Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 27 Weeks

Now that you are 27 weeks pregnant, it is great to know that you are almost coming to the end of your second trimester. At this time, your baby has so developed his capacity to hear that he can recognize and differentiate between voices. So, don’t find it funny or strange if you sing to your baby and he responds to your songs or voice generally.

Also, if your spouse can place an ear on your stomach, there is a likelihood that he would hear the heartbeat of the baby. The only thing is that it is possible he does not get exactly the position. But you can be sure that if you use a stethoscope, it will be so easy to hear it.

Apart from this, the rate at which the heart of your baby beats will slow down a little. It will come to a level of about 140 beats per minute, even though it is still very much faster than your own. Then, it is likely your baby hiccups as often as possible. You are even likely to feel it when he does that. The reason for these hiccups is because of his diaphragm that is moving involuntarily. So, when you see your belly jumping, that may be the time your baby is undergoing it.

More so, as touching the size of your baby, he is likely to be the size of a cauliflower so that if he stretches out totally, his length is likely to be about 14.41 inches while his weight is likely to be like 1.93 pounds. So, apart from the fact that your baby is getting bigger, he is also getting smarter. Yeah! Like seriously.


And while considering your own part now, as your baby is growing, he is also mounting pressure on your back. Consequently, this can lead to sciatica (i.e a shooting pain) at the lower part of your back and legs. You may find it so difficult to lift things, not to even talk of bending. Whenever this happens, just take warm baths as often as you can, and then change positions regularly.

If you discover it seems you are suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), try to exercise yourself a little or practice some relaxation techniques. But if you discover it seems to be out of place, talk to your doctor. The reason is because this syndrome, for some women, have been linked to a lack of iron in them, their sensitivity to some kinds of food or even anemia. So, you don’t have to keep quiet about it.

Moreover, if you faint or feel dizzy too often, talk to your doctor. But if it is something that is not too serious, then you may consider lying down when you are feeling dizzy or you raise your feet immediately when you feel as though you are lightheaded.

So, for now, exercise yourself. If you discover that your tummy is becoming too big for those fitness routines, then swimming will be good for you. And also, start working on your birth plan.

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27 weeks pregnancy guide


27 weeks pregnancy guide