Best 21 Small House Toy Storage Ideas

Ways to Organize Toys in Small Spaces


Small house toy storage ideas offer solutions to the common problem most parents face. Perhaps, you are not an exception to the troubling issues of kids’ toys littering the house.

While you want your kids to play and learn with toys, keeping the house neat is a significant challenge in a small apartment. Since you cannot afford to dedicate a room to your kids’ toys, the solution is to have decent storage for toys.

Below are 21 small house toy storage ideas to consider.

1. Toy Storage World LOL Toys Hanging Storage Organizer

With this toy storage, you can use your back door is a perfect toy storage solution. The toy storage can safely be hung at the back of your door to hold as many toys as possible. The storage can have various toys to keep your home neat.


2. Unicorn Stuffed Animal Toy Storage Kids Bean Bag Chair Cover

This small house toy storage magical bag will help keep your kid’s toys out of the way. Use it to give your house the neatness you ever wanted. The storage organizer is 24″ (L) x 24″ (W) x 19 1/2″ (H) in dimension capable of holding up to 90 stuffed animals and soft items. It comes in beautiful velvet with a durable zipper.


3. Collapsible Polyester Storage Basket

You can use this toy storage solution for anything. The 18 x 12 x 15 inches collapsible storage is perfect for all types of toys to give your house the ideal cleaning you wanted. It is also useful for keeping adult stuff clothes, towels, and books as desired to enhance your home’s look.




4. Sauder Pogo Bookcase/footboard with Soft White finish

For a small house toy storage idea, consider the Sauder Pogo Bookcase solution. You can store all types of toys with it to keep a clean and good looking apartment. The exciting feature is the ID tag to organize your items.


TIP: Add labels to shelves for better organization!


5. Storage Cubes – (pack of 6) Storage Baskets

Your dream of a clean house is solved with the storage cubes solution. The storage idea helps keep your kid’s toys away where they can pick it with ease when needed. It helps to organize toys according to types, and your child can go for what he wants rather than searching for many toys.


6. Step2 2-in-1 Art Toy Box

This small house storage idea is both a resource toolbox and a toy storing facility. It helps to keep your children’s toys safe and keep your house clean. At the same time, the front lid serves as a paintbrush and crayon holder.


7. Think small, lidless bins Sterilite

You know it can be difficult for kids to follow simple rules. If you don’t want to get freaked out, get this toy storage. This storage facility is lidless, allowing an easy way for your child to drop off a used toy and walk away.


8. Car Display Case Storage Cabinet Shelf Wall Mount Rack

Little toy cars are a nightmare if you accidentally step on one of them. Well, they provide fun for the kids, but you should provide storage for after use. This cabinet shelf is what you need to keep out of trouble with those little cars.


9. KidKraft Austin Toy Box, White

This resourceful toy storage solution is every home delight because of its usefulness. You can use it to store your kids’ toys and can serve as a bench for sitting when needed. They are in a variety of colors.


10. Best Wooden Toy Storage: KidKraft Children’s Bookcase with Reading Nook and Cushions

This toy storage idea is an excellent piece of furniture ideal for keeping your kids learning items. You can keep books, comics, games, and lots of other toys to keep them busy around them. The wooden toy measures 40.1″ x 11.8″ x 24″, making it perfect for children.


11. Humble Crew Supersized Wood Toy Storage Organizer

This is one of the small house toy storage ideas you would love to have around because of its usefulness. It is well-organized storage solution that can help your children keep their toys accordingly.


12. GRANNY SAYS Storage Bin

This storage box comes with different sections for a comfortable arrangement. It is set up with collapsible bins measuring 11.4 x 11.4 x 7.9 inches. So, you can store it safely for later use. It is also made small and portable to fit into small rooms.


13. HUNRUNG Rectangle Storage Basket Cute Canvas Organizer Bin

Hunrung storage basket made of natural cotton is safe and eco-friendly. It comes with several collapsible compartments for neat storage of toddler’s items. It is 14.9″ x 10.2″ x 9.05″ in size, with a cotton handle and lightweight body for portability. You can fold to fit into small spaces.


14. Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock

This eco-friendly small house toy storage solution is a great solution for baby toy storage. Keep the stuffed animals, baby toys, jumbo toys stuffed pet toys, and stuffed animals out of the way, and tidy.


15. Bath Toy Organizer

A super strong mesh net makes for the ideal bathtub toy organizer because the netting is specially spaced so that plenty of air can circulate while all the water drains out.


16. FURINNO Basic 3×2 Cubic Bookcase Storage Shelves

This amazing bookcase is stylish and functional for keeping toddlers’ toys. Its compartments are made of quality sturdy materials and non-woven fabric. They are brought detached but can be assembled easily. It measures 31.6 x 23.6 x 11.9 inches. This budget-friendly storage cabinet will fit perfectly in your apartment and provide more space.


17. ArtBin Large Box with Removable Dividers Jewelry & Craft Organizer

The ArtBin is a Zerust anti-tarnish Technology made toy storage organizer to keep your children stuff neatly. It has customizable compartments with 4 Compartment Box, four fixed compartments with removable dividers, and features snap-tight closures for secure storage. The box is portable and can be carried without the worry of losing the content.


18. Original Chain Gang Toy Organizer  

The chain gang toy organizer features 20 clips with a ceiling mount to securely attach it anywhere you want. This is a perfect toy storage kit to keep your house free of toy clutter while your children never lack a moment of quality play with their toys. The chain gang toy organizer is also useful for adults to hang their stuff like hats, scarves, and paintings to keep the house tidy.


19. HearthSong Art Place Portfolio

If your kids love drawing, make this nice and beautiful Art Place Portfolio your house storage buddy. The toy storage is divided into eight color-tabs for easy organizing of art-related items. Inside the organizer is a bright paper frame to hold your art masterpieces for quick access. It can hold 12″ x18″, 16″ x 14″, and 8″ x 10″ piece of artwork.


20. LEGO Storage Big Toy Bucket

Tidying up your house and keeping your children’s toys out of the way is now easier than you can imagine with Lego Storage Big Toy Bucket. It’s spacious toy storage ideal to hold all kinds of toys and children stuff, including books, games, toys, and other items that need to get out of the way. The collapsible toy bag is portable and easy to clean.


21. Lay-n-Go Large Activity Mat & Toy Organizer

If you want a toy organizer that is both convenient and useful, it’s the Lay-n-Go large activity mat. Your children will find it handy in most of their playtimes and will equally help to keep your house in tidy condition always.



Keeping your house clean is a thankless job, especially if you have little ones. You can save yourself hours of shouting and headaches if you pick any of the small house toy storage ideas discussed here.