Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 25 Weeks

At your 25 weeks pregnant, it is good for you to know that there are still more interesting things that have happened to your baby. At this time now, your baby will be weeing frequently. Wondering where the urine goes? The amniotic fluid. And then, gradually, the baby fat is beginning to settling in. So, by implication, the wrinkled skin your baby is known with will be smoothing out so that he will be looking more like a newborn compared to before.

Another beautiful thing is that in the large intestine of your baby, the first bowel movement will be forming now. It is this thing called meconium, a dark poop which is most time excreted soon after he is born. Although, there are times that some babies pass the stool before they are given birth to. The important thing is that it must be passed out after they are born so as to make their lungs clear.

Then, the skin of your baby is becoming pinker. It is not because of overheating as the amniotic fluid is there to make the environment perfect for him and to put him under a comfortable temperature all the time. The reason for the pinkness is because capillaries (small blood vessels) are already forming under his skin and also being filled with blood.

Moreover, in the lungs of your baby, blood vessels will develop, thereby bringing him closer to his stage of maturity. So, by this, he is preparing for the time when he will have his first air breathed in after birth. And in terms of size, he should be about the size of an acorn squash so that in weight, he is like 1.46lb while in length, he is like 13.62 inches.


And while considering your own body now, it is possible you feel exhausted most time or even find sleeping a little challenging because of your bump that is expanding. So, when you are sleeping, do so on your side rather than on your back. If you lie on your back, it is likely to press down on the vein which is in charge of returning blood to your heart from your lower body, as well as the placenta.

Then, if you suddenly discover you crave for a certain food, don’t worry, eat as long as they are edible and good for your baby. But while eating, be sure you don’t overeat. It is also possible that you feel some back pains because your shape is changing as your bump grows. As much as possible, make sure you don’t lift heavy objects, exercise in water with a pregnancy massage. But if you find it so painful, then consider seeing your doctor for the next step to take.

By now, it is imperative that you stay as active as you can. Do lots of exercises but not such that will put your breath on a hold. And if you feel heartburns, take little food at a time, and take drinks between meals instead of during to avoid overloading your stomach.

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25 weeks pregnancy guide


25 weeks pregnancy guide