15 Easy DIY Bed Frame Projects to Upgrade Your Bedroom
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15 Easy DIY Bed Frame Projects to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Inspiring DIY Bed Frame Projects

Are you looking for a fun project for your bedroom upgrade? A DIY bed frame is a project you can tackle in a weekend, and it can instantly transform your space. With just a few materials and tools, you can be well on your way to building your own bed.

We’re going to share 15 easy bed frame projects for people of all skill and experience levels.

15 Easy DIY Bed Frame Projects to Upgrade Your Bedroom

1. DIY Platform Bed with Headboard

This platform bed is gorgeous and it’s easier than you think to build on your own. In fact, this is a project that you can probably finish in a weekend. What’s really great about this bed frame is that it has built in shelves on each side, so you don’t even need nightstands.

The tutorial includes a full list of materials you’ll need, which you can easily find at your local home improvement store.

Here are some of the tools you’ll need for this project:

2. DIY Easy King or Queen Bed Frame

If you’re looking for a more traditional DIY bed frame, this project is for you. This modern bed frame is simple yet still modern and elegant. This project uses poplar wood and plywood for the supports and slats.

The PDF plans make this project easy to follow and straightforward. You can even learn how to build matching nightstands if you want a complete bedroom set.

The project will use tools you likely already have, such as:

3. Rustic Modern Queen Bed Frame Plans

Going for a rustic modern look in your bedroom? These plans will help you build a gorgeous bed frame on a tight budget.

The tutorial walks you through each step of the project and even includes photos so that you can easily build your new bed frame. You can also download the free PDF plans for complete details on the materials and tools you will need for the job.

The great thing about this project is that it’s so simple. It doesn’t require any complicated cuts or tools. If you have someone to help, you can complete your bed frame in a weekend.

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4. DIY Bed Frame and Door Headboard

If you love the farmhouse look, you’ll love this DIY bed frame. It uses old vintage doors for the headboard and a simple frame that you can easily build yourself. If you’re not a fan of the headboard idea, you can skip it.

The tutorial walks you through all of the steps of building the frame. You’ll also need some 2×4’s for the slats and plywood for the mattress to rest on.

For this project, you’ll need some basic tools, including:

5. Upholstered Bed Frame

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a simple upholstered bed frame. Unfortunately, you won’t learn how to make the headboard, but that’s a project that you can tackle at another time if you want.

To make this DIY frame, they used plywood for the rails and rough pine for the remainder of the frame. From the frame box to the slats and crossboards, the project will walk you through each step.

Once your bedframe is complete, you can begin upholstering it. You can find lots of options for upholstery online, like this charcoal-colored indoor/outdoor fabric. The tutorial is broken down into multiple parts to make it a bit easier to work through.

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6. DIY Reclaimed Wood Style Bed Frame

This wood bed frame project is inspired by the famous bed frame from West Elm and it has the look of reclaimed wood. The great thing about this project is that it’s so easy and straightforward.

In fact, you only need eight pine boards to bring this bed frame to life. A quick coat of stain will give this frame the look of reclaimed wood. The trickiest part of this project is creating the headboard.

You’ll need to plan out the design and cuts to create the herringbone-like design.

7. DIY Queen Bed Frame

Here’s a simple DIY bed frame project for a queen-sized bed. If you want a canopy-style bed, this project is a great option for you. While it may seem like a complicated project, this bed frame is relatively simple to build. But you will need quite a bit of material.

For this project, you will need:

In this tutorial, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to build this frame.

8. DIY Metal Bed Frame Transformation

If you already have a metal bed frame, you can transform it into a beautiful upholstered bed frame like this one. This project couldn’t be easier because most of the work is already done for you.

The goal is to build a faux wood surround for the metal frame. It will create the illusion of a box frame, but without all of the hard work. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a fortune on this project.

To make this bed frame, you will need a few pine boards, plywood, rail clips, brackets, some farbic and batting.

You’ll also need:

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9. Storage Bed Plans

Need some extra storage in your bedroom? This tutorial will show you how to build a storage bed. The first step is to build the bed frame and the headboard. Once you’ve tackled that project, you can begin building the storage components.

The storage drawers are located in the footboard, giving you some extra space to store clothes or other items. 

10. Queen Bed Frame

This queen bed frame is easy to build, and with the right stain, it can look like a high-end bed frame. It’s made up of five pieces – a headboard, a footboard, left rails, right rails and a center support.

Each piece of the bed frame is assembled separately and then held together with the bed rail brackets. A Kreg jig makes it quick and easy to build the footboard and headboard.

For this project, you’ll also need:

11. Queen Storage Bed

Here’s another great storage bed project that you can build yourself. But this one doesn’t have built-in storage drawers. Instead, this storage bed actually lifts up to reveal a giant storage compartment underneath.

The step-by-step tutorial makes this project feel less overwhelming. It includes a complete list of materials you’ll need and how to build the liftable portion of the bed. It may seem like a complicated project, but it’s surprisingly easy.

12. DIY Platform Bed

In this DIY bed frame tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a platform bed using decking materials that you can easily find in your local home improvement store. With the right stain, you can give this platform bed a reclaimed wood look.

You’ll love the simplicity of this project, and if you happen to have any leftover material from another project, you may even be able to build this bed frame for next to nothing.

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13. Platform Bed with Canopy

This platform bed has tall posts that you can easily hang a canopy from, and it’s easy to build with just a few materials.

You’ll need the usual tools:

You’ll also want to pick up some oil-bases stain if you don’t want a rustic look.

14. DIY Floating Bed Frame with LED Lights

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a floating bed frame with LED lighting. The frame itself is easy to build. Along with some plywood sheets, you’ll need 2x8s, 2x4s, 1x6s and some LED light rope.

The project calls for a can of cherry wood stain, but you can choose any color you want. You won’t need to stain the entire frame (the center won’t be visible), so if you have some leftover, you can use it for this project.

15. DIY Platform Bed with Bookcase

Here’s another great platform bed DIY that has built-in bookcase cubbies for extra storage. This is a simple, rustic platform bed that uses sheets of plywood to support the mattress.

What we really love about this bed frame is that it’s so large. It extends out to give you space for your nightstands and other small furniture pieces. It’s a literal platform for your bed.

The bookcase cubbies also have built-in LED lighting, which really takes this bed frame to the next level.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, these 15 DIY projects will inspire you. Each one is easy to build and requires basic tools that you likely already have in your garage. When planning your project, keep in mind how much time you have and your skill level. While these are easy to build, some are still more difficult than others.