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18 Best Storage for Spices to Steal for Your Kitchen

Finding storage for spices can be difficult, especially if you have a smaller kitchen or limited cabinet and countertop space. If you’re struggling to find the right storage solution for your spice collection, we’re here to help. We’re going to share 15+ awesome ideas for storing your spices.

18 Best Storage for Spices to Steal for Your Kitchen

1. Pull-Out Drawer Spice Rack

Looking for an intuitive way to store your spices? Try this pull-out drawer rack. It has multiple layers of slidable racks, so you can store dozens of spices and keep them in easy reach. Push each rack in or out to find what you need.

When you’re done, close the big drawer to hide everything away.

If you don’t mind a little renovation work, a project like this will make your life easier when you’re preparing meals.

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2. Foam Board Drawer Organizer

Drawer storage for spices is all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why – it’s convenient. But if you don’t want to just lay your jars down on their sides, a foam board organizer will keep everything within easy reach.

You can find a helpful tutorial on how to make your own organizer over at Abundance of Everything. If you’re not crafty, you can grab a similar drawer spice rack over at Amazon.

3. Under-Shelf Magnetic Spice Rack

The best storage ideas are those that keep your spices within easy reach. This magnetic spice rack sits right under a shelf for easy access. Simply install a metal plate under your cabinets, and attach magnets to spice jar lids. The jars will hang from the metal plate, making it easy to grab what you need when you’re cooking.

You can find magnetic spice kits, like this one from Amazon, that includes the board and a set of spice jars.

If you have a stainless steel shelf in your kitchen, then half the work is done for you. Just attach magnets to the lids of your spices, and you’re ready to start organizing.

4. Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are a great way to store spices and make everything easily accessible from anywhere on the shelf.

You can find non-skid turntables on Amazon at really affordable prices. Place them on shelves in your spice cabinet, and you’ll have easy access to your spices whenever you’re cooking.

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5. Shelf Storage for Spices

Shelves are always a great storage option for spices, and they can be mounted just about anywhere – the inside of a cabinet door, the pantry door, etc.

Clear acrylic shelves, like these ones from Amazon, are a great option because you can see the jars and their labels. Adding your own jar labels and putting your spices in matching jars can create a more uniform and organized look for your spice collection.

6. Wall-Mounted Spice Cabinet

A wall-mounted spice cabinet is a fun alternative to the traditional storage ideas you see everywhere. If you have a farmhouse or country theme in your home, this spice cabinet will blend in perfectly with your décor.

The mesh door insert makes it easy to see your spice collection, and the built-in shelves give you plenty of space to store your jars.

You can build your own – just follow the plans at Saws on Skates – or you can find a similar cabinet on Amazon.

7. Use a Wine Rack

Here’s another clever way to make storage for spices – use a wine rack. Countertop wine racks, like this one from Wayfair, are perfect for spice storage, and they make it easy to find what you need without having to dig around.

You can place a rack like this on your countertop or even hang it up on the wall. Storage like this is ideal for large spice collections because the compartment can fit 2-3 jars.

We recommend putting labels on the lids of your jars to make it easier to find what you need.

8. Pull-down Racks

If you’re looking for a convenient way to store your spices, a pull-down rack is a great option. These multi-tiered racks can hold several jars at a time, and they can be pulled down and out of the cabinet for easy access.

If you have high cabinets, a rack like this will make it much easier to retrieve your spices when you’re cooking.

You can find a rack like this on Amazon for less than $30.

The only drawback is that these have to be mounted to the cabinet floor or shelf, so they’re not ideal for rentals.

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9. Tiered Shelves

If you already have a designated spice cabinet in your kitchen, tiered shelves may be a great option for you. These types of shelves make it easy to see all of your spice jars and get what you need quickly.

You can find a helpful tutorial for building your own tiered rack over at Joyful Derivatives, or you can grab a similar organizer from Amazon.

10. Wall-Mounted Spice Cubby

Cubby shelves are an excellent option for spice storage. They’re just the right size for jars, and they’ll keep everything in place. Because they’re wall-mounted, you don’t have to worry about taking up countertop or cabinet space.

The compact size of these shelving units also makes them easy to install just about anywhere in the kitchen.

This shelving unit from Amazon has 12 compartments, and if you have an even bigger spice collection, you can buy more than one and mount them side by side.

11. Wall-Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack

Here’s another great magnetic spice rack idea, but instead of mounting it to the underside of your cabinet, this one mounts onto a wall or door. Each lid has a label, which makes it so easy to find what you need.

If you’re renting your home, you can use a spice rack like this one from Amazon that uses adhesives instead of screws to keep the mount in place. If you want a more permanent installation, a rack like this one will work best.

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12. Magnetic Rack with Chalk Labels

Here’s a creative way to store your spices on a magnetic board. Use a black magnetic board, and space out your spices so that you can write labels in chalk or white marker.

What’s great about this idea is that you can easily change the jar’s “label” whenever you add a different spice to the jar. There’s no need to worry about removing old labels and printing out new ones.

13. Picture Ledges

If you’re looking for simple storage for spices, try picture ledges. They’re just the right depth to hold spice jars, and they make it easy to read all of your jar’s labels.

These picture ledges from Amazon are the perfect size for spice jars, and they’re easy to mount onto a wall. Hang four of them to recreate the idea above. Add a cute sign to the top ledge and your spice collection below. If you have a smaller spice collection, two or three shelves may give you more than enough space.

14. Compact Spice Dispensers

If you’re looking for something a little more compact, these spice dispensers from Amazon are perfect. Each tray holds six different spices, and the clear jar makes it easy to identify what’s inside.

If you want, you can add labels to the lids or sides of the jars.

The trays are small enough to be tucked onto a cabinet shelf or even stored on the countertop or above the stove.

15. Pantry Door Spice Rack

A door-mounted spice rack is ideal for a pantry door. It keeps your spices tucked away and out of sight but still within easy reach.

Mountable racks like this one from Amazon have lots of shelf space to store more than one jar at a time.

If you don’t want to mount your rack onto your door, you can use an over-the-door rack instead.

16. Log and Peg Storage

Want a unique way to store your spices? This log and peg storage idea turns your spice rack into a work of art.

This is a storage idea that you’ll need to DIY, but it will be worth the effort to store your spices in a rustic, nature-inspired way.

17. Test Tube Storage

If you prefer to buy your spices in small quantities, then test tube storage may be a great option for you.

You can find test tube spice racks on Amazon that come with caps and funnels for easy filling and storage. Each rack holds about six spices.

18. Spice Drawer Liner and Organizer

If you love the idea of using drawer storage for spices, liner mats and organizers will give you the flexibility and convenience you crave.

These specially designed liners allow you to store spice jars on their sides. The non-skid surface keeps your jars in place when opening and closing your drawers.

You can grab this spice liner on Amazon for less than $20, making it an affordable option for storing your spices.

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