Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 36 Weeks

In your 36 weeks pregnant, your baby is so much eager to meet you. So, by now, he has yet again moved down the more to your pelvis. While he is still waiting for the final day when he would show up in the world, he would still be adding some more weight.

Because he has so much become familiar with your voice, he longs to hear you sing and read to him. According to research, it has been found out that babies love to hear the more of the songs played to them while they were in the uterus. So, it is not too late to start singing to him or play some favorite songs to him.

Then, while he is gathering some more ounces, the brain will still be developing while the skull will remain unfused so as to make passage through the birth canal easy. His bones and cartilages, though developed, will still be a little soft because of the delivery period. But then, they will grow stronger as he matures.

Most of his body systems would have been fully developed now and ready to function alone in the world outside of the belly. For example, his immune system would have developed so well now that protection from infections outside the womb will be possible and easy.

But on the converse, his digestive system will still need some more maturation. This is because the baby has so much relied on the nutrition coming from the umbilical cord which makes the digestive system not to operate. But then, by the time he gets out of the womb, it will have to assume its duty.

While the lungs would have been developed now, it will still remain deflated because it has not received its first breath; the only place your baby gets his oxygen from is the placenta. So, by the time he gets into the world and takes his first gasp of air, the lungs become operational.

And then, while he is the size of the head of a romaine lettuce, his length is about 18.66 inches while he weighs 5.75 pounds.


While considering your part, if you discover a leak of a bit of wee whenever you laugh or cough, don’t feel disgraced, it is as a result of your pelvic floor muscles located around your bladder relaxing gradually to prepare for the upcoming labor.

Make sure you stay up on your appointments with your doctor. Most likely, you will be asked to come for check-ups every week. And as much as you can, have some rest. When you lie, do so on your left side so as to increase circulation. Take plenty of water every day to ensure a cleansing of your kidneys and to keep the volume of blood up.

You may notice edema more often because your body is retaining more fluids. Edema deals with swelling in the feet and ankles. It is possible you feel it in your hands and face as well. Taking enough water and other liquids can help get rid of the excess sodium and any other waste products in your system.

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