Best Side Tables For Bed To Make The Perfect Bedroom
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13 Best Side Tables For Bed To Make The Perfect Bedroom

Framing Your Room

Our beds are the anchor piece of a bedroom. You see, beds capture the eye quickly and it sets the tone for the rest of the bedroom’s space. Once you have chosen your bed, covers, and duvet, you can now begin down the path of finding your perfect nightstands. Side tables for the bed are a non-negotiable. They beautifully flank the sides of the bed – giving dimension, more design expressability and a place to set your personal belongings at night. Without bedside tables, we’d all be lost (they definitely deserve more appreciation.) That is why this list is dedicated to highlighting some of the best bedside tables out there and will show how much they can truly take a room from “just okay” to a design masterpiece. 

13 Best Side Tables For Bed

1. Lightweight Drawer

Nightstand 1-Drawer Shelf Storage

This is a wonderful option because there are essentially three tiers to store your belongings. There is the main drawer and two open shelving tiers ready to be utilized. The light colored wood next to the pop of dark metal makes this side table pop. A mix between traditional design and rustic chic aesthetic, this side table can accent your bedroom very well – all while being extremely functional. 

2. A Feminine Touch

Little Seeds Monarch Hill Clementine White Nightstand

A beautiful cream colored wood exemplifies femininity with its curved legs and cylindrical drawer pull. For this nightstand, one main drawer and an inner exposed area make up the storage. Things such as books and other personal holy grails will fit wonderfully – and a great place to showcase your belongings. This neutral toned nightstand will accentuate your bedroom or guest room beautifully!

3. An Heirloom In the Making 

Hand-Embossed Nightstand

Many options for side tables for the bed are out there in the market, but this is an extraordinary nightstand because it is fully embossed by hand. These bedside tables could be passed down due to the high quality and craftsmanship that went into making it. Bronze and silver are the two color options but you will not lose either way. Both are so uniquely gorgeous, this really is a must-have! 

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4. Art Deco Fantasy

White Geometric Wood Nightstand With Drawers

White and gold play off each other in this standout, geometrical bedside table. Doused in a white lacquer, gold pops at the base of the legs and the two square pulls for each of the drawers. These gold accents will be a fantastic fit in your room, because they are not overbearing, yet just the right amount of gold touch to bring a smile to your face. Two drawers give a fantastic amount of storage as well!  Bringing texture into your bedroom with the help of a nightstand is a savvy technique that will spark your friends to ask if you have designed homes in the past. 

5. Regal and Sophisticated 

Little Seeds Black Monarch Hill Hawken Nightstand

Frame your bedroom with two traditional side tables for the bed. With ornate drawer pulls that tie the look together in a regal and sophisticated way, it doesn’t matter the budget for the bed and its coverings, these nightstands will make everything in the room look expensive and high-end. One drawer and a large space below gives you free reign to organize your bedside tables how you’d like. Place in any bedroom of your home confidently, because this timeless design will instantly improve any space!

6. Ample Space and Design

Merriton Nightstand

A new way to imagine what a bedside table should look like. The straight lines and artfully designed single drawer are what sets this nightstand apart. The small touches of the drawer pull perfectly tie in the cool-toned color options offered. These side tables for the bed will undoubtedly heighten the look of the bedroom. The best part is no assembly will be required, making this an easy to install addition to your home!

7. Farmhouse Feng Shui 

Decor Therapy Piper Side Rattan Storage Drawer Accent Table amazon

The rattan element creates an illusion of a natural element being brought into your bedroom. Along with the natural element, the two, large pull drawers are highly functional and glide easily on the built-in rails. The beautiful rich gray color will be an addition to any home that embodies a farmhouse design feel. You can even go a step farther and add these nightstands in guestrooms and small portions of the living room, where you might need extra storage and place to set things. See how creative you can get!

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8. Hand-Carved Beauty 

Boho 1 Drawer Nightstand amazon

Natural wood side tables for the bed can be an eye-catching way to take the outdoors and bring them inside in a beautiful fashion. The carved wood decal of this piece covers every part of the nightstand to show that no detail went unnoticed. Large drawers will allow you to store more than the usual amount in a bedside table. This hand-carved piece will be a prize in your home and a conversation starter for many times to come. 

9. Dark and Handsome 

Ladd Steel Nightstand

A steel structure and walnut wood are the perfect pairings for this bedside table set. One drawer and two tiers will allow you some space for displaying belongings while having enough space for charging your electronics. A darker hue can create a rich tone in the bedroom – not every design needs to be light and airy. This bedside table will prove you are more than the cookie cutter bedroom designer. These side tables will be best for the traditional home or a space that needs a dark warmth aspect. 

10. An Easy Choice 

Jarques Manufactured Wood Nightstand

A gorgeous side table, this nightstand allows you three color options for its color: black, gray and white. One drawer and a bottom space is a great design for a nightstand, because it offers space but if you choose to not utilize it, the design still looks lovely. The silver detailing of the drawer pull is a wonderful pop with any of the color options for this bedside table. Easy to install, this can be the perfect addition to the space! 

11. Rattan Romance

Ria Wood And Natural Rattan Nightstand With Drawers

Another gorgeous rattan look, this amazing nightstand will serve as a main focal piece or can blend in if styled correctly, making this one of the most diverse pieces on the list. The rattan is weaved tightly, ensuring everything you keep in the two drawers will be tucked away and unseen. There is a white and black option for this nightstand. 

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12. A Classic

Rushville Solid + Manufactured Wood Nightstand

An excellent three-drawer bedside table, the simplicity of this nightstand is a classic look. All orange-peach with three, simple door knobs, this piece is great in any room due to its clean look and features. The easy set-up, an open top to place charging phones and glass…this square piece is a purchase you can never go wrong with because it simply never goes out of style. 

13. Texture and Class

Marcelle Charging Nightstand

This nightstand has an interesting quality of walking the line between clean and cut lines and ornate features, making this bedside table one of the most intriguing on the list. The paneled front gives texture to the piece, while the ‘no assembly required’ becomes the cherry on top. This is a bedside table that will be loved in your home due to its versatility and design. 

Rounding Up the List

Throughout this list, it is easy to understand the incredible design and materials that go into making side tables for the bed that can completely transform any bedroom. The range of storage options, creativity and shaping make bedside tables one of the best weapons of choice when decorating a bedroom. They bring out so much of the bed and the surrounding space. These 17 options will be great options in any home and be sure to bring joy. Just remember to measure the height of your bed before purchasing the bedside tables! Design tip: it is best to have the nightstands be the same height or even a touch lower than the bed (or else it looks a little unfinished).