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15 Best Under Bed Storage with Wheels

Best Under Bed Storage Drawers & Boxes on Wheels

The right under bed storage with wheels will add valuable storage space to your bedroom while keeping everything neat and tidy. From blankets to shoes, seasonal clothes, linens and more, you can store many essentials in a simple underbed storage bin.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best underbed storage containers to help you take your organization game to the next level.

15 Best Under Bed Storage with Wheels

1. BIKAHOME Underbed Storage

Solid Wood Underbed Storage

The BIKAHOME underbed storage drawer is designed to look like it’s built into your bedframe. The front of the drawer features gray upholstery with a faux leather handle.

Four wheels make it easy to pull this drawer in and out, and its pine wood construction makes this a durable option for your underbed storage.

Each drawer is 5.83” high, so there’s space to store quilts, shoes, clothing or other items you want to tuck away. BIKAHOME offers this storage drawer in two sizes (5.83 x 32.9 x 19.68 and 5.83 x 35.43 x 19.68), so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

Get the BIKAHOME underbed storage drawer at Wayfair.

2. Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart

Whitmor Rolling Underbed Cart White Wire

The Whitmor rolling underbed cart is an affordable and simple solution for your storage needs. With dimensions of 24.8” x 25.25” x 6.5,” this is a storage cart that can easily fit under most beds. Store shoes, bags and more under the bed and out of sight.

Thanks to its metal frame, this cart is highly durable. And the four caster wheels allow for smooth rolling.

Get the Whitmor rolling underbed cart at Walmart.

3. The Storage MAX Wooden Organizer

The Storage MAX - Underbed Wooden Organizer with Wheels

If you’re looking for rustic under bed storage with wheels, you’ll love the Storage MAX wooden organizer. This storage drawer will keep all of your items organized, and the built-in wheels will make it easy to access them whenever they’re needed.

The 8” height makes this drawer deep enough to store blankets, shoes, bags and more. You’ll also love that this drawer comes in five colors, so you can find one that matches your bed frame and room style.

Get the Storage MAX wooden organizer at Overstock.

4. Better Homes & Gardens Zippered Storage Bin

Better Homes & Gardens Rolling Under bed Zippered Storage Bin

If you want a covered storage option, this zippered storage bin is a great choice. Four wheels and built-in handles make it easy to roll this storage bin out from under the bed. Plus, the zippered function keeps your items neatly tucked away and protected from dust.

The clear top makes it easy to see what’s stored inside, so you don’t have to go digging around to find what you need.

With a price under $25, this is a budget-friendly underbed storage option that’s hard to beat.

Get the Better Homes & Gardens zippered storage bin at Walmart.

5. StorageLAB Underbed Storage Containers

storageLAB Underbed Storage Containers, Under Bed Storage for Clothes, Blankets and Shoes, Woven Fabric with Plastic Panel Structure (1 Piece Open Top Storage with Wheels

StorageLAB’s underbed storage containers are a great solution for storing shoes, bags and other items. The gray fabric design gives this container a modern look, and the metal wheeled frame adds to its durability.

There’s even a divider to keep your items organized and separated.

Get the StorageLAB underbed storage containers on Amazon.

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6. Suprima Rolling Underbed Storage Shelf

Suprima Rolling Underbed Storage Shelf

If you’re looking for shelf-style underbed storage, this metal cart is a great option. It’s affordable, it’s big enough to store your essentials, and the shelf design makes it easy to access everything.

Plus, the four caster wheels have locking mechanisms, so you can keep this shelf in place if you want. The wire-rack style is simple yet durable, and because it’s made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about it rusting or falling apart anytime soon.

Get the Suprima rolling storage shelf at Overstock.

7. Burroughs 12-Pair Underbed Shoe Storage

Burroughs 12 Pair Metal Underbed Storage

Need under bed storage with wheels for your shoes? Burroughs has a 12-pair wheeled shoe rack designed for underbed storage. This rack is designed to keep your shoes upright and easy to access whenever you need them.

Just keep in mind that this rack has a height of 10.63,” so you’ll need an elevated bed to use it.

Get the Burroughs 12-pair underbed shoe storage rack at Wayfair.

8. Rebrilliant Metal Underbed Storage

Metal Underbed Storage with wheels

With its curved design and open platform, the Rebrilliant metal underbed storage cart helps you maximize your underbed storage. The 25” x 19” cart is big enough to hold boxed items, blankets, shoes and more.

The convenient handles and rotating wheels make it easy to move this cart wherever you want. This low-profile cart only requires 8” of clearance, and it can hold up to 15 lbs. of weight.

Get the Rebrilliant metal underbed storage cart at Wayfair.

9. Seward Trunks 31” Underbed Trunk

Seward Under the Bed 31" Trunk with Wheels & Lock, Lilac

The Seward Trunks underbed trunk will add old-world charm and function to your bedroom. The trunk-style design keeps your items neatly tucked away and safe from dust.

Lock-down latches also keep your items safe and secure. There’s also a center latch and an optional lock to keep your items out of the wrong hands.

The 19-gallon trunk has plenty of space for shoes, clothing, keepsakes and more.

Get the Seward Trunks underbed trunk at Walmart.

10. Rubbermaid Underbed Wheeled Storage

Rubbermaid Under the Bed Wheeled Storage Box, 68 Qt, Pack of 2, Wheeled Plastic Under Bed Storage Containers with Dual-Hinged Lids and Sturdy Wheels

One frustrating thing about plastic storage containers is that you have to pull them all the way out to open them and get what’s inside. Rubbermaid solves this problem with these underbed wheeled storage containers.

These containers have dual-hinged lids, so you can open them up without having to pull them all the way out. And because they’re just 6” high, they fit under most beds with ease.

Durable, heavy-duty plastic and castor wheels make these totes easy to access and will give you many years of use.

Get the Rubbermaid underbed wheeled storage container from Amazon.

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11. Longshore Tides Metal Underbed Storage

Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

The Longshore Tides cart offers under bed storage with wheels and style. This industrial-rustic cart has roped handles and a chocolate metal base. Built-in rotating wheels allow you to position this cart wherever you want.

Store blankets, clothes, shoes and other items to keep them out of sight. These carts only require 6.5”-7” of clearance, making them ideal for even smaller bedrooms.

Get the Longshore Tides metal underbed storage cart from Wayfair.

12. Alaterre Furniture Underbed Drawers

Alaterre Furniture Storage, Set of 2, White Underbed Drawers

Wheeled underbed drawers make it so easy to store seasonal clothing, blankets, shoes and more while blending in with your room’s décor. These underbed drawers from Alaterre will give you easy access to your essentials and are made from 75% Brazilian pine.

The only drawback is that you need a bed with 9.75”+ of clearance. But they come in five colors (white, chestnut, cinnamon, dove gray and espresso) and in packs of two.

Get the Alaterre Furniture underbed drawers from Amazon.

13. 2-in-1 Under Bed Clothing Storage with Wheels

2-in-1 Under Bed Clothing Storage with Wheels

If you are looking to store different items that some should be covered while some not, this under bed 2-in-1 storage drawer will be a great addition to your space. The cart is made of metal with a matching cloth storage bag that is made of fabric with a zipper. You can use this storage to easily store your clothes, shoes, and even blankets and pillows. 

Get this under bed storage at Amazon.

14. KD Frames Underbed Storage Drawers

Rolling Under Bed Storage Drawer - Set of 2

The KD Frames under bed storage with wheels offers plenty of storage space and a beautiful wood design. They require 10” of clearance, but their hardwood construction makes them worth the investment.

Each purchase includes two drawers, and they’re large enough to store clothing, blankets and more with ease.

Get the KD Frames underbed storage drawers on Amazon.

15. Superio Brand 42-Quart Storage Container with Wheels

Under Bed Storage Container with Wheels Stackable Large Rolling Storage Container with Lid

Superio Brand’s 42-quart storage container has a wheeled design with durable latches and plenty of storage space to keep your items tucked away. This bin requires just 7.5” of clearance and has built-in handles that make it easy to move around.

Plus, the airtight snap lid protects your belongings from dust, moisture and more. Along with clothes, linens and shoes, this storage container can hold and protect keepsakes and other sentimental items.

Get the Superio Brand underbed storage container at Walmart.

3 Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your Underbed Storage

1. Store Items You’ll Use Regularly

Underbed storage containers are great for storing items that you use regularly, like shoes, clothing and extra blankets.

All you have to do is reach underneath the bed to get what you need. It makes more sense to keep your lesser-used items stored away in the closet and the items you use daily right within reach each morning.

2. Use a Bed Skirt to Hide Plastic Containers

Wheeled underbed drawers look like they are part of the furniture, but plastic totes – as functional as they may be – can be eyesores. A bed skirt can help hide your totes and other underbed storage containers to keep your space looking tidy and organized.

3. Use Dividers to Keep Your Items Organized

Dividers are a great way to keep items grouped together and organized. Some underbed storage containers have dividers, but most don’t. You can easily make your own with scrap wood or cardboard covered in pretty contact paper. This is a great idea for separating clothing items or shoes.

Final Thoughts

These wheeled underbed storage containers will help you maximize your bedroom storage space while keeping it neat and tidy. Choose one that will meet your storage needs, and use these three quick tips to get the most out of your container.