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17 Insanely Beautiful Rattan Headboards to Make the Perfect Bedroom

Best Rattan Headboards to Buy Online

The perfect bedroom needs the ideal decor to showcase your taste and style. Whether it is to impress your friends and family or to simply create a safe and comfortable space for yourself, a gorgeous rattan headboard can go a long way in making your dream bedroom.

Rattan furniture evolved since its first appearance in the early 19th Century. Some of the featured headboard’s intricate designs demonstrate this evolution with class and simple elegance. Whether you are looking for ornate designs or the understated simplicity of a solid rattan headboard, this article covers them all. Let’s look at which headboard will fit your particular style.

1.  Tierra Rattan Open-Frame Headboard – Queen, King, Twin, Full sizes

Flower rattan headboards queen king twin

Inspired by the tropical flowers and lush foliage the designer encountered in their travels, this headboard hints at art imitating life. Available in white, beige, and mint, this open-frame headboard will supplement a versatile array of decor styles. The beige headboard pairs beautifully with white linen and some boho chic decor items.

The Tierra Rattan Open-Frame Headboard by Dakota Fields is available from Wayfair.

Tip: Hang some boho-inspired wall art above your headboard to tie the look together.

2.  Sunflower Rattan Headboard King, Queen, Full, Twin

Rattan Sunflower Headboard king Queen, Full, Twin

This one-of-a-kind Sunflower Rattan Headboard by Kouboo truly has a distinctive design. The solid rattan frame supports the more delicate features of the woven rattan, shaped like half a sunflower. Pair this sunflower headboard with soft beiges, creamy greens, and bright, playful yellows to create your own oasis of style. Have a look at these delightful nightstands to round off your decor.

Rattan Nightstand with Drawer

Order the Rattan headboard from Amazon.

3.  Patton Rattan Open Frame Headboard – King, Queen, Full, Twin

Patton Rattan Open Frame Headboard king queen twin full

The incredibly unique design showcased in the Patton Rattan Open Frame Headboard is genuinely breathtaking in its black design. Although available in black and mint colors, the black design will stand out in your bedroom. A simple and elegant look can easily be achieved when paired with whites and muted blues/grays. For the more adventurous designer, the headboard can be paired with vibrant colors and various patterns. Find this unique headboard from Mistana at Wayfair.

4.  Kouboo Rattan Chippendale Headboard – King, Queen, Full, Twin

Kouboo Rattan Chippendale Headboard King Queen, Full, Twin

Another stunning headboard from Kouboo has made it onto the list. The Rattan Chippendale Headboard offers a unique symmetrical design that imitates a brick style. This piece can be used to add dimension to your room and commands a strong enough presence to carry the room on its own, with minimal extra decor needed. Add a dark or striking wall color, and let the headboard do the rest. This minimalist dream design can be found on Amazon.

5.  Handmade Rattan Headboard – Queen, King

Handmade Rattan Headboard Queen King

This exquisitely handcrafted headboard is perfect for dainty and delicate bedroom decor. The headboard, available from  Overstock, has been made with exquisite attention to detail. Originating from Indonesia, the headboard will significantly add to any Bohemian-style bedroom. Have a look at some Bohemian Jungle decor ideas to aid in inspiration for making this headboard part of your dream bedroom.

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6.  Watkins Wicker/Rattan Panel Headboard – King, Queen, Full, Twin

Watkins Wicker Rattan Panel Headboard King Queen, Full, Twin

This gorgeous Watkins Headboard is expertly crafted with a Rattan frame and woven wicker. The frame lends enhanced durability, while the classic woven wicker and curved edges add to the charm of this headboard. Available in white and honey, this headboard would be expertly paired with a dark accent or textured wall. Available from Wayfair.

7.  Serena Wood and Cane Panel Headboard – King, Queen, Twin

Serena Wood and Cane Panel Headboard - rattan King Queen, Twin

Imagine the charm and grace of this simple yet sophisticated headboard, enhancing the aesthetic of your bedroom. The Serena Wood and Cane Panel Headboard, available from Overstock, is a versatile headboard that can be used in Boho Chic, Farmhouse, or coastal decor. The frame comes in white or brown, making it easy to find the right fit for your decor look. Clean and simple lines compliment the headboard, ensuring that the headboard does not overwhelm a room.  

8.  Nava Wicker/Rattan Panel Headboard – King, Queen, Full, Twin

Nava Wicker Rattan Panel Headboard

The Nava Wicker Rattan Panel Headboard from Beachcrest Home is another beautiful design that speaks of relaxation and enjoyment. Made with the pretty honey tones of the wicker/ rattan weave on full display this headboard will delight a boho chic enthusiast. Paring this headboard with whites, muted greens, and bright indoor palms will create a truly enchanting space. This game-changing headboard can be found at Wayfair.

9.  Safavieh Sephina Brown / Multi Rattan Headboard – Full size

Sephina Brown Multi Rattan Headboard full size

The Sephina Headboard is a pretty chocolate brown headboard with an artistic weave of rattan, edged with a dimensional criss-cross pattern at the top. This distinctive design makes various decor styles like transitional, contemporary and modern possible in your bedroom. You can find this incredible design at Overstock.

10. Safavieh Nadine Coastal Rattan Winged Headboard – King, Queen, Full, Twin

Safavieh Nadine Coastal Rattan Winged Headboard King Queen, Full, Twin

A classic camelback silhouette paired with the winged outer edges makes this natural rattan headboard a showstopper. This headboard is a versatile piece in any bedroom, featuring a traditional braided banana leaf weave that highlights the gorgeous honey undertones and showcases the various brown tones. This piece will look amazing with dark colors and work perfectly well with soft white tones and palms in your bedroom. Use this headboard to make your perfect little oasis. Find this one-of-a-kind design at Walmart.

11. South Shore Lilak Headboard – Queen

South Shore Lilak Headboard-Queen-Rattan

South Shore does not disappoint with the Lilak Headboard. Each headboard is uniquely handcrafted, with no effort spared in creating a beautiful and simplistic design. The rectangular shape of the headboard has crisp, clean lines, paired with the captivating symmetry of the rattan weave, making this headboard a high-ranking option. The solid rattan weave will create a gorgeous background for any boho chic design. Pair with soft pastel blue for a more ocean retreat aesthetic. Find this design on Amazon.

12. Modern Bohemian Natural Brown Rattan Headboard – Queen

Linette Modern Bohemian Natural Brown Rattan Queen Size Standalone Headboard

This stand-alone headboard from Linette is a true gem. Diligently crafted from natural rattan, the woven headboard creates a light and airy feel. Perfect for a bedroom decorated in a loose and flowy style, you can almost feel the summer breeze brush past the soft curtains. Slight variations may occur in the rattan color as natural products are used throughout. This Bohemian-style headboard is eco-friendly and available from Walmart.

13. Katalina Naturally Woven Headboard – King, Queen 

Katalina Naturally Woven Headboard queen King Rattan Headboard

This charming Katalina Naturally Woven Headboard brings the immediate relaxed feeling of a beach house to your bedroom. Strongly built with a mahogany wood frame, and complemented with tightly woven rattan, creates a simplistic yet elegant design. The simplicity of its design means that this headboard will not overpower your space but rather enhance an already beautiful room to its true strength. Have a look at Wayfair for this incredible piece.

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14. Villandry Headboard – Queen, Twin

Villandry Headboard Rattan Queen King

This pretty design will look fantastic in any contemporary or old French-style bedroom. Handmade from solid mahogany and supplemented with airy canning, this headboard balances the classic French style and rattan furniture. Pair the whitewash headboard with a soft floral decor to complete this stunning look. Available in a whitewash or with a black frame finish, the Villandry headboard is available from Ballard Designs.

15. Rattan Headboard – King Queen, Full, Twin

Rattan headboard King Queen, Full, Twin

Finding complementary decor for this piece will not be complicated as the headboard from Kouboo, available from Amazon, does not overload the senses. Neutral whitewashed tones complement this sunflower headboard. The soft tones and rattan frame makes for a classic rattan headboard look. Pair this headboard with leafy greens, and soft grays for a perfect look. This elegant rattan headboard is available also in mint color

Rattan-headboard-King-Queen,-Full,-Twin-size 600

Here is the Mint Sunflower Rattan Headboard:

Rattan Headboard California King Mint

16. Gabrielle Coastal Geometric Wicker Headboard – Queen, Full

Safavieh Gabrielle Coastal Geometric Wicker Headboard FULL QUEEN

The geometric shape of the Safavieh Gabrielle Coastal headboard makes for a striking and individual look. This headboard is perfect for making a statement in your bedroom. If you have it displayed against a dark wall, this headboard will be eye-catching! The open trellis weave will show beautifully as a focal point of your bedroom. The headboard comes in a selection of colors: gray, brown, and whitewashed, enabling you to choose the best option for your unique style. Have a look at the options available from Walmart.

17. Natural Rattan And Wood Headboard – Queen

Natural Rattan And Wood Westley Headboard Queen

This headboard’s natural rattan and wood design create a warm and inviting feel to your bedroom. Handcrafted in Indonesia by artisans, this headboard is a true masterpiece. Creating ornate “window boxes” in the frame makes for a striking headpiece. This piece can be used in various styles, such as modern, traditional, Bohemian, and coastal. Find this beauty at World Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a Rattan Headboard?

Make sure that the style and color match what you need, as well as the durability of the frame. Rattan is not the most durable material, so it is best to use a sturdy option.

Do I need extra accessories with headboards?

It depends on the type of headboards; some come with hooks and fasteners, while others will not. Each headboard does mention if you need extra equipment.

Final Thoughts 

Rattan furniture is fast making a rise in popularity. Options and variations abound these days. Making a perfect choice can be tricky if you are not entirely sold on the decor you are after. Most rattan headboards are versatile in which decor style they can be used. Therefore, it is best to do in-depth research for an option that matches your style and your pocket.