Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 26 Weeks

Now that you are 26 weeks pregnant, if it is possible for you to see your baby, you will discover that at this stage, it is likely his eyelids are open only that he is not able to blink yet; this will happen in a few weeks from now. The reason for the closure all along was for the development of the retina, that part of the eyes that makes it possible for images to come to focus.

The implication of this is that your baby has now developed to the level of being able to see whatever is going on around him. If you shine a flashlight on your tummy, it is possible for him to react to it. But then, for now, you may not be able to guess the color of his eyes. This is because the iris, that colored part of the eye, does not have so much of pigmentation yet. But as he develops the more, that will be settled.

Then, another thing you should note is that the brain-wave activity of your baby is jacking up gradually. By this, apart from him being able to hear noises around him, he is also able to respond to those noises by an increase in his movement or his pulse rate.

In terms of the size of your baby, while his length is about 14.02 inches, his weight is now around 1.68lb. In the next couple of weeks, your baby will be adding some more fat and muscle, and so, his body will be less wrinkly while he will look more like a newborn baby. If you are to count in months, at your 26 weeks pregnant, you are five months and around three weeks pregnant.


And while looking at your own body, it is cool to know that you are two-thirds the way on your pregnancy journey. It is possible that you begin to have some sleepless nights. The reason is because as you approach your delivery day, it is likely sleeping gets tougher for you. So, you must endeavor to reduce your caffeine intake and drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated.

If you discover that you keep having headaches every now and then, this is as a result of the fluctuations in your hormones or stress. Headaches may also likely occur if you are hungry or dehydrated. This is why you must take proper care of yourself and your baby as much as you can. Eat as often as you can and sip water continuously.

More so, if you find your eyes feeling some irritations, this can be as a result of the decrease in tear production by the pregnancy hormones bringing about dry eyes. In this case, you can use eye drops to reduce the discomfort. Then, remember to see your doctor so as to be sure it is not a sign of preeclampsia.

By now, if you work for an organization, you should be processing your maternity leave. Do more of exercise now even if you’re not used to it before you got pregnant. Walking is a good form of exercise. And also, ensure you eat food that is rich in calcium, vitamin C, folate and vitamin B to aid your baby’s development and your body as well.

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26 weeks pregnancy guide


26 weeks pregnancy guide