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15 Insanely Smart Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room

Need toy storage ideas for living room? We’ve gathered 15 insanely smart ideas for inspiration and to help you find the perfect toy storage solution for your space.

15 Insanely Smart Toy Storage Ideas for Living Room

1. Use Nesting Tables for Games and Art Supplies

Nesting tables are an excellent option for storing art supplies or games in the living room because they:

  • Keep everything hidden
  • Are low to the ground, so they’re the perfect height for kids

We love these nesting tables from Amazon because they have so much storage for small toys, games and more. The top table lifts up to offer even more storage.

Another great thing about these tables is that they are so low to the ground. Kids will use the table – instead of making a mess on the floor – when they’re playing games or putting puzzles together.

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2. Tuck Storage Baskets Behind the Sofa

Here’s another great way to store toys away in a discreet way. Storage baskets are perfect for toy storage, but it’s not always easy to find a spot for them. You probably don’t want an entire living room full of storage baskets stacked along the wall.

Tucking tall and skinny storage baskets behind the sofa is the perfect way to keep the kids’ toys hidden away.

These storage baskets from Wayfair are actually ottomans, but they could work really well for behind-the-sofa storage. And then as your kids grow, you can repurpose start using them as ottomans.

3. Add an Armoire

If you’re looking for simple toy storage ideas for living room, armoires are a great option. They blend right in with the rest of your living room furniture, and they offer so much storage. Plus, they also have higher storage, so you can keep toys that maybe you don’t want the kids to use all the time.

You can find armoires that fit into any living room style, and you can find a wide range of sizes and storage needs.

We love this armoire from Wayfair because it has lots of storage space and drawers that are easily accessible for kids. Here’s where you can store the toys that the kids use most often. They can grab them when they want to play, and then put them back when they’re done.

On the higher shelves, you can store toys that kids use:

  • Less often
  • Only under supervision

What’s great is that you can store your armoire in a corner or in the back of the living room, and it will blend into the room without taking up too much floor space.

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4. Use Storage Cubbies

Storage cubbies are a great go-to for toy storage in the living room, and with the right setup, you can keep everything hidden away.

This cube storage cabinet from Overstock is a great option. It doesn’t have cabinet doors, but if you’re handy you can install your own. If not, you can just add more storage baskets if you need more storage space.

5. Add a Bench with Storage Drawers

If you’re looking for toy storage ideas for living room that are multi-functional, benches are a great option.

Along with providing you with lots of storage for the kids’ toys, benches also provide a place to sit. So, you’re adding storage and more function to your living room.

The drawers in these types of benches are typically deep enough to store a lot of toys, from games to puzzles, Legos, figurines and everything in between. Depending on the depth of the drawer, you may be able to add baskets that keep small toys tidy.

What’s great about this bench idea is that all of the drawers are easily accessible by the kids, so they can take what they want and then clean up everything themselves when they’re done playing.

You can make your own custom bench if you want. Here’s a great tutorial:

Another option is to just buy a mudroom bench – like this one from Wayfair – with built-in drawers and use that. If you need more drawers, you can buy multiple benches and sit them side by side.

6. Add a Storage Basket with Storage Bins Inside

Small toys like figurines, Legos and little books are some of the hardest to organize. But this idea makes it easy to keep these kinds of toys tucked away and tidy. It’s also a great way to teach kids about organization from an early age.

For this idea, you’ll need a storage basket or hamper. We like this basket from Amazon because it has a little strap to keep the lid locked. You’ll also need small storage bins with lids. We like these bins from Amazon because they have handles, which make it easy for kids to grab and use.

Fill the bins up with toys, and stack them inside of the basket.

The basket doubles as a décor item and storage bin, so the kids can keep their toys organized without turning your living room into a play room.

7. Install Built-in Drawers for Toys

Here’s a genius storage idea for toys, but this is a more involved project, so keep that in mind. For this idea, you’ll create built-in drawers in the wall.

When they’re closed, they’ll be virtually invisible (except for the handles).

Because they’re so low on the wall, these drawers will be easily accessible to the kids, and it will help make clean-up so much quicker and easier.

Again, this is an idea that will require a much bigger budget and may even require a professional if you don’t have the know-how. But it’s worth it if you want a seamless storage solution that doesn’t take up any additional space in your home.

8. Repurpose a Bookcase

If you’re looking for toy storage ideas for living room, you don’t necessarily need to buy something new. You can repurpose a bookcase to serve as toy storage.

Of course, you can use it to store the kids’ books, too. But you can also add little storage baskets that are kid-friendly sizes to hold their small items. You can keep things like toy cars and other larger toys neatly on the shelves.

If your kids have a dedicated playroom or don’t have a really big toy collection, this idea is perfect for a living room because you can place the bookcase in a corner or back wall where it’s mostly hidden from sight.

Of course, if you don’t have a bookcase to repurpose, you can always buy one (here’s an affordable one from Amazon) and follow this same idea.

9. Tuck Storage Baskets Underneath Chairs

Here’s a stealth way to store toys in the living room without having to make a big project out of it. Grab a decorative tray (like this one from Wayfair), fill it with toys and tuck it underneath a chair.

You can even follow the tutorial above and repurpose a cardboard box for this to make it virtually free.

You can tuck them under the sofa if you don’t have chairs in your living room.

Of course, this isn’t an idea for everyone, but if you have any furniture with clearance underneath it, you can likely store toys this way.

10. Use a Console Table to Store Toys

Console tables are great for toy storage, and they blend right in with the rest of your living room furniture.  Just add some storage baskets to the shelves, and you have a tidy space to store toys out of sight in your living room.

We love this console table from Overstock because it has a contemporary design that will complement most living rooms. These rope baskets from Wayfair are perfect for keeping the little ones’ toys organized.

11. Add Storage Baskets to Your Coffee Table

Storage baskets seem to be the go-to storage option for toys in the living room, and it’s easy to see why. They keep toys out of sight while also acting as décor for the space.

If you have a coffee table with a bottom shelf, you can easily add baskets for toy storage. These storage baskets from Wayfair are a great option, and they also have a lid to keep toys completely out of sight.

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12. Add Lidded Baskets to Corners or Next to Tables

If you want simple toy storage ideas for living room, lidded baskets are a great choice. They look like they are part of your living room décor, but they also keep toys out of sight when the kids aren’t playing.

If the kids knock them over to get all of the toys out, it won’t be a big deal because baskets are typically lightweight and durable.

We love these lidded baskets from World Market because they come in different sizes and they have a beautiful design.

13. Add Storage Seats

Here’s an interesting way to store toys – in your actual furniture. Look for modular sofa chairs (like these ones from Amazon) that have built-in storage compartments. The seat will lift up to give you plenty of space to store kids’ toys.

If you’re in the market for new living room seating, going the modular route may be a great way to also solve your toy storage problem.

14. Add a Modern Toy Chest

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best. Adding a modern toy chest to your living room will create space to store your kids’ toys. Many new toy chests are designed to look just like any other piece of furniture in your home.

We like this simple chest from Amazon because it will match just about any living room, and it provides a nice amount of space for storing toys.

15. Use Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are another great option for storing toys, and they can double either as seating or a place to rest your feet.

Ottomans like these come in all sizes, shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that will match your living room.

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