Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Parents and Family

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Parents

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is sharing the news with your parents and family. Your parents might have never told you but they look forward to becoming grandparents and will get really emotional after the news. Whenever you do decide to share your exciting news, here are 15 insanely fun and creative pregnancy announcement ideas to parents and family they will never forget! 

Pregnancy announcement scratch off cards


These pregnancy announcement scratch-off cards are pretty cool because you can customize them by yourself! All you need to make this unique announcement card is to download this printable file from here and print it at home or in a local print shop. Then you would need to get these scratch-off heart stickers from Amazon to cover your personalized message. The words “we’ve got something to tell you” are printed on the front of the card in adorable calligraphy, and when you open it, there are the revealing words  “You Are Going To Be…”. Below the words, you can write “Daddy/Auntie/Nana/Grandad, etc” or anything you want. Then, you just need to cover your message with a golden heart-shaped scratch-off sticker that you can get from here, and it’s ready to go! 

Download the printable pregnancy announcement card from here. It’s important to note that in this downloadable file there are 2 sides of the print. So after you print the first page of the front of the card, you need to use the same printed paper, and just flip it over to the other side to print on it the inside wording (where the “SCRATCH TO REVEAL” messaging is). 


Another super cute version of this scratchable pregnancy announcement card is this card right here – get it from Amazon.

Pregnancy announcement scratch off cards - We're having a baby - Baby announcement scratch off tickets

“So We Have Been Busy” – Free Printable Pregnancy Announcement Card


Get a cake with a “we are having a baby” cake topper

Nothing announces your pregnancy news bigger than getting a cake with a topper written ‘we are having a baby’. As your family shares the sweetness of the dessert, they can also share in the good news of your pregnancy. You can cover your cake with any color of icing or frosting you like, just make sure your message is written in a contrasting color. Another option is to get a ready-made cake decoration like these toppers on Amazon: Golden “We’re Having a Baby” Cake Topper, Mommy to bee Cake TopperGold Glitter Oh Babies Cake Topper.


Using a pregnancy announcement sign

This is a timeless and classic way to announce your pregnancy news to the family. Signs are not just great photo props. You can also use them to surprise your parents. Grab your sign here.


Here is a cute announcement photo inspiration with a handing banner: 

Put the pregnancy announcement in a mug

The good thing with a mug is that it can last way after sharing your pregnancy news. A simple mug with the inscriptions “you are going to be grandparents” or “we are pregnant” will be perfect. Check out this mug.


Another cute option of mugs for your parents is this set of two:

White Ceramic Coffee Mug Set, Grandma and Grandpa pregnancy announcement to parents

Pregnancy announcement balloons

Surprise your parents or family with this stunning set of pregnancy announcement balloons. Simple yet super cute, this set will easily fit into any image and make it unforgettable. Here are a few inspiring pregnancy announcement photos with balloons that your parents will absolutely love! 

Get the OH BABY balloons from Amazon here and the BABY balloons from here

Pregnancy announcement gift box

pregnancy announcement gift box to parents and family

This pregnancy announcement gift is a cute way to announce a pregnancy. Boxed and ready to be given to your loved ones, this cute box includes a “Guess what…” printed greeting card and a baby bodysuit with a “Coming soon” front design wrapped up in tissue paper. There is another version of the same gift box but with a different message “Best parents get promoted to grandparents” that is available here

Wear a “Coming Soon” Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

Coming Soon Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt

Share the exciting news with your parent and family with this adorable t-shirt and see how long it takes them to discover the subtle hint of the tiny baby footprint, indicating the imminent arrival of a new addition to the family. This cool t-shirt is available on Amazon in black, grey, navy blue, olive green, and cranberry red. And if you are looking for a shirt in lighter colors, this is a great option.

A message on a t-shirt is very loud and clear and is bound to get your family excited about the news. You can invite them for lunch at your place and wear the t-shirt once they have settled down and they are having fun. Here are 19 pregnancy announcement T-shirts for the whole family and where to buy them. And if you’re making your own custom shirts, here are some SVG files to use for your designs.

Pregnancy announcement t-shirts

Inspiring Pregnancy announcement idea with t-shirts:

A sonogram countdown frame

Sonogram Picture Frame Pregnancy Announcements Gift- Countdown Weeks Design for Baby Girl Room Décor

I really like this gift idea! What can be more exciting than counting down the weeks until you get to the due date? This is also a meaningful gift and since the countdown has already begun, there is no better way to announce your pregnancy news than by getting your parents a sonogram frame. There is also a digital counter with the message “Baby on the way” which you can get from Amazon here

Announce with fun and creative pregnancy announcement bottle labels 

Fun and creative Baby Announcement Wine Labels amazon

You can get personalized wine bottles with hilarious messages printed and ready for use from Amazon. Check out this cute label that says “Always read the fine print. You’re going to be grandparents” to announce your pregnancy. 

Send a surprise mail pregnancy announcement

You can send a tiny package holding news that your parents and family will be thrilled to read. Here is a cute example:

Use this tiny box to pack the positive pregnancy test – get it from Amazon

To write your exciting news, you can also use this funny pregnancy announcement greeting card for grandparents.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents

Or send this hilarious scratch-off pregnancy announcement card:

Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Off Cards amazon

And this card is even better! Check out this cute Scratch off Pregnancy Announcement Avocado Reveal Card.

Pregnancy Announcement Reveal Card, Scratch off Avocado

‘We’re having a baby’ surprise spoon


Probably the easiest and most diverse way to announce a pregnancy is during dinner by serving ‘We’re having a baby’ spoon to your parents.  The message is printed on a stainless steel spoon that makes this pregnancy announcement idea a memorable item that your parents can keep for long years.   

Let your dog do the work for you


Pregnancy announcements are a  great way to include the baby’s best future friend. Grab your fur baby for a dog pregnancy announcement for your parents and family! There are many ways to make a dog pregnancy announcement, and the easiest way is to get this pregnancy announcement bandana and let your dog walk around until they notice the exciting news. 


Get a grandpa whiskey glass and a grandma bracelet

Whiskey Glasses Grandpa pregnancy announcement

Get your dad a whiskey glass so that he can enjoy drinks while getting excited about your news.

Pregnancy announcement Jewel 


Get your mom a bracelet or charm inscribed “grandma to be” or something like that. Check out this #1 Amazon Best Seller ” Grandma” bracelet. Another cool option is this “Best Moms Get Promoted to Grandma” bracelet

Wear Mom and Dad set of parent caps to announce your pregnancy

Get a black set of caps from Amazon here or view more cool colors here

“Grandparents again” mugs

If you are having your consequent pregnancy, you can get mugs with the written message ‘grandma again and grandpa again’ for your parents.

You only get one shot at announcing your pregnancy to your parents and family. Do something they will remember in their lifetime.

Final Thoughts 

No matter how you decide to announce your pregnancy to your parents and family, do something that you can talk about with excitement even years to come.



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