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17 Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas That Are Full of Style

Want to add more storage space to your bathroom? We’ve rounded up 17 over the toilet storage ideas that will refresh your space while making it more functional.

17 Best Over the Toilet Storage Ideas That Are Full of Style

1. The Twillery Co Alaysia

Alaysia Solid Wood Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

If you’re into the minimalistic look, The Twillery Co’s Alaysia storage unit is perfect. It fits right over the toilet and features a natural, bamboo wood design.

The convenient bottom shelf is perfect for storing hand towels and other small toiletry items. The cabinet gives you even more space for extra towels, personal care items and more.

You can even add some cute décor items to the top of the cabinet, like potted plants or artwork.

This unit has some really great features, like magnetic door stoppers, an anti-toppling design and a hollow-carved door with grooved handles. The vented cabinet doors allow for better air circulation and a modern look.

2. SONGMICS 3-Tier Storage Unit

SONGMICS Over The Toilet Storage

Over the toilet storage ideas don’t have to be complicated. SONGMICS 3-tier unit is simple, but it’s ideal for keeping your bathroom organized and tidy.

This unit has three shelves that sit above the toilet, and one is adjustable to give you more flexibility. You can even choose between six different colors: brown, brown/black, greige/black, grey, natural and white.

The anti-tip kit ensures that this unit won’t topple over, and the bamboo frame adds to the unit’s overall durability.

3. Fokyfok Wall Storage Unit

Fokyfok Bathroom Over The Toilet Organizer

Do you prefer to have storage that hangs on the wall? If you’re a fan of over the toilet storage that looks like this, you’re in luck:

Fokyfok’s over the toilet storage unit has three convenient shelves and comes with support feet that keep it in place on top of the toilet. There’s no need to drill holes into the wall. The adhesive hooks fasten the unit’s legs to the toilet tank.

You’ll love that this unit has little features, like a hook and basket, to improve its versatility. The hook is perfect for storing jewelry or even extra rolls of toilet paper. The basket can hold brushes, combs and more.

The best part? You can choose from different colors, sizes and styles to fit your home.

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4. Sand & Stable Owen Freestanding Storage

Owen Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Sand & Stable’s freestanding storage unit has a cute farmhouse style and is so easy to install. The unit has a large bottom shelf that’s perfect for storing bigger items, like tall bottles. The top cabinet has two interior shelves that you can use to store other essentials.

While this unit is sturdy, we do recommend buying anti-tip straps to ensure your unit stays in place.

5. The Twillery Co. Garlington Freestanding Storage

Garlington Solid Wood Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

The  Twillery Co’s Garlington storage unit provides ample storage space, and its sturdy design makes it a great choice if you need to store larger or heavier items.

This unit ticks all of the boxes for must-haves, including:

  • Anti-tip devices
  • 4 hooks to hang your bathroom essentials

The unit is easy to assemble and has shelving that can easily accommodate larger items.

6. 3-Tier Storage Ladder

SUPER DEAL 3 Tiers Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage Shelf

Want a storage unit that looks similar to this?

Then you’ll love this ladder storage unit, which has three shelves and a farmhouse style. It’s a freestanding shelving unit with a slim profile, which makes it perfect for small bathrooms.

Each shelf has a weight capacity of 19 pounds. You’ll love the white finish, which is waterproof and gives the unit a modern farmhouse feel.

7. QEEIG Bathroom Shelves

QEEIG Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet Wall Mounted

If you’re looking for wall-mounted over the toilet storage ideas, these shelves are perfect. These farmhouse style shelves come in sets of three and in a rustic brown color.

You’ll love that the one shelf has a floating basket, which really gives you two shelves for storage. And you can configure the shelves any which way you please.

The basket shelf is ideal for storing extra rolls of toilet paper or hand towels.

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8. Latitude Run Aidie Storage Unit

Aidie Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Latitude Run’s Aidie storage unit has a simple but classic design that gives you loads of additional bathroom storage.

This storage piece has two open shelves at the top of the unit and a convenient cabinet with two additional, hidden shelves. The top shelves are great for décor items or extra towels that you don’t use often. On the interior shelves, you can store things like extra shampoo or toilet paper rolls.

The anti-tipping device keeps this unit upright, and the smooth surface is so easy to clean.

The Aidie storage unit comes in both white and brown, which is more of a natural wood look.

9. Furniouse Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

Furniouse Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

Offering an exceptional amount of storage space, this grey cabinet has six tiers and a cabinet door that instantly transforms a smaller bathroom into one with more than ample storage. Featuring a farmhouse style, the cabinet is made from engineered wood and comes in white and wash-grey color options.

10. Belz Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Belz Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Belz freestanding storage is an interesting addition to any bathroom thanks to its staggered shelving options. Right above your toilet seat, you’ll find two shelves that you can use to hold smaller bottles or sprays.

However, to the right, there’s another row of four shelves that you can use to store your:

  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Knick-knacks
  • Candles

Shelves are adjustable and the total height of the unit is 49”. Width is 35”, allowing this over-the-toilet option to fit nicely over any modern toilet. Shelf width right above the toilet is 23” with a 10” height.

Side shelving has a 5” width with 10” height between them.

11. LUND Solid Wood Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

LUND Solid Wood Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Manufactured with solid wood, this simple storage option has two shelves and measures 48” in height. Width is 27”, allowing the cabinet to comfortably fit over most modern toilets. The white finish adds an upscale look to the room.

Shelf height is 9”, but you can keep taller items on the top shelf.

Geometric cutouts on the side of the shelves make the cabinet a nice addition to any space.

12. glitzhome Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

glitzhome Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

I absolutely love over the toilet storage ideas that use this storage cabinet because it is a stunning freestanding organizer. You’ll find the glass pattern on the clear glass doors is stunning, instantly making any bathroom upscale.

Two lower shelves are available and are the ideal size for holding additional toilet paper.

Each interior shelf has three height adjustments and doors close snugly thanks to the magnetic closing design. Satin nickel knobs are on each door and there are anti-topple fittings to ensure the 68” high unit never falls over.

13. Kallstrom Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Kallstrom Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

The Kallstrom over-the-toilet storage unit is perfect for smaller toilets or even above a washing machine. Four shelves can hold all of your items, such as shampoo, conditioner, magazines, toilet paper and towels.

A metal frame and particle board allow each of the shelves to hold up to 33 pounds each.

Dimensions for the storage unit are:

  • 2” length
  • 8” width
  • 6” height

14. VANIRROR Grey Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

VANIRROR Grey Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet

Do you want to recreate this awesome cabinet idea from Pinterest? VANIRROR’s grey cabinet spans 24” x 30” and offers ample room for creams on the bottom, non-enclosed shelf. Moving upward, you’ll find a cabinet that opens with two shelving units, ideal for medicine, toilet paper and other items.

You can also place items, such as a cute plant, on the very top of the medicine cabinet.

Black and white exterior options are available for those reading this that would prefer an alternative color option.

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15. Anaisabel Solid Wood Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Anaisabel Solid Wood Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Storage

Gracie Oaks’ solid over-the-toilet storage unit looks like a ladder that sits right above your toilet. Each shelf has a lip on it that prevents bottles from slipping off. Three wide shelves allow for optimal storage in bathrooms will little space.

Shelves are not adjustable and have a depth of 7.75”.

You’ll need to place the unit flush against the wall to keep it firmly in place.

16. ITUSUT Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

ITUSUT Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet

ITUSUT’s toilet storage option has adjustable shelves, two side organizers and a pull-down door. Unlike some of the free-standing models, this unit has a floor mount with a paper holder and three cabinet doors.

Made with high-quality steel and wooden panels, the multifunctional design makes this a versatile toilet storage option.

Interior space allows you to store towels, toilet paper, creams, towels and so much more. Simple adjustment options allow you to change the height of your shelves to hold larger bottles and creams.

17. Oikos 3 Tier Over the Toilet Storage

Oikos 3 Tier over the toilet storage

Oikos offers a three-tier toilet storage option with room for everything from:

  • Magazines
  • Towels
  • Plants

Featuring a white exterior, you can choose a rose gold or satin nickel color. Non-slip covers on the bottom of the rack keep it in place and the total assembled height is 59.5”. Width is 10.2” and depth is 25.3”.

Elegant and free-standing, the unit weighs just 6.19 pounds and will fit perfectly in any bathroom.

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