19 Really Cheap Bookshelves for Home Library
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19 Really Cheap Bookshelves for Home Library

Best Cheap Bookshelves to Shop Online

Need a place to store your book collection? You don’t need to spend a fortune on a bookcase. We’ve rounded up 20 cheap bookshelves for home library use that are sturdy, modern and just the right size to fit into any home.

20 Really Cheap Bookshelves for Home Library

1. Mainstays 3-Shelf Bookcase

Mainstays 3-Shelf Bookcase with Adjustable Shelves, White

With its adjustable shelves and unbeatable price (under $30), this bookcase from Mainstays is the perfect addition to any home library. It’s compact, too, making it an excellent option for smaller homes.

The two adjustable shelves and top panel can each hold 35 lbs., and the bottom shelf can hold up to 50 lbs.

Choose from three colors – white, black and gray – to match your space.

Get the Mainstays Bookcase at Walmart

2. Sauder Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase

Sauder Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase

If you’re looking for modern, cheap bookshelves for home library spaces, Sauder’s 3-shelf bookcase is a great option. Its rich espresso color and simple design make it ideal for any sized library.

This bookcase has a height of about 35” and a width of about 24”. Each adjustable shelf can hold up to 35 pounds, and the fixed shelves can hold up to 50 pounds.

Get the Sauder 3-Shelf Bookshelf at Amazon

3. Furrino Basic 3-Tier Bookcase

Furinno Basic 3-Tier Bookcase Storage Shelves Amazon

The Furrino Basic bookcase features three shelves and comes in nearly a dozen colors, including cherry, oak, blue and pink.

Each shelf on the bookcase can hold up to 15 pounds, so you can easily store a small book collection. With dimensions of 39.9” tall and 21.73” wide, you can add this bookcase into virtually any room. It’s also easy to assemble and comes at a price that’s hard to beat (under $35).

Get the Furinno bookcase on Amazon

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4. Cresta Bookcase

Cube Bookcase

Standing just under three feet tall, the Cresta bookcase is perfect for small home libraries. Its versatile design makes it easy to use this bookcase vertically or horizontally. You can even mix and match it with other similar-sized bookcases to expand your library.

Each shelf can hold up to 44 pounds, making it easy to store your book collection or even show off décor items.

Get the Cresta bookcase at Wayfair

5. Mainstays Framed 3-Shelf Bookcase

Mainstays Framed 3-Shelf Bookcase

Mainstays offers many cheap bookshelves for home library, and this framed bookcase is no exception. It’s sturdy, modern, easy to assemble and costs less than $30. In addition, each shelf has an extra-wide frame that gives this bookcase a more elegant and contemporary look.

This bookcase comes in three great colors (black, espresso and white). Each adjustable shelf can hold up to 35 pounds, and the fixed shelves can hold 50 pounds – perfect for showing off your book collection.

Get the Mainstays framed bookcase at Walmart

6. Furrino Pasir Bookcase

Furinno Pasir 3-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase Amazon

The Furrino Pasir bookcase has four shelves, each of which can hold up to 15 pounds. It’s sturdy, simple and modern, which makes it easy to add to any home.

The Pasir bookcase comes in Espresso, Steam Beech and Columbia Walnut, so you’re sure to find a color that matches your home. Plus, this bookcase is made from 95%-100% recycled materials.

Get the Furinno Pasir bookcase on Amazon

7. Mainstays 5-Shelf Bookcase

Mainstays 5-Shelf Bookcase with Adjustable Shelves

If you need bigger, cheap bookshelves for home library, this Mainstays 5-tier bookcase is a great option. Standing 71.42” tall and 24.88” wide, this is a bookcase that can store a big book collection. But you can also show off decorative items, photos and more.

This bookcase has two fixed shelves that can hold up to 50 pounds and three adjustable shelves that can hold up to 35 pounds each.

Get the Mainstays 5-Shelf Bookcase at Walmart

8. Get the Furrino Basic 3×2 bookcase on Amazon

FURINNO Basic 3x2 Bookcase Storage Amazon

This Furrino bookcase doubles as a bookshelf and a storage unit. It has six little cubbies that you can use to store your books, decorative items and more. It also comes with three storage cubes to keep miscellaneous things out of sight.

Each cubby shelf can hold up to 10 pounds. This bookcase comes in a wide range of colors, including kid-friendly options.

Get the Furrino Basic 3×2 bookcase on Amazon

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9. Mainstays 12-Cube Shelf Bookcase

Mainstays 12-Cube Shelf Bookcase, White

If you’re looking for a larger bookcase, this 12-cube shelf bookcase from Mainstays is a great option. This bookcase is 71” tall and can act not only as a bookshelf, but also as a room divider. Show off your house plants, record collection and, of course, your books.

Choose from two colors: white and espresso.

Get the Mainstays 12-Cube shelf bookcase at Walmart

10. HODEDAH Bookcase

HODEDAH IMPORT Bookcase Amazon

Featuring five shelves and a slim design, the HODEDAH Bookcase is an excellent addition to any small space. Standing just shy of five feet tall, this is a bookcase that can easily store a large or small book collection.

Its compact design makes this bookcase a versatile option for a home library, and it comes at an amazing price (under $50).

Get the HODEDAH Bookcase at Amazon

11. Mainstays Hairpin Bookcase

Mainstays Hairpin 4-Shelf Bookcase

If your home has a modern theme, the Mainstays Hairpin bookcase is a perfect fit. Stylish and functional, this bookcase is 28” wide and comes in both a gray and oak wood finish. The top panel and top shelf can hold up to 22 pounds, while the bottom shelf can hold up to 33 pounds.

The iron legs give this bookcase more of an industrial modern vibe.

Get the Mainstays Hairpin bookcase at Walmart

12. 24 x 24″ Standard Bookcase

Standard Bookcase

The 24”x 24” bookcase boasts a white exterior and an 11” depth. Each shelf has an 11” height, so you can store everything from books to vases on each shelf. Due to the smaller size, you cannot adjust the height of each shelf, but that’s not the goal of this model.

Simple and easy to setup, you can add rapid storage space to any room with this bookcase.

Get the 24 x 24″ Standard Bookcase on Wayfair.

13. Somerset Home 3 Shelf Bookcase, Black

Somerset Home 3 Shelf Bookcase, Black

Small and compact, this bookcase has three tiers and dimensions of 25.25”L x 11.75”W x 33.5”H. The steel frame allows you to hold heavier items on each shelf. Modern and sleek, the open design and black color ensure that this bookcase fits with any home décor.

Place next to your television to hold gaming consoles or in the corner of a room to fill with books.

Get the Somerset Home 3 Shelf Bookcase at Walmart.

14. Zimtown 5-Shelf Bookcase

Zimtown 5-Shelf Wood Bookcase

The Zimtown 5-shelf bookcase has a metal frame and a ladder appearance. However, this shelf is different than many on our list because it mounts to the wall rather than being freestanding. Offering a modern look, each shelf tier is 11.22” high – perfect for most items.

Get the Zimtown 5-Shelf Bookcase at Walmart.

15. Generic 6-Tier Freestanding Bookcase

6 Tier Bookcase Freestanding Display Rack Wood-Look Bookshelf

Offered in a light slate gray or dark oak color, this six-tier bookcase is ideal for home offices or living rooms. The unit stands 23.6”x 9.25” x 70.8” and is made from engineered wood. Each shelf can hold 10 – 15 pounds of weight, but they’re not adjustable.

Get the 6-Tier Freestanding Bookcase on Amazon.

16. Homfa 9-Tier Tree Bookshelf

Homfa 9-Tier Tree Bookshelf

Ideal for books, records or other items, this case has nine tiers of shelving and a gray finish, perfect for any room. The bookshelf has a “tree” appearance, and its unique design allows you to save space while storing upwards of 50 books in total.

The height is around 5-feet, and you can assemble the unit in 15-20 minutes.

Get the Homfa 9-Tier Tree Bookshelf at Walmart.

17. Arturs 5-Tier Bookcase

Steel Bookcase

Arturs bookcase has five storage shelves that have a capacity of 25 – 30 pounds each. The top shelf’s 25-pound capacity is perfect for baskets while you can put everything from cookbooks to decorative items on the other shelves.

The budget-friendly bookcase has a height of 56.75”, so it’s tall but low enough for most people to reach the top shelf comfortably.

Get the Arturs Bookcase on Wayfair.

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18. Milltown Merchants Ladder Shelf

Milltown Merchants Ladder Shelf - Wooden Ladder Bookshelf Amazon

Milltown’s Ladder Shelf has a leaning effect, created with a small top shelf and each of the subsequent shelves being slightly larger than the last. Four shelves provide enough space for all of your items, such as plants, books, baskets and more.

The bookshelf can fold down to save space, and the dimensions are just 13.5”D  x 16”W x 45.5”H with multiple color options available.

Plus, no assembly is required – a major perk.

Get the Milltown Merchants Ladder Shelf on Amazon.

19. Etagere 5-Tier Bookcase

Solid Wood Etagere Bookcase

Etagere’s bookcase offers a five-tier bookcase with a height of 63.27” and a width of 23.58”. Perfect to place in a living room or bare wall, this model comes in three main styles:

  • Natural
  • Vintage
  • White

Each shelf can hold up to 22 pounds and has a depth of 10”, so you can fit items of all sizes comfortably on them.

Get the Etagere Bookcase on Wayfair.

Final Thoughts

These 19 cheap bookshelves will add style and help you make the perfect home library. No matter your style or budget, you’re sure to find a bookshelf that matches your vibe on our list.