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21 Creative Apartment Organization Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Apartment Organization Hacks

Whether you love or hate your apartment, you can agree on one thing – there’s never enough storage space. But with a bit of creativity, you can keep your space tidy and organized. These 21 apartment organization hacks will make your life easier.

21 Genius Apartment Organization Hacks to Simplify Your Life

1. Best Overall – Over-the-Door Organizers

Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

One of the best apartment organization hacks ever is using over-the-door organizers everywhere you can. It’s a genius way to make use of every inch of space in your apartment, and when you close the door, the organizer is out of sight.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune on organizers. You can get this item for less than $20 on Walmart. Use them on bedroom doors, bathroom doors, closets and even pantry doors (if you have one).

2. Best for Bedroom – Underbed Storage

Stackable plastic storage

Living in an apartment means that you have to get creative with your storage. Take advantage of that unused space underneath your bed to store things like extra linens, clothes and other items that won’t fit anywhere else.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use risers to lift your bed and create more space for storage bins (like these ones from Amazon). Risers are inexpensive and stackable.
  • Invest in an ottoman bed or a platform bed with built-in storage shelves or drawers.

Ottoman beds actually lift up (just like the ottomans in your living room) to give you convenient storage under the bed.

Underbed storage can really save you so much in your apartment, and with a simple bed skirt, you can hide your totes and bins out of sight.

3. Best for Living Room – Corner and Over-Door Shelving

Best for Living Room – Corner and Over-Door Shelving

Turn your unused wall space into functional storage space to keep your apartment organized. For example, if you have a small nook near a doorway, add corner shelves to keep books and knickknacks organized. The space above your doors can easily turn into a bookshelf or a place to organize your vinyl record collection.

Hanging shelves in unusual places will help you make the most of the vertical space in your apartment. Any space over a door can instantly turn into storage with a simple shelf (here’s a great one from Lowe’s). Store extra towels in the bathroom or files in an office space.

4. Best for Bathroom – Over-the-Toilet Storage

shelf bathroom organizer over the toilet

Don’t waste the valuable space above your toilet. Instead, install a shelf or over-the-toilet cabinet (like this one) to add extra storage space for your essentials, toilet paper and other items. If you have limited counter space, you’ll appreciate having the room to store your personal care items and keep your counters clutter-free.

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5. Best for Kitchen – Rolling Kitchen Cart


If there’s one thing apartments are lacking, it’s pantry space. A rolling kitchen cart will give you that extra space to keep your pantry items organized and easily accessible. This durable steel cart from Lowe’s is just under $100.

6. Most Creative Organization Hack for Apartments – Tension Rods to Create Extra Storage Space

Tension Rods to Create Extra Storage Space

Tension rods are incredibly versatile and one of those apartment organization hacks that just keeps on giving. You can use them in a million different ways:

  • Vertically in kitchen cabinets to separate cutting boards and cookie sheets
  • Horizontally over shelves to hang mugs
  • In the shower to hang personal care products
  • Along the wall to store shoes or scarves
  • In a small cabinet to store spices
  • To hang cleaning supplies in under sink cabinets

Plus, tension rods are dirt cheap. You can buy them at Walmart for just over $3 a piece.

7. Best for Small Living Rooms – Ottoman Coffee Tables

Ottoman Coffee Tables

For small apartment living rooms, trade a conventional coffee table for an ottoman. Ottomans offer valuable storage space to keep your blankets, pillows or whatever else you want to store. They can double as seating in a pinch, and they’re easy to move out of the way.

This ottoman from Walmart comes in multiple colors and looks great in any space.

8. Best for Deep Cabinets – Lazy Susan

lazy susan amazon

If your apartment has deep cabinets, you know how painful it can be to get what you need. Use a Lazy Susan to make everything in your cabinets more accessible. Here’s an affordable pair from Amazon.

9. Best for Pot Lids – Over-the-Cabinet-Door Racks

Over-the-Cabinet-Door Racks

Pot lids take up a lot of premium cabinet space. Free up some room by installing an over-the-cabinet-door rack. These racks keep your lids organized and easily accessible, so you’re not fumbling around trying to find the right size. This one from Amazon hangs right over the door, so installation is quick and easy.

10. Best for Small Kitchen Countertops – 2-Layer Kitchen Rack

2-Layer Kitchen Rack

In smaller apartment kitchens, countertop space is hard to come by. And what little space you do have is taken up by your microwave. Make the most of this space to keep your kitchen organized. This 2-layer kitchen rack from Walmart adds a shelf just above your microwave and hooks to hang utensils.

11. Best for Kitchen Sinks – Sink Caddy

Sink Caddy oxo

Keep your kitchen sink organized and save space with a sink caddy. This one from OXO Good Grips has two compartments for sponges and brushes. You can also use a soap dish with suction cups to store a sponge inside the sink to free up valuable counter space.

12. Best for Under Sink Storage – Shelf Organizers

Best for Under Sink Storage – Shelf Organizers

Under sink cabinets can easily get messy and chaotic, especially if you have a lot of cleaning supplies. Keep your products organized and make the most of your vertical space with stacking shelves. This one from Wayfair is under $35 and has a flexible design.

13. Best for Cooking Spices – Slide-Out Rack

Best for Cooking Spices – Slide-Out Rack

Spice organization can be tricky in apartment kitchens. Slide-out racks free up space and make it easy to get what you need. This rack from Wayfair is just under $25, holds 10 spice jars and is easy to install. For a more renter-friendly option, you can also find slide-out shelves that don’t have to be mounted to the cabinet itself.

14. Best for Small Closets – Hanging Closet Organizer

Hanging Closet Organizer

Keeping an apartment closet organized can feel like an uphill battle. A hanging organizer will make the most of your closet’s vertical space to keep your items organized, like folded clothes, bags and more. This organizer is less than $20 and it comes with a built-in rack to hang accessories or clothes.

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15. Best for Shoes – Shoe Storage Cabinet

Best for Shoes – Shoe Storage Cabinet

Shoe storage cabinets are slim and compact, but can still easily store multiple shoes. This cabinet from Rosalind Wheeler has pull-down drawers for easy access and can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes. Tuck it away in your closet or a corner of the room for quick and easy shoe organization. The top of the cabinets can hold plants, books, records, knickknacks or whatever else you need.

16. Best for Knife Storage – A Magnetic Knife Strip

A Magnetic Knife Strip

Ditch the big, bulky knife block and get yourself a magnetic knife strip. Hang it on the side of your fridge, inside of a cabinet, on the wall or just above the stove. If you can, choose a spot near where you prep your food.

Magnetic knife strips come in all shapes and sizes, so find one that can handle all of your knives. You can even hang things like scissors and whisks to save even more drawer space. Here’s a great one from Walmart.

17. Best for Small Bathroom Vanities – Command Bath Razor Holder for Toothbrush Storage

Command Bath Razor Holder

For small bathroom vanities with little-to-no countertop space, finding a place to store your toothbrush can be tricky. To save space and keep your toothbrushes out of the way, use Command hangings. Perfect also for toothbrushes and other bath items. 

18. Best Hack for Foil and Plastic Wrap – Magazine Racks

Best Hack for Foil and Plastic Wrap – Magazine Racks

Save cabinet space by storing your aluminum foil and plastic wrap in slim magazine racks. One rack can easily hold three to four boxes. Racks will keep these kitchen essentials organized and easy to access. Here’s a pair from Amazon that’s affordable and sleek.

19. Best for Board Games – Hanging Closet Organizer

Best for Board Games – Hanging Closet Organizer

Board games are great to have, but finding a place to store them can be tricky in an apartment. Don’t use up valuable closet shelves or cabinet space. Use a hanging closet organizer to keep your games easily accessible and out of sight. A hanging closet organizer gives you instant storage shelves and requires zero tools to install. Here’s a great one from Amazon!

20. Best for Organizing Cleaning Supplies – IKEA VARIERA

Best for Organizing Cleaning Supplies – IKEA VARIERA

IKEA’s VARIERA is such a versatile organizational tool, and best of all – they cost just $4 a piece. Use a few to keep your cleaning supplies organized. Store cleaning rags and sponges inside. Hang bottles and brushes from the openings. The possibilities are endless.

21. Best for Linen Storage – Under the Mattress

Don’t have a linen closet? No problem. Just store your extra sheets under your mattress. They’ll be out of sight, won’t take up extra space and be protected from dust. Try folding them up wide and thin to avoid awkward, uncomfortable mattress bumps.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best apartment organization hacks out there. Use them to keep your space tidy and inviting. The key is to make the most of your wall space and use multi-purpose furniture to maximize your storage space.