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20 Insanely Stylish Gallery Wall Ideas

Best Gallery Wall Layouts to Make the Perfect Space

Are you looking for stylish gallery wall ideas? Then, you’ve come to the right place. A gallery wall can instantly transform your space and reflect your personality. But finding the right layout, frames and art can be challenging. Here are 20 insanely stylish ideas for your gallery wall. If you’re looking for wall art files to download and print at home, make sure to check our printable wall decor here

20 Insanely Stylish Gallery Wall Ideas

Best Gallery Wall Layouts

1. Simple and Balanced

Gallery Wall Layout: How to Make a Living Room Gallery Wall

So many gallery wall ideas are overcomplicated. Here’s a simple and balanced layout for a gallery wall that will look stylish and beautiful in just about any home. All you need are six frames, two of each of the following sizes:

  • 16×20
  • 12×16
  • 18×24

The arrangement is balanced and easy to pull off, making this a satisfying home project.

2. Elegant

If you have a larger piece of art or photo that you’d like to show off, this layout is an excellent option for your gallery wall. The center piece is the star of the show, but the surrounding frames make the layout feel balanced. The great thing about this gallery wall idea is that you only need three frame sizes.

A gallery wall like this would look great above the couch or a sofa table.

3. Eclectic

If You Want To Finally Conquer That Gallery Wall, Here’s How To Do It

Incorporating different shapes and sizes in your gallery wall can make it more interesting and feel more balanced. This eclectic layout includes a round mirror, potted plants, and hexagonal shapes. It sounds chaotic, but when put together, it looks balanced and fun. Incorporating plants and other textures and materials will make your gallery wall really stand out and break up the usual wall-full-of-pictures vibe.

4. Stairway Gallery

Stairways are perfect for gallery walls because you have so much unused wall space. Here’s a great layout idea for that unique space in your home. Show off family photos or your favorite art prints – there are so many options. While the layout looks complex, it only includes three frame sizes.

5. Mix and Match

A Family Friendly Co-op Has Vintage Furniture & Double Duty Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for gallery walls ideas that are a little more complicated, here’s a great layout. It still feels balanced, but it’s a bit chaotic in a beautiful way. For this layout to work, you need something to fill the space at the bottom left corner. A lamp is a great filler (just like the photo), so this is a great gallery wall to place above a sofa table or entertainment area.

Choose interesting and colorful photos or art to bring this wall to life.

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6. Contemporary

Where to Hang a Gallery Wall | Framebridge Custom Frames

Here’s a gallery wall layout that’s clean, simple and contemporary. We love the use of black and white photos for this idea, which makes the wall look like an art gallery. The large frame mat really draws the eye to the photo at the center. Because the frames are all the same size, the wall looks well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.

It’s so easy to recreate this idea at home, and it has a very luxe look.

7. Picture Ledges

Details for a Dashing Dining Room – Gallery Walls for the Win!

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of leveling, measuring and planning out your gallery wall, here’s a simple solution: picture ledges. Just hang four ledges (like in the picture above), and add your favorite photos or works of art. Choose different sizes to keep it interesting and balanced.

The nice thing about this layout is that you can change frame sizes anytime you want without having to redo the entire gallery wall.

Best Gallery Wall Frames and Where to Buy Them

8. Gallery Perfect Photo Kit

Gallery Perfect Photo Kit with Decorative Art Prints & Hanging Template Gallery Wall Frame Set Amazon

If you’re looking for an easy way to put your gallery wall together, the Gallery Perfect kit from Amazon is a great place to start. The kit comes with seven frames, and you can choose between gray, white or black. A walnut option is available, too, but it has different frame sizes and layouts. What we really love about this kit is that it also comes with a template to make hanging your frames a breeze.

9. Simply Essential 9-Piece Frame Set

Simply Essential Gallery 9-Piece Matted Wood Picture Frame Set in Black

If you’re creating a bigger gallery wall, this 9-piece set from Bed Bath & Beyond is a great option. It comes with:

  • Six 6×8 frames with 4×6 mat openings
  • Two 8×10 frames with 5×7 mat openings
  • One 11×14 frame with an 8×10 mat opening

The walnut color looks great on any wall and will blend in well with any home décor. Like the previous kit, this set also comes with a template to make your life easier.

10. Syston 8-Piece Gallery Wall Set

Syston 8 Piece Beveled Plastic Gallery Picture Frame Set Wayfair

If you want a more traditional frame design for your gallery wall, this 8-piece set from Wayfair is perfect. The set comes in either Black or Champagne with the following frame sizes:

  • Three 11x14s
  • Thee 5x7s
  • 1 5×5
  • 1 5×7

Beveled edge openings make these frames look elegant hanging on any wall. Plus, you get a handy template to make your gallery wall planning a breeze.

11. Instapoints 8×10 Gallery Wall Frames

Instapoints 8 x 10 White Gallery Wall Frame 9 Count Walmart

If you’re planning a simple gallery wall with all the same-sized photos, this kit from Instapoints at Walmart is a great option. It includes nine 11×14 frames with 8×10 mat openings. You can ditch the mat if you want to display larger photos. The kit even comes with art prints, so you can instantly fill your gallery wall even if you don’t have any photos of your own yet. Choose from white or black frame colors to match your home’s style.

12. Gold Traditional Gallery Frame Set

Gold Traditional Gallery Wall Frame Set

We love this 7-piece traditional gallery frame set from Home Depot because it has that vintage feel without being too over the top. The frames are made of plastic, so they’re lightweight. But they still have the look of those retro gold frames that were popular in the 80s and 90s. This set includes seven frames in the following sizes:

  • 4×6
  • 5×7
  • 8×10

The set also comes with a template to make your life easier.

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13. Modify Gallery Perfect

Modify by Gallery Perfect 6 Piece 5x7 Picture Rail Frame Gallery Wall Kit - Beige

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a gallery wall, you’ll love this rail frame kit from Modify at Overstock. Rather than hanging each frame separately, you hang one horizontal rail, and your frames hang from the rail. You can choose from a number of different configurations, and you can hang your frames vertically or horizontally.

Printable Gallery Walls for DIY

14. Vintage Beach Art

Vintage Beach Wall Art

If your home has a beachy, nautical theme, these printables are perfect for your gallery wall. They include vintage art and photos to give your wall that retro vibe. These prints are best displayed in traditional-style frames.

15. Nature Photos

Free Printable Wall Art

Here’s a set of printable art for nature lovers who want to fill their gallery walls with forests, skies and other natural wonders. You’ll find 10 printable photos here, and they’re 100% free. It includes photos of mountains, cacti, lakes, forests and more.

16. Spring Botany

Spring Botanical Gallery Wall Printables

We love the simplicity and beauty of botany art. These prints are inspired by spring and the bright, colorful flowers it brings. If you look around this blog, you can find botany-inspired prints for all seasons. Change out your art with each season to keep your home’s décor fresh throughout the year.

17. Black and White Printables

55 More Free Black and White Art Printables

If you’re looking for black and white gallery walls ideas, check out these printables. This collection includes more than 55 cute free printables to add to your gallery walls. Just be sure to check the sizes before printing. Some are only designed for smaller frame sizes, like 5×7.

18. French Country Art Printables

French Country Gallery Wall Art / Light Neutral Print SET / Vintage Home Decor PRINTABLE 

If you love the French country style, then this printable collection is for you. This isn’t a free set, but these gorgeous prints are worth every penny. The set includes eight printables that can be printed in a wide range of sizes, from 5×7 through 18×24.

19. 100+ Free Printables

100+ Free Farmhouse Printables

If you’re not sure what you want to display, these 100+ printables can give you some gallery walls ideas. This huge collection of free printables includes botanical themes, word art, farmhouse-inspired designs, rustic photos and more.

20. Botanical Printables

22 Totally FREE Summer Wall Art Printables

These free printables are perfect for nature-inspired gallery walls. Tuck them in next to your own photos or with other botanical prints. The bright colors will make any gallery wall stand out. There are 22 printables in this collection, so you have plenty of options.

Final Thoughts 

There are many beautiful gallery wall ideas. Adding a gallery wall is a great way to decorate your walls and show off your personality. The best part is that you have complete creative freedom. Display your family photos, add free printable artwork or show off your collection of fine art photo prints. There are so many ways to make a gallery wall your own. If you haven’t visited yet, make sure to check our printable wall art here