What Can Cause Problems Getting Pregnant?

7 Reasons why you can’t get pregnant


Many couples out there in the world struggle with difficulties related to getting pregnant. If you are dealing with similar issues, you need to figure out the reasons why most of the couples are struggling to conceive. Then you can go through appropriate steps to overcome these issues and have a baby of your own.

Below mentioned are some of the most prominent causes that can keep you away from getting pregnant.

1.Fertility issues

Fertility issues can be considered as the number one reason, which keep women away from getting pregnant. However, it is important to keep in mind that fertility issues cannot be fully controlled. For example, some may end up with fertility issues due to genetic causes. But it is better if you can get in touch with a doctor and figure out what can be done to overcome the fertility issues. Then you will be able to go for appropriate treatments as well.


2. Your weight

There is a strong relationship in between obesity and the ability to conceive. This fact has been proven from a variety of experiments that were conducted by the National Institute of Health in the past.  In fact, obesity of both partners would contribute towards fertility. If you are dealing with obesity, it could be the reason why you are finding as a difficult task to conceive. Hence, it is important to go ahead with the workouts and other weight loss programs. Even if you can lose 10 pounds from the body weight, you will be able to increase your chances of getting pregnant significantly.

3. Mental health

If you or your partner is not having a good mental health, you will not be able to conceive. That’s where the stress levels play a major role. This fact has been verified from a recent study that was published in the Human Reproduction magazine. In this experiment, 400 couples were closely examined for a period of one year. The results of the study were impressive. Couples that were subjected to higher stress levels had lower fertility rates, whereas the couples who were exposed to a relaxed environment had a high fertility rate. It was also identified that the chances of conceiving increases along with the reduction of overall stress levels.

4. Food habits

The relationship that exists in between food and fertility is strong. If you want to conceive, you need to be extra careful about the food that you consume. For example, if you are a person who consumes a lot of processed meat, your ability to conceive would be extremely low. This is applicable for men as well. Among men who consume a lot of processed meat, the ability of sperm to swim is low when compared to healthy men. Hence, such couples will have a difficult task to get into pregnancy. Instead of pre-processed junk food, you need to think about consuming a healthy and a balanced diet. It should be filled with organic foods as much as possible.


5. Not having enough sex

As you already know, it is important for you to have sex along with your partner to conceive. Some people tend to have sex only during a specific time period of the month, where the egg is being released to the womb. Technically this is correct to get pregnant. But if you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant, you will need to have sex throughout the entire month. When you are having sex, signals will be sent to the body of the woman that it is the perfect time to go. Then the immune system of her body would shift from fighting against illnesses to focus more on reproduction. This can increase your chances of getting pregnant in the long run. Here are the most common ovulation symptoms and by following them or using the ovulation tests you might get pregnant fast.

6. Smoking and consumption of alcohol

Smoking habits and the habits to consume alcohol can have negative impacts on you, especially when you are trying to conceive. It has been identified that smoking has the ability to reduce the fertility among men and women by a significant percentage. In fact, more than 13% of the people who find it as a difficult task to conceive are smokers. Likewise, consumption of alcohol can also create a negative impact on the people who are trying to conceive. This can be avoided. You just need to take appropriate steps to stay away from these habits and you will be able to experience positive results. But you need to make sure that you are not smoking or consuming alcohol after the pregnancy, as it can create a negative impact on the overall health of the child.

7. Working out too hard in the gym

Most of the people don’t know that working out too hard in the gym can lead them towards issues with getting pregnant. This is something that you need to be aware of. Yes, working out in the gym is good for you. It can help you to maintain your wellbeing and increase the chances of getting pregnant. But you need to make sure that you are not working out too hard. If you do, there is a high possibility for you to end up with fertility issues. You just need to focus on moderate workouts. If you are used to a workout schedule that pushes your body beyond the limits, you should at least think about focusing on moderate workouts until you conceive. Then you will be able to focus on the usual workout schedule after the childbirth.

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These are the main reasons that can lead couples towards issues related to getting pregnant. You need to see whether you are dealing with pregnancy issues due to any of these reasons. Then you can find appropriate solutions to them and overcome frustration.