Do you have a pool? You can find this storage bin very useful!

23 Creative Toy Storage Ideas & Organization Hacks

Toy storage solutions


Toys in the living room, toys in the kitchen, toys everywhere!

If you have kids then you know how easy it is for their toys to take over the whole house.

When you become a parent you clearly understand the importance of finding storage solutions that will keep your house organized and your kid toys in place.

Even if you live in a home with an unlimited amount of space, at some point it starts bothering you and you need to have creative ways to store their ‘stuff.’

Here are the best creative toy storage ideas that will help you keep your house organized.

Kids’ room toy storage ideas

1. Delta 9 Bin Plastic Toy Organizer

Delta Children is a leading manufacturer that sells its’ products also on Amazon. This plastic toy organizer in one of their best selling items. Its’ frame is made from strong wood, bins are made of durable plastic, and it comes in a variety of colors. Here is the classic one.


2. TomCare Cube Storage

It doesn’t get more basic than these classic cube-style shelves. They’re r available at most big-box stores and also online, and the prices are quite reasonable. Use the storage boxes – which come in a variety of colors and can be purchased separately to easily organize toys.

3. Woffit Toy Storage Organizer

Woffit toy organizer makes it easier than ever before for your little one to keep their room clean and organized on their own. It’s spacious enough to store a wide variety of items including stuffed toys, games, art & craft supplies, pillows, blankets, clothes, shoes, and more.


4. Rolling Natural Toy Box with Wheels

Playtime and clean up seamlessly unite when the Humble Crew Toy Box with Wheels is on the scene. A super smart storage solution for kids’ toys!

5. Mobile Toy Box

This orange and green mobile toy box makes toy cleanup fun and easy. Just like the rolling wooden toy box, it can be easily moved around the house. Perfect for storing toys, books, puzzles, games, and more.

6. Clear Storage Box Containers

This is definitely something that every mom should buy to store her kids’ toys. It is perfect for any kind of toys and games and can be placed inside a closet, under the bed, in the garage, or just like that in the room.

7. Small Parts Organizer

The most comfortable way to organize and store small toy parts is with this plastic organizer. Sort each toy and nest them inside this organizer.


8. Toy Storage Bag

Another fun and easy way to organize toys is by using this cotton toy bag. Open it before playing and close it when done – quick and easy.


9. Yellow Stackable Box

Super cute storage box to store your kids’ “stuff”.


10. Natural Basket Bubbly

Give all the little things around your nursery a sweet and stylish home with these adorable bubbly baskets.


11. Gray Cushion and Three Bin Bench

Space saving furniture that is perfect for toy storage.


12. Rolling Underbed Cart

Another creative space saving solution that will make it easy to organize and store toys under the bed.

13. Rolling underbed wooden storage

If you liked the white wire underbed cart less, try this wooden rolling box that can be perfect for you!


14. Tally Storage and Bookshelf

Functional meets stylish fun in this modern bookshelf design, which has shelving and storage space for all those playroom treasures. The top shelf is perfect for books, while the bottom cubbies can hold toys.


15. Stuffed animals toy storage

This stylish stuffed animal storage organizers help you take control of your entire stuffed animal collection. Simply fill and zip your floor pouf to create a plush, stuffed animal bean bag chair in a matter of minutes.


Living room toy storage ideas

16. Storage Ottoman Cube

A storage cube can fit perfectly your living room. It can be used for toy storage and foot rest.  Your kids can easily get toys in and out of it, and it can easily be moved around to the main sitting area if extra seating is ever needed.


17. Handwoven natural hyacinth Basket

I just love handwoven baskets! It’s a great way to store “stuff” and add a stylish look to your place.

18. Storage Cabinet

It’s always good have a nice cabinet in the living room where you can also store toys. Check this beautiful and affordable cabinet on Amazon.


19. Extra Large Cotton Storage Basket

If you’re looking aesthetic ways to hide toys in the living room – you should try this cotton storage basket.

20. Toy Storage Underneath or inside the Coffee Table

The coffee table can be a brilliant space for storing toys or games, while still fitting in with the look and design on the room.


Outdoor toy storage ideas

21. Storage Bench

This bench is made out of all weather-resistant resin with an appealing wood-look texture. Perfect place to store outdoor toys, or even pool accessories, and beach towels.

22. Pool Storage Bin

Do you have a pool? You can find this storage bin very useful!


23. backseat car toy organizer

Reserwa organizer is perfect for back seat storage that includes Clear Screen Tablet Holder and 9 Storage Pockets. Make your life easier and enjoy your travels!