Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 30 Weeks

Wow! You have made it to the 30 weeks of pregnancy, so, the countdown can now begin. Sooner than expected, your baby will arrive. So, even though your baby has really developed so well now, there are still some areas he is still trying to put some finishing touches on. In case you enter into premature labor and your baby is born, there is a special care unit that he or she would be taken to. Therefore, you can be sure of a great chance of surviving.

Remember the lanugo hair? That will begin to disappear now because of the new brain cells as well as the fat. They are the ones that would now help to regulate the temperature of your baby’s body until the time when he is no longer in the womb.

Another interesting thing about his development is that as his brain continues to develop, it will develop convolutions which are creases and folds. Their own function is to help the brain to be able to hold more brain cells. Then, red blood cells will also start forming inside his bone marrow. His fragile bones will also be hardening now. But the only thing is that his skull will still be soft and flexible because of the delivery that is about to take place.

By virtue of the unfused skull, sliding of the bones over each other will still be possible so that the head can become a little smaller to make his passage through the narrow birth canal easier. But the moment after birth, the shape of the head takes its round form and gets normal. Because of this whole process, this is why you will see some babies with slightly elongated heads.

It is even possible, if you can see it, to spot full head containing hair now. But don’t forget that every baby is unique, so you may see some babies with little hair.


Now, your baby is as big as a large cabbage. His weight is about 3 pounds while his length is about 15.71 inches.

However, on your own part that you are 30 weeks pregnant, it means you are in your third trimester. It is possible you notice your skin itching you. This is because of the stretches your skin is going through. So, be careful not over scratch it. And for the stretch mark, while you can’t do anything about it, really, be sure that it will soon fade off after delivery.

If you discover you keep having strange dreams, don’t panic; out of anxiety about the delivery date, such a thing may happen. Just be sure that you attend your antenatal classes regularly.

So, from this stage, start preparing for the delivery day. Make a list of all you need to get for your baby that would arrive soon, and get them. When you are lying, try to do so on your side, especially because of your baby. According to research, it has been found out that this posture helps to improve the flow of nutrients into the placenta of the baby.

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30 weeks pregnancy

30 Weeks Pregnant