Week by Week Pregnancy Guide: 40 Weeks

Now that you have come to your 40 weeks pregnant, the truth is, any moment from now, your baby can come. This is why you must be at an alert and have your hospital bag set with all the must-haves.

However, at this time, there are still some few things that will be taking place with your baby as well as yourself. So, while you are expecting the baby probably this week, your baby may decide to stay some few days more or weeks just hanging around in your belly. But bear in mind that you are in your official week of delivery.

If you linger to 41 weeks pregnant or 42 weeks pregnant, it is still ok. So, if you find yourself in this situation, your practitioner will keep a very close eye on you and will also have to examine you to find out if there is anything the matter.

The only position your baby can maintain now is a curly one. This is because, as he has added more weight and grown bigger, that place will be crowded for him, leaving him with no option than that. But then, while he is expected to be head down, if for any reason he is in a breech position, your practitioner may attempt to turn him. And if that does not work, you may be booked for a Cesarean operation.

However, even while you are officially expecting your baby, you can be sure that his placenta is still producing the antibodies such as he would need once he gets into the world to fight against infections within his first six months of birth. And then, once he is born, your breast milk, especially the colostrum (if you plan to breastfeed him), will also make up and give him some more antibodies so as to boost his immune system.

After his birth, you may notice him in the curly state he used to be while in the womb, don’t worry, he is already used to it and will have to adjust by time.

Good enough, your baby has developed to a watermelon size. His weight is about 7.63 pounds while he should be around 20.16 inches in height.


At this stage, you may notice edema (the swelling of your feet, ankles, and/or your hands and face), it is because your body is retaining more fluids. Taking enough water and other liquids can help get rid of the excess sodium and any other waste products in your system.

In your 40 weeks pregnant, you should be booked for an antenatal and if your baby lingers to 41 weeks or 42 weeks, you will still be booked for each week. This is to ensure if there is a problem with your delivery, it can be spotted on time with necessary actions taken.

If your baby does not come after your 42 weeks pregnant, on a maximum, you could be advised to be induced. Induction of labor is, simply put, a manual way of starting labor artificially. Other tricky ways of inducing labor naturally are through sex, acupuncture, and acupressure, and walking. But then, be sure to get the consent of your practitioner before you engage any of these.

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