Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 24 Weeks

This time now that you are 24 weeks pregnant, it is important to know how your baby is faring and a few things you also need to bear in mind and work on.

It is possible you experience consistent movements of your baby every now and then. He will be so busy for the next couple of weeks. You know, now, he is small and has enough room to play and groove around in your belly. It is even possible that he responds to your sweet voice as well as those calming rubs you give to your tommy.

By the virtue of the fact that his inner ear is now developed, it becomes easy for your baby to tell his positioning like whether he is upside down or up from the right side. By this, he is able to move by purpose. Then, instead of breathing the amniotic fluid as before, now that his little lungs are getting matured, he is now gradually learning to breathe in air.

More so, at this stage of your 24 weeks pregnant, his face would have been formed fully now with eyelashes, hair and eyebrows. Although, the colour of hair will still be white because of the pigment that is still lacking, but after some time, it will begin to change colour. Also, from the picture of what you will see, at the moment, the fat that is expected to be under the skin of your baby is still lacking.

Because of the absence of this fat, the skin of your baby will still be so transparent that if you look at it closely, you will be able to see through every organ in him; you will see the blood vessels and even the bones. But this will only be for a limited time, anyway.

At this time, your baby looks like the ear of corn and so, his weight should be around 1.32lb while his length will be like 11.81in.


And from your own part, it is possible you constipate. This is because your pregnancy hormones is trying to make the muscles of your intestines relax so you can keep enough food in your digestive system longer for you and your baby to absorb some more nutrient. But if you don’t feel too good about it, drink more water and juice so things could get moving faster.

If you feel your leg cramps, just straighten it and flex your ankle gently, then move your toes up several times. It is able to stop the spasm.

You are likely to be given a whooping cough vaccination. This will help boost your levels of antibodies. It is expected that after you take it, it passes on to your baby as a means of protection. Any time from your 16 weeks to 32 weeks of pregnant is the best time to be vaccinated so as to protect your little one.

So, at this time, ensure that you take diet that are rich in calcium so as to build the bone of your baby healthily. You can find this in oranges, pulses, nuts and so on.

And then by now, you should start thinking about your baby’s nursery. Get a befitting cot and mattress in anticipation of his arrival.

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24 weeks pregnancy guide


24 weeks pregnancy guide