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11 Amazing Blob Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

Blob mirrors add a modern touch to any home. These oddly shaped mirrors look exactly like their name: blobs. They’re great for entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms and any other space you want to brighten up. If you want to hop on the blob mirror trend, we have 11 options that you’ll love.

11 Amazing Blob Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

1. CONGUILIAO Asymmetrical Mirror

CONGUILIAO Asymmetrical Mirror

The CONGUILIAO asymmetrical mirror is perfect for bedroom vanities and bathrooms. It’s a larger mirror (33.5” x 20.5”), but it’s still lightweight enough that you can easily install it yourself.

We love that this mirror has a wood frame, crystal clear imaging and explosion-proof glass.

It pairs well with any style of home and is a work of art in itself.

2. Aset Irregular Mirror

ASET Irregular Wall Mirror

Blob mirrors like this one from Aset have more of a teardrop shape, which we love. You can hang this mirror any which way you want (horizontally or vertically). Aset includes mounting brackets, which makes installation a breeze.

The mirror sits in a black metal frame and features thick, high-quality glass.

While this mirror has a generous height of 30,” it’s not too wide (19.3”), so it’s an excellent option for more compact spaces.

We love the idea of hanging this mirror horizontally in the bathroom or in your entryway over a side table.

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3. Joss & Main Asymmetrical Wall Mirror

Asymmetrical Wall Mirror

Joss & Main’s asymmetrical wall mirror has such a unique design. It’s sure to be the focal point of your space and doubles as wall art.

It’s essentially four blob mirrors that have been artfully fused together. The quirky design will add character to your space.

The gold metal frame gives this mirror a vintage modern flair that’s so on-trend right now.

The mirror’s size (34.8” H X 26.8”) makes it a great fit for entryways, bedrooms or sitting areas. Despite its large size, this mirror isn’t too heavy. You can easily hang it yourself.

4. 3J Group Curvy Mirror

3J Group Irregular Mirror

3J’s curvy mirror is shaped like a pebble, which makes it perfect for hanging horizontally in a bedroom or vertically in a foyer or living room.

3J’s mirror is built to last, and that’s a big reason why we love it.

The 4mm iron frame is sturdy and durable, so it provides great protection for the glass. The mirror glass itself is 0.08” thick and distortion-free.

The 35” width makes this mirror perfect for any room in the house. You could even use it as an accent piece as part of your décor. Just grab a mirror stand holder, and you can stand this mirror up on a table as a work of art.

To make your life easier, 3J includes everything you need to hang this mirror (wall anchor, screws and instruction manual).

5. Trahome Irregular Mirror

TRAHOME Irregular Asymmetrical Wall Mirror

Tarhome’s blob mirrors are full of style and give you so many options for hanging. It’s a frameless mirror with a super light weight (5 pounds).

The wavy, asymmetrical shape of this mirror looks almost like a geode. It’s perfect for boho and modern homes alike.

The HD floating glass is distortion-free, and it has an explosion-proof film on the back to prevent shattering if the mirror does fall.

Many buyers use Command strips to hang this mirror because it’s easier and mess-free. Command’s picture hanging strips can support up to 16 pounds of weight, so they’re more than sufficient for hanging this mirror.

6. LYLDACER Yanliff Irregular Mirror Wall Decor

LYLDACER Yanliff Irregular Mirror Wall

LYLDACER’s mirror is ideal for right above a bathroom vanity, thanks to its sleek dimensions of:

  • 4” x 20” x 0.5” or
  • 20” x 29.5” x 0.7”

Modern and frameless, the mirror has a silver bevel that adds to its upscale look and a solid wood backplane to ensure that the mirror is strong and durable. Four hangers are on the back of the mirror to ensure that it secures to the wall safely.

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7. CASSILANDO Irregular Wall Mirror

CASSILANDO Irregular Asymmetrical Mirror Wall

CASSILANDO’s blob mirrors are stunning in an entryway or when strategically placed to reflect the local landscape. Each mirror has dimensions of 33.5” x 20.5”, and they feature a black wooden frame.

Metal hooks on the back of the mirror make it easy to balance and hang, and the glass is explosion-proof, so pieces won’t fall from the mirror if it breaks.

8. AOAOPQ Asymmetrical Mirror

AOAOPQ Irregular Wall Mirror

Most mirrors in the blob style are large and fit well above sofas and in offices, but the ones from AOAOPQ come in numerous size options that are great for small spaces:

  • 10” x 10”
  • 13” x 16”
  • 19” x 20”

Offering a modern look and feel, the mirror’s frame comes in numerous color options, including white, grey, black, brown and red. Dual, heavy-duty hooks make installation fast and easy.

9. Wood Framed Asymmetrical Mirror, Boho Mirror

Wood Framed Asymmetrical Mirror

Perfect in a boho space, this irregular mirror is stunning with its brown, wooden frame. The mirror is 30″ x 22″, so it’s ideal for right above a bathroom sink. Offering a mid-century and boho aesthetic, the mirror’s rubber wood offers a unique wooden grain, making each mirror truly one of a kind.

We do want to say that the “blob” is less pronounced in this mirror than in others, allowing for a more subtle look.

10. Mirrona 36″x20″ Asymmetric Irregular Wall Mirror

Mirrona Asymmetric Irregular Wall Mirror

Offered in a black and white edge color option and cloud shape, the Mirrona’s asymmetric wall mirror comes in two main size options:

  1. 36” x 20”
  2. 46” x 26”

Mounting hardware is provided and allows you to hang this lightweight mirror vertically or horizontally. Add this mirror to a bedroom, office, living room, bathroom or anywhere you like.

11. SHYFOY’s Irregular Mirror for Wall

Irregular Mirror for Wall

SHYFOY’s irregular mirror can brighten a room, fill a bare wall and spans 22” x 36”. Whether you place the mirror above a his and her sink or in your entryway, it’s sure to be a stunning addition.

Place the mirror vertically or horizontally for a unique look and to reflect the environment better.

Hang the mirror from the 4 D-rings on the frame and place a beautiful plant in front of it to reflect the greenery and make a smaller space feel expansive.

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