many storage options. Place wicker baskets on the shelf and fill them with items, or find decorative items to store on the shelves.

Free-standing options do exist if you don’t want to make holes in the wall to hang shelves.

4. Best for Bathroom: Hanging Organizers

Best for Bathroom-Hanging Organizers

Your bathroom should be an oasis, but it’s easy to get over-cluttered and make the space feel chaotic. One way to overcome the chaos is to organize your bathroom using hanging organizers. You can create immense storage options with:

  • Hanging door organizers
  • Hanging cabinet organizers

Shortly, we’re even going to cover an amazing shower curtain that has storage built into it to hold your items in a space that often goes unutilized.

5. Best for Kitchen: Lazy Susans

Best for Kitchen - Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a dream come true if you have corner cabinets in your kitchen. If you have these cabinets, you know that all of the space in the back goes unused because you can never reach it easily.

Install a Lazy Susan, which allows you to rotate the unit to utilize space in the back of the cabinet.

Simply rotate the Lazy Susan to reach these items and keep them neatly organized.

Check out KitchenSource’s Lazy Susan collection!

6. Most Genius Storage Hack for Small Spaces: Storage Seating

Most Genius Storage Hack for Small Spaces- Storage Seating

Storage seating is one of the best small apartment storage hacks on our list because everyone needs to sit. You can add reading benches, corner benches, or use ottomans to store items.

When you’re utilizing seating space for storage, you open up the entire apartment for other uses.

7. Best for Laptop or PC Users: Monitor Riser Drawer

Best for Laptop or PC Users- Monitor Riser Drawer

Do you use a laptop or PC? A monitor riser with a drawer is the perfect storage space for all of your office items, including:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Stapler
  • Sticky notes
  • Etc.

Simply rest your laptop on the riser or put your monitor on top of it and use the drawers for storage.

8. Best for Fruit Lovers: Fruit Veggie Hammock 

Best for Fruit Lovers- Fruit Veggie Hammock

Fruits and vegetables take up a lot of countertop space; space that you cannot afford to lose in a small apartment. One of our invaluable, small apartment storage hacks is to use the Fruit Veggie hammock.

You can store everything, including bananas, apples, oranges and so much more.

The hammock attaches to the underside of your cabinets to hold these food items.

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9. Best Outlet Hack: Power Perch Outlet Shelf


If you have power outlets, you have space for a shelf. These small shelves attach to the wall outlets you have, are easy to install, and are great for storing items. In small bathrooms, these outlets can be used to hold:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Cups
  • Small personal care items

And you can install them in any room in the home.

10. Best In-Shower Hack: Maytex Mesh Shower Curtain

Best In-Shower Hack - Maytex Mesh Shower Curtain

Does your shower curtain offer you storage? Most don’t. But the Maytex model is a clear shower curtain that has nine storage pockets built into it. You can use these pockets to store all sorts of items, like hair care products, soap – anything you may need in the shower.

11. Best for Laundry Rooms: Whitmor 3 Tier Rolling Cart

Best for Laundry Rooms- Whitmor 3 Tier Rolling Cart

Whitmor offers a slim chrome cart that is just 9.125″ wide and can fit snuggly between a washing machine and a dryer. Wheel the cart out, fill it with your laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and fabric softener.

And you’ll maximize your space by utilizing the small area between your machines.

12. Best for Cleaning Brooms, Swiffers, Etc: Broom-Holder


Broom holders of all types make sense for small spaces. You attach these models to the wall and hang your broom, Swiffer, dustpan and other items on the holder. Strong glue adhesive is used on the product we link to at the bottom of this section, but you’ll also find models that can screw in for a stronger, more reliable hold.

13. Best for Spices: Gneiss Magnetic Holder 


Gneiss offers a neat product to fit all of your spices right on your refrigerator. Ten small jars and lids are provided, but you can choose up to 24 large jars if you wish. The lids are magnetic, so fill up the jar, tighten the cap and place them on your refrigerator.

This hack is a lifesaver if you don’t have room for spices on your countertop or in your cabinets.

Tip: Make your own spice labels for a more personal touch!

14. Best for Inside of Cabinets: Spectrum Lid Holder

Best for Inside of Cabinets- Spectrum Lid Holder

Cabinet doors offer immense storage space, but most people don’t take advantage of this area. An organizer can hang from the cabinet door, hangs and allows you to store lids and other items in it.

You’ll utilize dead space and have three tiers of storage that you didn’t have before.

If you don’t like the model we linked below, you’ll find many alternative options online that work just as well.

15. Best for Corners: Free-Standing Corner Organizer

Best for Corners- Free-Standing Corner Organizer

Corner organizer units are an excellent option for any corner. Free-standing models can be purchased in most retail stores, and you simply assemble and place them against the corner. You can use these corner spaces effectively with tiered organizers that can hold anything:

  • Pictures
  • Statues
  • Decorative items
  • Books
  • Etc.

If you don’t like a plain organizer, you can opt for corner seats with storage, much like this one at Home Depot.

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16. Best for Under Your Sink: Organizer Trays

Best for Under Your Sink- Organizer Trays

Are you utilizing all of the vertical space underneath your sinks? There’s a good chance that you’re not. You can use an under-sink organizer for any room in your apartment: kitchen or sink. Multi-tier organizers are also available and allow you to store cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and more.

17. Best for Cans: File Organizer Hack

Best for Cans-File Organizer Hack

File organizers are amazing for files, but they’re even better for your canned goods. If your pantry is cluttered and you can’t seem to find a way to organize all of your cans, use a file organizer.

18. Best for Closet Doors:  Shoe Rack Hack

Best for Closet Doors- Shoe Rack Hack

If you’re not using a shoe rack in your closet, you’re wasting a ton of valuable space. And you don’t even need to store your shoes in these racks. People store everything from shoes to garbage bags and paper towels in these racks.

In fact, Walmart has a beautiful mesh shoe rack that has little “sacks” that you can put anything in. One great idea is to place your crafting items in here, like scissors, markers, colored pencils, etc.

19. Best for Hat Wearers: LEKUSHA Cap Organizer Hanger

Best for Hat Wearers-LEKUSHA Cap Organizer Hanger

One of our niche small apartment storage hacks is to use a cap organizer hanger. Simply place these hangers in your closet, and they have small clips that you can attach hats to. You can also attach ties, scarves or any lighter items on.

20. Best for Out-of-Season Clothing: Onlyeasy Large Underbed Storage Bags Organizer

Best for Out-of-Season Clothing-Onlyeasy Large Underbed Storage Bags Organizer

Finally, our last hack is to store your out-of-season clothing under your bed. Of course, you need to have a bed that doesn’t sit on the floor to use this hack. If you have a small space under the bed that isn’t large enough for these organizers, you can always use lifts to lift the bed up a few inches.

Now, fill the bags with clothes that you won’t wear for a few months and place them under the bed.

Of course, other items will also fit under the bed, such as holiday decorations, shoes and other items aside from clothing.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our small apartment storage hacks help you find a way to organize your space. Mix and match the recommendations above, or start implementing some of these techniques on a room-by-room basis to make your space clutter-free and inviting.

In the end, your goal should be to find a way to use your storage space in a functional way.