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15 Best Floating Shelves For Heavy Items

Best Floating Shelves For Heavy Decor Items

So you have some heavy decor items and books that would be amazing in your space, but you are unsure what would be the best floating shelves for heavy items? Dive into our list and explore some of the best options available for all your storage needs, and who knows, perhaps you might even find that you can add some more items to our new gorgeous shelf.

1.  Himmelmann Floating Shelf

Himmelmann Floating Shelf

This stunning white floating shelf, available from Wayfair and made from manufactured wood, is a gusty little shelf that can carry a good weight of decor items. The shelf can easily handle toiletries and cosmetics in your bathroom or be used to display photos and other decor items. The maximum weight capacity is 25 pounds, making it one of the lowest on the list but still a good degree higher than your average weight capacity for floating shelves, which hovers at about 9 pounds.

Tip: Add some framed printable wall art to your shelves to mix things up and add interest.


Floating Shelves with Industrial Pipe Brackets Rustic Set of 3 for heavy items amazon

These perfect rustic floating shelves, for sale on Amazon, are not only gorgeous but also extremely heavy duty. The three-tier 24″ x 7.1″ can support a whopping 80 pounds. You would not need to sacrifice beauty for the sake of a high load capacity with these shelves from Mante Blong. The industrial pipes carry a genuine rustic charm that, coupled with four color choices available for the wood, will allow you to match your shelves with the color palette of your choice.

3.  White Wood Distressed Vintage Farmhouse Wall Shelf

White Wood Distressed Vintage Farmhouse Wall Shelf

This gorgeous farmhouse wall shelf from Overstock has incredible detail, with carved flowers decorating the shelf itself. It is sure to stand out in any room. Capable of supporting 20 pounds per shelf, it is one of the best options for a decorative shelf that can carry some weight. This vintage-inspired shelf will look amazing with small plants for heavy candles and a couple of trinkets for good measure.

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4.  6 Piece Floating Shelf Brackets 6 Inch Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Industrial Metal Shelf Supports

6 Pcs Floating Shelf Brackets 8 Inch Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Industrial Metal Shelf Supports

A beautiful set of 6-piece floating shelf brackets also deserves mention. Each set of brackets can handle up to 66 pounds of weight, putting it far above the standard floating shelf support. The industrial metal creates smooth lines and will make for a clean-looking display with its simplicity. Available from Amazon, it can easily be paired with some gorgeous planks sold separately. Amazon has a variety available. Just make sure the plank will fit the bracket’s size.

5.  Mount-It! Floating Wall Mounted Shelf

Floating Wall Mounted Shelf FOR HEAVY ITEMS 44 lbs Weight Capacity

This tempered glass-mounted shelf is one of the most robust glass options. Sold by Walmart, this glass shelf is a superb option for the TV or dining room when your decor features more glass or a more minimalist approach. The shelves would look great as part of your TV compartment, carrying your AV components, DVD boxes, and other electronics. The shelf can handle a weight capacity of 44 pounds in total.

6.  Wallniture Philly 31.5″ Floating Shelves for Nursery Decor, White Bookshelf

Wallniture Philly 31.5 Floating Shelves for Nursery Decor, White Bookshelf FOR BOOKS

Another delightful, white floating shelf option is this Wallniture Philly shelf from Overstock. Ideally marketed for a nursery, these shelves can function in any space where you would like to store some lightweight books. Each shelf can support up to 25 pounds when mounted against wooden studs or walls. Although it looks captivating in a nursery, these shelves will also be able to show their full potential in a kitchen with some cookbooks or even some spices on display.

Tip: Add labels to your shelves to make it easier for the little ones (and yourself) to find things.

7.  Joao 2 Piece Solid Wood Floating Shelf With Reclaimed Wood

Joao 2 Piece Solid Wood Floating Shelf with Reclaimed Wood FOR HEAVY ITEMS

These distinct floating shelves from Joao, for sale at Wayfair, create a stunning look with their reclaimed wooden planks. Make sure you select the 2″ H x 40″ W x 7″ D to benefit from its 40 pounds weight capacity fully. The reclaimed wood carries a bit of individual personality per plank; these minor and slight differences add character and poise to your shelves. These shelves can successfully be used in either a bathroom or a living room.

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8.  Set of 2 or Set of 3 Rustic Wood Shelves for Wall Storage

Rustic Wood Shelves for Wall Storage heavy items

A lightweight shelf made from Paulownia wood comes in three colors and sizes to create a charmingly rustic farmhouse display. This is a versatile shelf that can be utilized in various rooms in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom; it can even be used as a fireplace mantel. Find this excellent addition to your home on Amazon.

9.  Sporgh 2 Piece Pine Solid Wood Floating Shelf

Sporgh 2 Piece Pine Solid Wood Floating Shelf

These gorgeous solid pine wood floating shelves are handmade from lumber harvested in the northeast mountains. Boasting with a wall anchor that is one of the strongest on the market, these shelves can support 25 pounds each. The shelves come in dark walnut, gray, reclaimed wood, and unique walnut options. Pair some handsome leather-bound books with eye-catching pottery or vintage hardcover books with some plants to create a stunning feature on your wall. Have a look at Wayfair for these enchanting shelves.

10. Distressed Acacia Wood Floating Wall Shelves

Distressed Acacia Wood Floating Wall Shelves

Although these shelves appear bulky and quite heavy on their own, they are made lightweight by their hollow design. The distressed acacia wood almost gives a shipwreck feel to the shelves that would look stunning in a farmhouse-style room. The shelves come in two sizes, 24″ that can handle a great 50 pounds of weight and 48″ that can carry 100 pounds, making it hands down one of the best floating shelves for heavy items. Head over to Overstock and have a look at this stunning shelf.

11. Annecy Floating Shelves

Dark Walnut Rustic Solid Wood Shelves Set of 2 for bathroom

The multifunctional shelf can easily be used in any house room and will look amazing when used to display artwork, collectibles, photos, and trinkets. Boasting a sleek look and natural wood plank, these shelves from Amazon, will look great in a contemporary style room. Each of these shelves can handle up to 40 pounds, and you can therefore load it with your favorite decor items, with the peace of mind that they will be beautifully displayed.

12. Wallniture Denver 46″ Floating Shelves for Kids Room Decor

Wallniture Denver 46" Floating Shelves for Kids Room Decor, White Bookshelf

There is something so striking about a white floating shelf bearing many books in a kid’s room. This set of three shelves from Wallniture can easily handle up to 30 pounds of weight, meaning you can artfully display all your child’s favorite stories in an orderly way. These shelves can also show your photo frames gorgeously to create a stunning picture ledge. These 46″ shelves are available from Overstock.

13. Floating Wall Mounted Shelves

Farmhouse Wall Shelf Floating Shelves Bathroom Shelve Bedroom Living Room Shelfs

This exciting bundle, sold on Amazon, contains three rustic wood ledge shelves with wide panels. Beautifully stained in dark brown, these shelves will perfectly complete a rustic boho look. Made from engineered wood, these shelves can handle up to 40 pounds, making them an excellent option for storing and displaying the fruits of your green-fingered labor in your kitchen.

14. Floating Shelves Wall Mounted 17-Inch – Thick Handmade Set of Dark Brown Wooden Shelf


Floating Shelves Wall Mounted amazon

This naturally rustic farmhouse-style shelf is made from acacia hardwood and stained with high-quality products. These shelves are easy to install and come with one long hidden bracket per shelf, making the mounting of the shelf easier. This shelf can carry up to 33 pounds and be used in various rooms throughout the house. Have a look on Amazon for these shelves.

15. Ascension Pine Solid Wood Floating Shelf

Ascension Pine Solid Wood Floating Shelf

The Ascension pine solid wood floating shelf is another winner from Gracie Oaks, for sale on Wayfair. Committed to combining function and design, this designer boasts three different types of shelves on this list. And like the other two, this one does not disappoint. Having a weight-bearing capacity of 70 pounds on the 5.25″ H x 64″ W x 8″ D shelf is one of the top weight-bearing shelves on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would the shelf need to be bolted to the wall?

In most cases, the shelf, especially a floating shelf, will need to be bolted into the wall with the added supplies sent by the manufacturer.

Can I load more items than the maximum weight requirement?

Only if you like waking up in the middle of the night to a resounding crash! But seriously, jokes aside, do not overload your shelf, as it will cause the bolts to break or pull out of the wall and potentially damage your property.


Maintaining a tidy and fashionable home is not always easy, and we need all the extra help we can get in terms of storage. A great display shelf perfectly combines function and decor while giving good support in the weight category. To successfully maintain this balance, it is always better to use good quality products like these best floating shelves for heavy items. Always ensure that you stay within the maximum weight capacity to ensure the livelihood of your possessions.