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11 Gorgeous Laundry Room Wallpapers and How to Style Them

Looking to upgrade your laundry room? The right laundry room wallpaper will completely transform your space and make it one you actually enjoy being in. We’ve rounded up 11 gorgeous wallpapers that you can add to your laundry room this weekend and some helpful styling tips to tie the room together.

11 Gorgeous Laundry Room Wallpapers and How to Style Them

1. French Nightingale Blue Floral Wallpaper

French Nightingale Blue Floral Scroll Wallpaper

We love this French Nightingale wallpaper because it adds color and a beautiful pattern to the space without being too much. It gives that French country vibe without being overbearing.

You can apply this wallpaper to an accent wall or do the entire room. If you have a white washer and dryer, the blue will add a nice contrast while keeping the room bright and airy.

2. Wildwood Wallpaper

Wildwood Wallpaper

Looking for laundry room wallpaper that’s bright and bold? The Wildwood Wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co. is perfect. You can choose from a few variations of the pattern, including light green, coral, black, navy and dark green.

We love the floral pattern, which is inspired by antique botanical drawings. Because this pattern is a bit busier and bolder, it’s ideal for an accent wall or for walls with board and batten.

3. Mirei Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Mirei Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Mirei’s peel and stick wallpaper will be a gorgeous addition to your laundry room. The pattern is inspired by Japanese blossoms and features soft hues of blue, yellow, white and gray.

You could add this wallpaper to the wall behind your washer and dryer, or you could do the entire room. If you have a smaller space, an accent wall will work best for this paper.

The linen texture is perfect for the laundry room and will give it a cozy, welcoming vibe. Add a light gray rug and hang some cute wall décor to complete the space.

You’ll love that this wallpaper is peel and stick, so it’s easy to apply and remove – perfect for rentals.

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4. NextWall Chateau Toile Peel and Stick Wallpaper

NextWall Chateau Toile Peel and Stick Wallpaper

NextWall’s Chateau Toile wallpaper features a gorgeous pattern depicting life in the French countryside. It’s perfect for a farmhouse or home with a French country theme.

While we love the Blue Bell color, NextWall does offer other color choices:

  • Blush (a peachy color)
  • Argos Grey
  • Inkwell
  • Navy Blue
  • Sable Brown

The Blue Bell and Argos Grey colors are perfect for laundry rooms, especially if you have white, light gray or blue cabinets in your space.

Add a white rug to the space and some natural greenery to complete the French country look.

5. Retro Bath Pattern Cats Ironing Washing Bubbling

Retro Bath Pattern Cats Ironing Washing Bubbling for Washroom Laundry Wallpaper

What if you don’t want to wallpaper the entire wall? An adorable wallpaper border is the solution, and this retro bath cat pattern is perfect.

It features the following illustrations:

  • Molly June’s Flatcat Clothes Iron
  • Lily Belle’s Finest Fluffy Flakes
  • Pearly Mae’s Boadcious Bubbling Baby Bath
  • Callie Lou’s Catnip Clothes Soap

The retro illustrations of cats washing clothes and ironing make this border the perfect fit for your laundry room.

Just apply the border to the top of the wall and paint the rest of the room. A cream or light blue color would work perfectly for this wallpaper design.

6. Livebor Olive Leaf Wallpaper

Livebor Olive Leaf Wallpaper

Livebor’s Olive Leaf wallpaper has a gorgeous botanical pattern that’s perfect for the laundry room. The watercolor leaves are a work of art in and of themselves.

And because this is a peel-and-stick style wallpaper, it’s so easy to install. Choose between dark and light green, and from numerous sizes.

This wallpaper pattern is perfect for an accent wall, especially if you have a window in your laundry room. Check out this room for inspiration:

The coral rug complements the wood counters and earthy colors of this space. This laundry room looks so welcoming, thanks to the soft rug, pretty wallpaper and plant in the corner.

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7. NuWallpaper Breezy

NuWallpaper Breezy Self-Adhesive Removable Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Breezy is the perfect laundry room wallpaper because it has such a soft and beautiful botanical pattern.

The gray watercolor design will complement any room and any home décor style, but it’s especially perfect for light gray laundry rooms.

We love the idea of adding this wallpaper to the wall behind your washer and dryer. Choose a pretty medium gray color for the surrounding walls to soften up the space and make it more inviting.

Add a plant and some small décor items to tie the look together.

The peel and stick design makes this wallpaper so easy to apply.

8. LXCREAT Chevron Wallpaper

LXCREAT Removable Wallpaper

Yes, chevron is still in – at least for wallpaper patterns. And it’s perfect for laundry rooms because it’s simple yet beautiful.

LXCREAT’s chevron wallpaper comes in black/white and blue/white, so it will work well in most rooms. It’s also a self-adhesive option, so application is a breeze.

Chevron is a pretty pattern, but it’s still bold. We recommend using this wallpaper only on an accent wall. Otherwise, it may make the room look too busy.

9. RoomMates Twigs Wallpaper

RoomMates Navy and White Twigs Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Nature-inspired wallpaper patterns are perfect for laundry rooms, and this Twigs paper is perfect. The pattern is simple but eye-catching, and there are several color options to choose from.

The pale green and white color is perfect for farmhouse-style homes, while the navy and white will work well in any home.

You could add this wallpaper to an accent wall, or pair it with a board and batten half wall.

10. Meihodan Blue Bird Wallpaper

Meihodan Blue Bird Self Adhesive Wallpaper

If you don’t mind being a little bolder with your wallpaper style, the Meihodan Blue Bird pattern is gorgeous.

We wouldn’t recommend covering all of the walls in your laundry room with this wallpaper, but it’s perfect for an accent wall or board and batten half walls. 

Plus, it’s a peel and stick wallpaper option, so it’s so easy to apply.

11. Floral Wallpaper by Walls Republic

Floral Roll

Walls Republic’ Floral Wallpaper comes in spectacular color options, including turquoise (my fave), pastel, orange, yellow and black. Featuring a floral motif, the wallpaper is the perfect choice for the contemporary home and features vinyl as the primary material and a matte finish.

You can wash the wallpaper if it gets dirty (perfect for kids) and it’s even heat resistant for added protection from peeling.

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